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  • Tops

    <p></p> <h1>Wholesale supplier, distributor, retailer and manufacturer of Wholesale Bohemian Clothing</h1> <p><span><strong>Buy wholesale fair trade made in Nepal Bohemian clothing, Hippie Boho Chic Clothing and accessories at Kathmandu Clothing.<br /><br /></strong></span></p> <p>Kathmandu Clothing is an online leading wholesale supplier and manufacturer of bohemian clothing for men and women and also a store which supplies and exports Made in nepal products from Nepal dealing in fair trade ethnic products manufactured in Kathmandu, Nepal. We aim at providing a hassle free and enjoyable shopping experience to shoppers across many countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Germany and rest of the world with the widest range of Made in Nepal products at value for money.</p> <p><span>Kathmandu Clothing, the largest supplier and distributor of wholesale Bohemian clothing presents a wide range hippie bohemian style tops and bohemian clothing brands for you. The colors and patterns throw gaiety and fun into your life. This line of clothes is from funky boho chic top with a variety of patch work, stone wash, cut work, embroidery and over dye so typical of <a href="">Nepali clothing</a>. The bohemian chic  tops ranges from sleeveless to sleeve and other imaginable cutting style that appeal to the eye in color and material. Most of the embroidery and patch work is done by hand by the women of Nepal which makes the tops all the more lively and is bound to coruscate your feminine personality in you. Shop Now from our widest range of <a href="">wholesale bohemian style clothing</a>, <a href="">wholesale organic clothing </a> and <a href="">wholesale boho clothing</a> and get Free Shipping to Australia, USA, UK New Zealand, and other parts of the world. </span></p> <h4><br /><span>Why buy wholesale bohemian clothes and products from us ?</span></h4> <ul><li><span>         Free Shipping worldwide on order over 9.</span></li> <li><span>         Fair Trade Policy</span></li> <li><span>         <a href="">Made In Nepal</a></span></li> <li><span>         Lowest prices guaranteed.</span></li> <li><span>         Widest range of collection.</span></li> <li><span>         Huge discounts to loyal customers and clothing retailers</span></li> <li><span>         Best Quality assured.</span></li> <li><span>         Best rated and Trustworthy clothing store from Nepal since 1990.</span></li> <li><span>         Easy return policy.</span></li> <li><span>         100% Safe and secure payments through PayPal. &lt; accepts major credit and debit              cards No paypal account needed &gt;</span></li> <li><span>         Excellent customer service</span></li> <li><span>         More than 2000 satisfied customers and growing.</span></li> </ul><p><br /><a href="">Fair trade boho chic clothing</a> for women which are made in Nepal is something that captivates almost everyone’s attention.  <a href="">Made in Nepali clothes</a> is worn and loved by hippies, bohemians and ethnic fashion lovers all around the world. Nepali clothing is considered to be one of the most unique and reflects the true spirits of the Hippies. Clothing from Nepal represents the hippies and bohemian culture and symbols in the most appealing and creative ways. The clothes which are made in Nepal are made by hardworking Nepali women’s. Hippie, Bohemian and Ethnic Nepali clothes made in Nepal are famous for their Handwork, Natural fabrics, Natural colour dyes and embroidery.</p> <h2>Bohemian chic style Clothing and Products distributor.</h2> <p>For your ears, Kathmandu Clothing is the leading online Nepali fair trade made in Nepal clothing store and <a href="">wholesale bohemian clothing supplier</a> and <a href="">manufacturer of nepali clothing</a>, <a href="">Nepali handicrafts</a>, Nepalese garments and huge range of Nepali handmade accessories. We also offer different kinds of handmade clothing and accessories which are made using the raw materials of the Himalayas and are produced by the Himalayan people of Nepal.  