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Air Jordans have always been known to be innovative and push the boundaries of sneaker design. For the most part, succeeded in creating a revolutionary shoe that changed the way sneakers were designed. But there were also a couple of Air Jordans that made fans had to ask : “What was Michael Jordan and the designers thinking?” The following is a list of the Top 23 Air Jordan Shoes of all-time.

#23 – Air Jordan XV

The ‘s are considered by many to be the ugliest Air Jordans in the series. These Air Jordans were designed to imitate Michael Jordan’s wagging tongue by having their own wagging tongue. This Air Jordan design turned out to be very uncomfortable and unpopular by Air Jordan purists. It doesn’t help that Michael Jordan never wore the Air Jordan XV in a game and many Air Jordan lovers hated the look of these shoes.

#22 – Air Jordan XX

The drew its inspiration from a Motorcycle. It also included laser etchings in the shoe. However, this design was not that popular with Air Jordan enthusiasts.

#21 – Air Jordan XIX

The was the first pair of Air Jordans that were released after Michael Jordan’s final season with the Washington Wizards. The inspiration for basketball shoes air jordans the Air Jordan XIX came from the Black Mamba snake, which is considered to be one of Africa’s most deadly snakes. They included a PVC-based upper that was supposed to increase the fit around the ankle and make the laces unnecessary.

#20 – Air Jordan XVII

The were the most expensive Air Jordans ever. Priced at US0, they featured the Air Jordan XVII shoes, a carrying case for the shoes and 3 CD’s.

#19 – Air Jordan XVI

The was a victim of it’s time. The Air Jordan XVI featured “the wrap” look that was popular with sneakers around the time the Air Jordan XVI came out. Many blame the lack of originality on the fact that the Air Jordan XVI was the first Air Jordan that was not designed by Tinker Hatfield in over 10 years.

#18 – Air Jordan XXII

The design came from an F-22 fighter jet. This military design featured a camouflage pattern as well as stripes on the sole, similar to a general’s uniform.

#17 – Air Jordan X

The were Michael Jordan’s lest favorite Air Jordans. These Air Jordans were not designed by Tinker Hatfield and Michael Jordan had very little input on the design of the sneaker. Michael Jordan did not wear the Air Jordan X for a very long time. He quickly switched to the Air Jordan XI when it was available

#16 – Air Jordan VIII

The were the heaviest Air Jordans ever made. They also did not sell very well. The Air Jordan VIII’s were a repeat of the Air Jordan VII with some minor additional features.

#15 – Air Jordan XVIII

The were the final Air Jordans worn by Michael Jordan during an NBA game. Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan XVIII during his final season with the Washington Wizards. The Air Jordan XVIII features a solid color design that covers the entire shoe.

#14 – Air Jordan XXIII

The is the last version of the Jordan shoes to feature a Roman numeral. The Air Jordan XXIII was built with the environment in mind, minimizing the use of industrial glues and setting a new environmental trend for Nike as a whole. The design on the side of the Air Jordan XXIII once again gives it that unique Air Jordan look.

#13 – Air Jordan XXI

The was the first sneaker that allows the wearer to choose the type of air cushion that they wanted in their shoe. The inspiration for the Air Jordan XXI was sport touring cars. This inspiration is evident in the mechanical look of the sneaker. This mechanical look of the Air Jordan XXI, which included grills on the side was loved by some and hated by others.

#12 -Air Jordan XIV

The was only worn once by Michael Jordan and they instantly became legendary. Michael wore these shoes during his final game as a Chicago Bull. The Air Jordan XIV’s were immortalized by Michael Jordan hitting the game-winning shot over Bryon Russell of the Utah Jazz. The Air Jordan XIV features 7 Jumpman logos on each shoe, the most of any version of the Air Jordans.

#11 – Air Jordan VII

The are often known as the Bugs Bunny Jordans due to the very popular Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny commercials. These famous commercials featured a cartoon version of the shoes on Bugs Bunny while Michael had the real versions on. The Air Jordan VII used Nike’s Huarache technology which made these one of the most comfortable sneakers ever built. The Air Jordan VII’s were also worn by Michael Jordan during the 1992 Olympics with the Dream Team.

