Babies rooms decoration 2018

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Geometrics aren’t going anywhere soon, why not include them in your party decor?  I saw a tissue paper lantern in a vintage party book and it looks so current in monochromatic hues. Change it into any decoration shade you want by choosing from the array of tissue papers available.

Materials Needed: tissue paper (a variety of shades can be found ), double stick tape, scissors, needle, fishing line

Unfold your tissue paper and take two sheets. Fold in half length-wise. Accordion fold the tissue paper in three quarter of an inch increments. Note: to make shorter lanterns and vary the sizes, trim the open edges shorter. The center fold line should face down, as shown. Unfold and open while keeping the two sheets layered on each other. Pinch one end back together accordion style.

Cut a strip of fishing line about 12 inches long and use it to thread a medium sized needle. Push the needle through the entire accordion gather and tie both ends together to make a circle. Play with the folds to make them evenly dispersed before knotting permanently. Repeat on the other end.  Use a piece of double stick tape to layer the two edges together in the center. Press gently with your fingers to crisp up any deflated crease lines.

Repeat and make many, many more; these look great en masse. Hang and enjoy. Oh, and those cute little streamers? Just the scraps left over from making the shorter lanterns. How do you make party decorations stand out from the usual stand-by?

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