For which the clothing from Nepal is also known as Himalayan clothing. Below I have listed a brief on types of clothes and styles that Kathmandu clothing offers.</p> <p></p> <p><strong><a href="">Hippie Bohemian style tops</a>:</strong><span> Kathmandu Clothing Online presents a wide range of hippie, bohemian and ethnic style tops and tunics for both men and women which are truly made in Nepal. We have range of tops for all season. The types of tops that we offer are generally for casual day look. The colours and patterns throw gaiety and fun into your life. This line of clothes are funky boho chic tops with a variety of patch work, stone wash, cut work, embroidery, Appliqué and tie dye. The bohemian chic tops ranges from sleeveless to sleeve and other imaginable cutting style that appeal to the eye in color and material. Most of the embroidery and patch work is done by hand by the women of Nepal which makes the tops all the more lively and is bound to coruscate your personality.<br /><br /></span></p> <p><strong><span><a href="">Hippie Bohemian inspired jackets</a>: <a href="">Kathmandu Clothing Nepal</a></span></strong><span>, offers you various designed hippie and bohemian jackets in wholesale prices Kathmandu clothing jackets are unique because of the patch and floral works with painstaking embroidery; razor cut designs and understated colour pallets which bring out the gaiety of nature. Deep thought and art work with Meticulous handwork is undertaken by the rural women of Nepal which makes every jacket one of a kind. We have range of jackets from hooded to sweat shirts to over coats and ethnic for both men and women.<br /><br /></span></p> <p><strong><a href="">Hippie Boho skirts</a>:</strong><span> Hippie, bohemian and ethnic Nepali style inspired skirts is one of the hallmarks of Kathmandu Clothing. There are bohemian and hippie style skirts of every length, design in a variety of materials, textures, shade and colours to cater to every woman’s clothing desire. The prints and design of the skirts are mostly inspired by the ethnic, Historical, Natural and cultural parts of Nepal. And the larger part of the design and work is done by hand by the Nepalese rural women. There is something for everyone at Kathmandu Clothing which makes you look hippie, bohemian chic, dashing and flamboyant.<br /><br /></span></p> <p><span><a href="">Hippie and Bohemian Dress</a>: Kathmandu imports clothing offers ample number of Hippie and bohemian dress which are made in Nepal for all body types. These dresses are ethnically designed with a touch of natural goodness, bringing out the floral natural elements of nature by the rural women of Nepal. There are wide range of choices from sleeveless to sleeve and from mini to full length dresses with a variation in patterns, weaving, colours, fabric and silhouettes.<br /><br /></span></p> <h2><span>Boho chic clothing Wholesaler and distributor.</span></h2> <p><span><a href="">Kathmandu imports clothing</a> is one of the leading fair trade Nepali handicrafts and <a href="">nepali clothing manufacturers</a>, suppliers, exporter and distributor from Nepal. It is Hippie bohemian and crafts shopper’s paradise. We have range of Hippie bohemian and Nepalese products for all season and for both men and women and for all sizes. We have clothes made of organic cotton as well. We introduce new clothing and accessories on weekly basis. So there are always new and exciting things to look for. Shop now from the largest whoelsale supplier of Nepali products, nepali clothing and bohemian clothing and we will deliver your products right away. We also offer Free Shipping to Australia, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and other parts of the world.</span></p>