#10 – Air Jordan II

The is the first pair of sneakers by Nike to not have the Nike trademark Swoosh. They were also the first basketball shoes to use Italian leather, which at the time was unheard of for an athletic shoe. The Air Jordan II’s were released immediately after Michael Jordan’s first season in the NBA.

#9 – Air Jordan XII

The is inspired by the Japanese flag. The focus of the Air Jordan XII was on performance on the court. The Air Jordan XII was light-weight and responsive to quick lateral movements. Many Air Jordan collectors who play basketball with their Air Jordans consider the Air Jordan XII to be the most performance-driven Air Jordans.

#8 – Air Jordan IX

The were the first Air Jordans released after Michael Jordan’s first retirement. The Air Jordan IX’s are forever immortalized as the pair of Air Jordans that the statue of Michael Jordan (in front of the United Center in Chicago) is wearing. The Air Jordan IX’s are one of the most popular pairs of Air Jordan although Michael Jordan never played basketball in them. The Air Jordan IX’s are the first Air Jordans to have never been worn by Michael Jordan in an NBA basketball game.

#7 – Air Jordan IV

The is special in that it is the first pair of Nike shoes to be sold Worldwide. It was also featured in Spike Lee’s movie, Do the Right Thing.

#6 – Air Jordan XIII

The is inspired by the panther. Apparently, the nubs on the outside of the sneakers represent the paws while the reflecting piece on the heel represents the eyes of the panther. The Air Jordan XIII’s are also famous for being the last Air Jordans worn by Michael Jordan as a member of the Chicago Bulls.

#5 Air Jordan I

air-jordan-I-shoe-01 The were first worn in an NBA game by Michael Jordan on November 17, 1984 during a game against the Philadelphia 76ers. During that time, the NBA had a very strict uniform policy that stated that all basketball sneakers had to be white. The Air Jordan I’s were banned by NBA due to their red and black coloring. Michael Jordan was fined US00 for every game that he wore the Air Jordan I. The Air Jordan I became so popular that Nike released a public version in the spring of 1985.

#4 Air Jordan VI

The were on Michael Jordan’s feet when he won his first championship with the Chicago Bulls in 1991. The Air Jordan VI’s have a distinctive look that makes them still popular today. The most unique feature of the Air Jordan VI is the two-hole tongue in back of the shoe that made it easier to put on the sneakers.

#3 Air Jordan III

The was revolutionary in many aspects. Air Jordan III’s were the first sneakers to feature a visible air cushion in the heel of the shoe, the first to feature the and the first to feature Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon in the Air Jordan commercials. The Air Jordan III were also the fist Air Jordans designed by Tinker Hatfield, who would become the lead designer for most of the remaining Air Jordan sneakers. The Air Jordan III are also Michael Jordan’s favorite Air Jordans.

#2 Air Jordan V

The were released in early 1990 and are now the best-selling Air Jordan sneakers of all-time. Te Air Jordan V has many revolutionary features which includes a reflective tongue and a clear sole. The inspiration for the Air Jordan V came from the Mustang planes of WWI with the tiger teeth on the side.

#1 Air Jordan XI (11)

When the were retroed in 2000-2001 they would prove to become the retro that sold in the highest quantity ever and also the fastest selling Air Jordan’s of all time. The Air Jordan XI’s are considered by most Air Jordan collectors to be the prettiest Air Jordans ever built. The Air Jordan XI’s are the most recognizable Jordans thanks to the shiny black patent leather fronts. Tinker Hatfield designed these Air Jordans while Michael Jordan was retired so it took an additional year before the design of the Air Jordan XI would be approved. Michael Jordan’s goal with the Air Jordan XI was to create a shoe that could be worn as a formal shoe. Many Air Jordan enthusiasts have worn Air Jordan XI’s with suits and other formal attire. The R&B group Boyz II Men wore Air Jordan XI sneakers during their Grammy performance of that year.

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