Amethyst color short dresses collection 2018

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I have come to highly prize and cherish this scent.

And I think if youre american, you may not understand it.

This is very European, especially French, in the way it wears and the way it evolves and dries down.

And you have NO IDEA how delicious "understated" really IS to those who love you, or fall in love with you. Understated DOES NOT MEAN MILD OR NEUTRAL. It basically means... Not the LEAST bit tacky or show offy. Because IT DOESNT NEED TO BE. It KNOWS its good.


The dry down is my favorite, and honestly, its nearly impossible for me to describe!

Clean, yet -- lived in --- elegance.

Smells the way your life smells... Smells like the way you LIVE, as opposed to a perfume. Like... all the things you have in your home, your choice of detergents, your special dishwashing fluids, your cedar and oak dressers, your face creams, etc.

Add that all up and it gives the impression of one who uses rare and expensive things... all of high quality. One who knows quality, and chooses wisely and carefully where she spends her money.

Truly lovely, flute-like fragrance.

Not one tiny bit of SWEET... AT ALL. Nothing sweet here.

And NOT perfumey either.

Fresh, wonderful, and achingly sexy in a truly etheral, soulful way.

The sexy here is NOT a one night stand. It is two people who deeply honestly LOVE one another in a poetic,as well short as, seasoned, way.

If you were married when you wore this, and then after 5 years you divorced, and your husband were to smell this on another... he would be in tears remembering all the tiny little amethyst color short dresses collection 2018 things he loved about you. Your little habits, and your special unique characteristics.

But this is NOT a sad perfume, in fact it is a PERFECT signature, as it is suitable all year round.
I was more trying to convey that this perfume is special and unique in ways Ive not seen before, and to describe the understated, yet powerful, magic it carries within it.

This is, in one word... SINCERITY. But not just that... The sincerity of one with impeccably good taste and poetically perfect timing.


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