  • Jackets

    <h1><strong>Hippie Jackets for men and women</strong></h1> <p><strong>Buy Hippie jackets and hippie coats online at</strong></p> <p><span><span><br />Hippie jackets - The ultimate hippy style clothing statement</span></span><span><br /></span><span><span>The first impression you create with people is from your physical appearance. It is a Human nature, People judge you from your clothes. Everyone is obsessed to look good and wear fine clothes. But wearing nice clothes and looking good is not just about exhibiting to others, it is more about building self confident, feeling comfortable and feeling good about you. With fast changing fashion and trend; fashion brands, designers, forecasters and fashion merchandisers are always seeking to introduce new style, colors and fashion that suits the preference of customers. But with the exceeding number of brands and choices, Choosing the right color, silhouette and style has always been a challenge. But don’t stress yourself; just wear what you feel comfortable and </span></span>confident in, <span lang="en-gb" xml:lang="en-gb">with little attitude and personal style, </span>you will be ready to rock the world</p> <p><span><span><br />Decide on the type of hippy nepali jackets and hippie clothes you want to buy.</span></span><span><br /></span><span><span>Kathmandu Clothing is Hippie shopper’s paradise, offers you various ethnically designed hippie and bohemian styled jackets. The patch and floral works with painstaking embroidery brings out the gaiety of nature. Deep thought and art work is undertaken by the rural women of Nepal. Meticulous handwork and deep dedication bring out the Nepalese inspired bohemian and hippy jackets, Hoodies and coats which so accentuate and shine your freestyle personality around. Kathmandu Clothing helps to dispatch these hippy and Boho style jackets to Australia, UK , Canada, USA and other parts of the world, being the largest <a href="">wholesale supplier of hippie clothing</a> brands, <a href="">Nepalese clothes </a> <a href="">wholesale organic clothes </a> and bohemian clothes and accessories for the international market from Nepal. </span></span><span><br /><br /></span><span><span>What to look for when buying a hippy clothes?</span></span><span><br /></span><span><span>Everyone has their own style and preferences but one should consider the basic design elements while buying boho hippie jackets. </span></span><span><br /></span><span><span>There are ranges of vintage Hippie jackets available online, from various designs, colors and quality to choose from. Below I have listed few tips on things to consider while purchasing a Hippie jackets online.</span></span><span><br /><br /></span><span><span>Design: The extra added design and adornment is what makes the Hippie coats unique from other casual jackets. The patch work, colorful combination of different fabrics, appliqué work, silhouettes and embroidery work is what you have to look for while buying the Hippie jackets. If the jacket is Handmade then it’s the best. </span></span><span><br /><br /></span><span><span>Color: Hippy coats from Nepal are usually colorful keeping the spirit of the Hippies. A jacket with color blocking details is perfect for casual day look. And if you are looking for subtle colors, then go for single color hippie Jackets for both men and women with added embroidery and appliqué details. </span></span><span><br /></span><span><span> </span></span><span><br /></span><span><span>Material: Always check the material of the jacket while purchasing it. Hand knitted wool with soft and warmer fleece lining is perfect for winter and for spring rib cotton hippie jackets are the best. </span></span><span><br /><br /></span><span><span>Quality: Quality is another factor to consider while buying Hippie jackets. Check the material quality, the lining, the stitching and the zipper. YKK zippers are the best ones. </span></span><span><br /><br /></span><span><span>Price: Do not pay more than what its cost. So check other sites and compare the quality, material and price and opt for the reasonable one.</span></span></p> <p><span style="color:rgb(119,119,119);font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px;text-align:center;">Kathmandu Clothing Online is also a manufacturer and </span><a href="" style="color:rgb(68,68,68);font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px;text-align:center;">wholesale supplier of Bohemian Hippie Clothing</a><span style="color:rgb(119,119,119);font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px;text-align:center;"> and nepali products from Nepal and also </span><span style="color:rgb(119,119,119);font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px;text-align:center;">offer a </span><span style="font-weight:bolder;color:rgb(119,119,119);font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px;text-align:center;">Free door to door Shipping</span><span style="color:rgb(119,119,119);font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px;text-align:center;"> to USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and other parts of the world on all our products.</span></p> <p><span style="color:rgb(119,119,119);font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px;text-align:center;"></span></p>

  • Skirts

    <p></p> <h3 class="MsoNormal"><span class="Heading2Char"><span style="font-size:13pt;line-height:115%;">Find an Enviable Range of Hippie Skirts that Make You Look Good</span></span></h3> <p class="MsoNormal">Styles and trends do not last for too long – especially when it comes to fashion. No fashion trend lasts forever. But, some of these trends often gain currency with the passage of time. For instance, many people know about the hippie fashion that flourished in the 1960s and 1970s. To many people, hippie fashion might have seemed loud, wild and colorful. The use of headbands, bell-bottom jeans, boho hippie skirts, tie-and-dye patterned shirts &amp; tops, hippie maxi skirts etc. became quite popular during that era., the demand for natural, colorful and aesthetic c<a href="">heap hippie clothes</a> has been steadily increasing. Unsurprisingly, seeing people wearing hippie yoga pants, tank tops and long hippie skirts nowadays does not seem strange or out-of-place at all. </p> <p class="MsoNormal"><br /><strong>Hippie Maxi Skirts – Comfortable, Feminine Fashion Pieces that Never Look Dated</strong><br /><br /> For many women, maxi skirts remain among the most beautiful and practical items of clothing in their wardrobes. These skirts never seem to go out of style. Unlike some other items of clothing, these skirts will flatter all types of wearers. And, they will look perfectly suitable for any occasion. Pair your simple gypsy hippie skirts with graphic t-shirts and versatile vests. Or, if you’re heading outdoors, wear the maxi with a solid-colored V-neck and a sun hat. These bohemian outfits can be extremely comfortable to wear and move about in.<br /><br /><strong>How to Wear Your plus size Hippie Skirts without Looking Cheesy</strong><br /><br /> Some people might feel that hippie clothes will exude a cheesy and weird look in contemporary times. In their view, the era of hippie fashion ended some decades back. Nevertheless, many items of hippie fashion have been witnessing a great demand these days. When wearing boho skirts, it’s best to avoid wearing too many things at the same time. So, pair your colorful and normal or plus size hippie skirt with neutral colored clothes. Such an ensemble will certainly make you look chic. <br /><br /><strong>Short Boho Hippie Skirts Offer an Endless Variety of Options</strong><br /><br /> Boho skirts come in a myriad of colors and prints. They come in an assortment of lengths as well. Accessorizing these items of clothing poses no difficulties at all. These light and colorful bohemian hippie skirts will make you feel feminine, free and chic. Some women feel that boho skirts always come in maxi lengths. However, this thought remains nothing more than a misconception. <a href="">Wholesale Suppliers of hippie clothing</a> can offer skirts in an assortment of lengths. So, whether you prefer wearing maxis, minis or long hippie skirts, you can take your pick based on your personal preferences. <br /><br /> When it comes to plus size skirts, many women don’t think beyond dark and solid colored skirts. These skirts can be easy to pair with almost any other items of clothing. But, just because you’re plus-sized, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any options to consider. Dark and solid colored skirts might not be the best color for you. Hence, you’ll do well to consider adding a dash of color to your wardrobe by purchasing boho hippie skirts of the right size. To make the right selection, focus on skirts with prints and embellishments that trim down your figure. Select skirts with the right hemlines e.g. minis, knee-length skirts and skirts with long hemlines. Finally, select vintage hippie skirts that balance out your figure. Hippie clothing suppliers will almost always have enough options for you to consider.<br /><br /><strong>What’s the Best Way to Wear Long Hippie Skirts?</strong><br /><br /> For years, long skirts have been a practical and comfortable fashion staple. These skirts can be chic and flattering. You can wear these skirts for almost any occasion, based on its designs, details and styles. Many women wear these long skirts on an everyday basis. They usually pair these colorful skirts with basic and neutral pieces. If you plan to wear these skirts as part of your night outfit, match them with elegant blouses and accessories. When you expend some thought toward wearing these hippie maxi skirts, you will find them perfect embodiments of femininity, style and practicality.<br /><br /> It pays to be prudent when you shop for hippie clothing. Not all suppliers offer authentic and high-quality items of hippie fashion. As one of the leading wholesale suppliers of hippie clothes, we offer the widest selection of products at the lowest prices. When you shop with us, you can expect to receive quality products at cost-effective rates. In addition, you’ll find that we have an enviable range of products to choose from – regardless of whether you need simple or plus size hippie skirts.</p> <h3>Buy Hippie skirts at wholesale prices!</h3> <p>Hippie, bohemian and ethnic Nepali skirts is one of the hallmarks of Kathmandu Clothing, the largest <a href="">wholesale supplier of hippie clothing</a>, <a href="">boho clothing</a> and <a href="">Nepalese clothing</a>. Our collection of bohemian and hippie style skirts range from various lengths, design in a variety of materials, textures, shade and colours to cater to every woman’s clothing desire. A larger part of the design and work is done by the Nepalese rural women with meticulous and painstaking care. You will find designs and patterns beyond human imagination that <a href="">Kathmandu Clothing</a> proudly extends to you to make you look hippie, bohemian chic, dashing and flamboyant</p> <p></p> <p></p>

  • Dresses

    <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">Are you looking for some really trendy clothing options that are a bit different from your regular western clothing? If you are looking for something trendy and comfortable at the same time, you can have a look here at Kathmandu Clothing. You can opt to get almost all the options that are high in fashion this season such as tops, jackets, pants, skirts, caps and many more to name.<span>   </span>Do not get confused with the range of options available here.You can check out the hippie bohemian dresses if you are looking for something that is comfortable as well as matches your personality to make you even more stylish.<span>  </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal">Features<span>  </span>Are you thinking that what is so special about the cotton dresses from Nepal? Well, there are so much to appreciate and so much to know about in real.<span>   </span>·The dresses are highly comfortable as they are made up of cotton material,<span>  </span>·You can get them in the form of a gown, skirts, and others as per your need,<span> </span>·Kathmandu Clothing presents you a collection that is ethnic and totally bohemian inspired,<span>  </span>·We make sure that all the dresses are different in looks from each other making them all unique in nature,<span>  </span>·The silhouettes of the dresses are elegant and are designed with various works,<span>  </span>·Some of the works that our designers use are patchwork, embroidery, floral painting and others,<span>  </span>·You can choose from a wide range of options such as colors, sizes, and others,<span>  </span>·These dresses are traditionally made by the rural women of Nepal,<span>  </span>·Have a look at the site to choose from various designs such as sleeves, long gowns, and others.<span> </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal">Products Available<span>  </span>Kathmandu Clothing is not only about the traditional clothes available in Nepal. There are so much more that we can offer you. You can have a look at the wide range offered in woolen products, jute accessories, felt, jewelry, wellness products, Mithila handicrafts and many others.<span>   </span>Just browse through the various categories and you can actually come across some of the finest products that are available exclusively at our site. Whether you are looking for caps, bags, or clothing in Nepalese style, you can actually get them all here with a simple click on the categories provided.<span> </span><span>  </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal">Kathmandu Clothing is known for its amazing boho dresses cheap collection and other products that you can actually trust upon for its ethnicity and great quality. There can be so many other reasons why buying your products from us can be a great thing for you.<span>   </span>If you wish to buy Nepali products, you can shop from us for these amazing reasons.<span>  </span>·</p> <p class="MsoNormal">We provide free shipping at a purchase made over 9 across the world.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">We maintain the fair trade policy.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">We sell products that are <a href="">made exclusively in Nepal</a>.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">All our products are quite low on prices,<span>  </span>·You can come across a wide range of products in different categories.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">We offer <a href="">wholesale hippie clothing</a> and other at great discounts to the retailers and also to the loyal customers.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">·We are known as one of the most trustworthy <a href="">clothing stores in Nepal</a> since the year 1990.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">·Easy returns and secure payment gateway options are something that we always maintain.<span>   </span>Apart from these amazing reasons, our great customer care service is another reason why you can actually trust us for <a href="">Ngepali clothin</a>g and products that you wish to buy.</p><p></p> <p></p> <p></p>

  • Pants

    <h2>Shop now for Nepal harem pants and Nepalese cotton striped patchwork hippy pants online</h2> <p>, the largest Nepali <a href="">wholesale clothing supplier of hippie clothes</a>, <a href="">bohemian clothes</a>, ethnic clothes and other accessories, presents to you its line of Nepalese styled pants with flamboyance. They range from every design imaginable from loose parachute to tight fitting pants. The patch work, color and combination of material make each piece unique in its own way. Great care and thought goes into the designs and production that we at Kathmandu Clothing undertake on behalf of the rural women of Nepal. The designs range from Aladdin, parachute, skin tight, yoga trousers to loose floating pants. Check them out and choose which suits you and makes you look cool and we will have them delivered in your door step.</p>

  • Ponchos

    <h2><span>Bohemian Hippie Ponchos</span></h2><p></p> <p><span>Buy Hippie ponchos, haute hippie ponchos, hippy hooded ponchos and boho ponchos online at Kathmandu Clothing</span></p><p></p> <p><span><br /> Hippie Poncho sweater - The cozy hippie chic clothing <br /> Kathmandu clothing online brings you easy to adorn simple yet elegant hippie ponchos from Nepal. Our collection of hippy ponchos ranges for every season, light and flowy kaftans with beautiful prints to flaunt in harsh summer and warm and cosy cashmere and woolen ponchos to drive away the chills of winter. Kathmandu Clothing, the largest online <a href="">wholesale supplier of Nepalese garments</a> and handicrafts of Nepal, brings to you these Nepali ethnic embroidered and knitted hippie woolen ponchos created exclusively for you by the rural women of Nepal. Go through the ever enchanting colorful range of ponchos below, have your pick and let us know your taste at <a href="">Kathmandu Clothing store</a> so that we will dispatch them to you to flaunt off your new found personality to friends and colleagues.<br /><br /> Decide on the type of hippie ponchos sweater and hippy hoodie ponchos you want to buy.<br /> Kathmandu Clothing is Hippie shopper’s paradise, offers you various ethnically designed hippie and bohemian styled ponchos. The patch and floral works with painstaking embroidery brings out the gaiety of nature. Deep thought and art work is undertaken by the rural women of Nepal. Meticulous handwork and deep dedication bring out the Nepalese inspired bohemian and hippy ponchos, hoodies and sweaters which so accentuate and shine your freestyle personality around. Kathmandu Clothing helps to dispatch these hippy and Boho style ponchos  globally, being the largest <a href="">wholesale supplier of hippie clothing</a> brands, <a href="">Nepalese clothes</a><span class="apple-converted-space"> </span>and bohemian clothes and accessories for the international market from Nepal. <br /><br /> What to look for when buying hippie ponchos?<br /> Everyone has their own style and preferences but one should consider the basic design elements while buying hippie ponchos. <br /> There are ranges of Hippy ponchos available online, from various designs, colors and quality to choose from. Below I have listed few tips on things to consider while purchasing haute hippie poncho.<br /><br /> Design: The extra added design and adornment is what makes the Hippie ponchos unique from other casual ponchos for women. The patch work, colorful combination of different fabrics, appliqué work, silhouettes and embroidery work is what you have to look for while buying the Hippie ponchos for women. If the poncho is Handmade then it’s the best. <br /><br /> Color: Hippie hoodie ponchos from Nepal is usually colorful keeping the spirit of the Hippies. A boho poncho with color blocking details is perfect for casual day look. And if you are looking for subtle colors, then go for single color hippie style poncho with added embroidery and appliqué details. <br /><br /> Quality: Quality is another factor to consider while buying Hippie ponchos. Check the material quality, the lining and the stitching </span></p><p></p> <p><span> <br /> Price: Do not pay more than what its cost. So check other sites and compare the quality, material and price and opt for the reasonable one.</span></p><p></p>

  • Plus Size Clothing

    <h3><strong>Buy plus size hippie bohemian clothes wholesale online</strong></h3> <p>Behold amigos! Kathmandu-clothing is here to solve all your fashion related problems and has the best solution to your everyday question “what to wear?” we, at Kathmandu Clothing offer a wide range of clothing, accessories, healthcare products, handicrafts as well as jewellery thus providing you all, with the best products, for every occasion and that too all under one roof!<span> </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span> </span>If you’re tired of wearing the usual, “bling-bling” all the time and everything so symmetrical and matching and want to try something different, something new then our latest product category is definitely the one you’re looking for. This product category offers some plus size hippie-style clothing which includes trendy and edgy <a href="">colorful boho dresses</a>, plus size hippie-bohemian clothes and several other articles in our plus size hippie clothing section. Scroll down to get to know more about our latest clothing line.<span>   </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><a href="">Wholesale Plus Size Hippie Boho Clothes</a>:<span>  </span>At Kathmandu Clothing we offer you the trendiest plus size Hippie Bohemian clothing line at wholesale prices. We always strive to do something different than the rest and come up with some statement designs that make their way to the headlines every time. Our plus size shirts, jackets, kaftans, trousers, dresses and tops are all the rage this season which will give you the best hippie boho look. With our statement designs and unique pieces, you will be the limelight of the occasion.<span>   </span>The plus size Hippie Bohemian dresses at Kathmandu clothing are designed keeping comfort and style in mind. These are over-sized, summery long flowy gowns, plus size shirts and frocks that will give you the right amount of trendy and casual look. Our easy breezy plus size hippie bohemian dresses varies from US size 16W-26W that is from Large (L) size to 3X Extra Large (3XL) size. The dresses vary in colors and styles such as we offer dresses with intricate embroidered patches, motifs and other such creative designs which add the extra oomph and definitely are a must-have this season. The plus size hippie clothes are available in exotic colors, mesmerizing patterns and trendy cuts that never go un-noticed. These over-sized hippie clothes are made for women of all ages catering to the needs and personalities of every woman out there so that they can cherish the comfort and step outside in the sun looking uber chic.<span>   </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal">Apart from this latest clothing line, Kathmandu clothing offers a wide range of apparel, top quality <a href="">nepali cashmere</a> and woolen accessories, Nepali jewelry, handicrafts and even body products. The apparel category varies from hippie styled skirts available in various textures, shades as well as in different sizes according to your needs. Then we have a huge range of trendy pants that include items such as Aladdin pants, palazzo pants, culottes, lose parachute pants as well as skin tight ones and yoga pants as well. To top it all, we offer organic clothing made from hard work of the women in rural areas, we use natural dyes, natural fabric material along with embroideries.<span>   </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal">The Company:<span>  </span>Kathmandu clothing is a leading <a href="">wholesale online retailer of clothing from Nepal</a>. We are the largest wholesale supplier chain for plus size Hippie Bohemian clothes and other Boho Hippie dresses. We deal in wholesale Nepalese products and manufacture fair trade Nepal clothing which is delivered to many countries across the borders.<span>   </span>Apart from the unique product line, we also offer top of the line services to our customers. We offer free worldwide shipping, discounts, best quality and an overall memorable experience. Thus, you can either slay in our hippie boho clothes as an ultimate cool cat with street style done right or you could be the epitome of elegance and a true head-turner in our beautifully crafted products.</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p></p>

  • Organic Eco Friendly Clothing

    <h1>Buy wholesale Organic Eco Friendly clothing at Kathmandu Clothing.</h1> <p class="MsoNormal">Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of <a href="">organic clothing from Nepal<span>  </span></a></p> <p class="MsoNormal">Over the recent years, steps taken by the governments all around the globe to promote organic clothing has made a substantial contribution to the environment. We at Kathmandu Clothing are just following in their footsteps and bringing to your doorstep, organic clothing wholesale products which are authentic, low cost and have an assured quality standard. These products are handpicked and created by the most skilled artisans from Nepal, bringing you closer to the true culture of the Land of Himalayas.<span>  </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal">The products are hip, trendy and keep up with current times, embodying a true amalgamation of the best of all worlds. A synchrony of every centuries old cultural emotions, are brought to life by the very organic fiber that is produced and placed in front of you. A simple assurance of not just quality, but also the roots of its existence at its best. Imagine a place where all that you see is authentic and locally produced. The charm and authenticity of such products is unmatched. Every product, which is sold here, has a soul, representing and talking of a culture thousands of years old, now at your fingertips. Apart from being <a href="">made in Nepal clothing</a>, the store specializes in <a href="">fair trade Nepal clothing </a>as well as is a wholesaler, supplier, exporter and manufacturer of numerous products. Providing our customers with new products to choose from every week, we still deliver over 97% of our orders within 4-5 Business Days. We also believe in singularity of our projections and hence, make our return policies just as easy as purchasing them, with our 24 x 7 customer care support center, working and striving to deliver a hassle free, shopping experience like never before. You can trust us with your sensibility and why is that? Is stated clearly below.<span> </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span> </span><strong>Why Buy From Us </strong></p> <p class="MsoNormal">We provide a Guaranteed Low Price promise to our customers</p> <p class="MsoNormal">We value your business and have Loyalty Programs especially for you, offering Massive Discounts</p> <p class="MsoNormal">We believe that every Order Above 9 entrusted upon us deserves Free Shipping</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Prompt and informed Customer Service round the clock</p> <p class="MsoNormal">We aim to make Online Shopping easy and Returns even Easier</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Thousands of satisfied customers served</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Shop with confidence, with our 100% Quality Assurance Agenda</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Largest Variety and Range of Products and Categories and <a href="">clothing from Nepa</a>l<span>  </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><a href="">Made In Nepal products</a></p> <p class="MsoNormal">Member of the Nepal Fair Trade Policy<span> </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span> </span>Among many who claim to be genuine, the name <a href="">Kathmandu Clothing Nepal</a> is synonymous. With largest variety and the best quality of products, it has created for itself a base, like none of its other competitors. Ranging from manufacturing to export of its products, Kathmandu Clothing is a leader in organic cotton clothing wholesale. Presenting an array of unique products like hippie skirts, <a href="">hippie bohemian jackets</a>, Nepalese pants and <a href="">plus size hippie boho clothes</a> among others, it is one of the most sought after destinations for any buyer, local or international to explore. When it comes to service, Kathmandu Clothing leaves no stones unturned and aim to provide a customer with the best and easiest shopping experiences in the industry. So go on and choose your weapon of choice and we will ensure its value to be justified for you in the most efficient manner.</p><p></p>

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