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# 6 Short Straight - Formal Look

brad pitt hairstyles


This style is perfect for any occasion. The idea behind it is to look nice and neat. In this pitt style, Brad has the sides smoothed back up. The area around the ears is also made smooth to give the hair edges a clean finish. The top should also be left long to make it easy to comb back for a formal look.

# 7 Short Spikes

brad pitt hairstyles


Brad Pitt has worn the spiky short hair on many occasions, but the most famous one is when he wore it in the movie Fight Club. Although this cut was more famous in the 90's if you consider how good he looked in the short spikes, then he would still stand out today with the same style. In this style, the short spikes are left in the top section of the hair while the sides and back were trimmed and swept to the sides.

# 8 The Buzz Cut

brad pitt hairstyles brad pitt hairstyles

Buzz cuts are easy styles to wear as all one needs to do it is to cut the hair very close to the scalp. However, not every man can look great in the but as usual, Brad manages to pull this look when he wore it on Oceans 11. What makes him look great in a buzz cut is his face shape and hair texture. This cut needs almost no maintenance at all, and so it would be suitable for men who do not like spending many minutes each morning on the mirror working on their hair.

# 9 Feathered Look Long Hairstyle

brad pitt hairstyles

In this style, the long hair is jagged cut to give a man a light and feathered look. It is a style that is best suited for men with fine and that like casual hairstyles. This style should also be worn by men with round faces as it looks best on them. Regular trims are necessary to prevent split ends, and some products will be needed to hold and give the hair some shine.

# 10 Brad Pitt’s Pompadour

brad pitt hairstyles

Brad's closely shaved is a hairstyle that you are likely to see more on the streets because he is a trendsetter and his fans are always waiting for him to come up with a style they can copy. The cut in this style leaves, at least, two inches of hair in the crown. This makes it possible for the hair to be brushed back. Sides are blade shaved while the back has a much softer fade. Styling gel is applied to wet the hair, and then it is brushed back with a comb then it is air dried to finish the look.

# 11 Medium Length Slicked Back

brad pitt hairstyles

Even if you were to lawnmower Brad Pitt's hair, he would still look good. The medium hair length slicked back that he wore in the movie Troy proves this. In this film all, he had to do with his hair is to comb it backward without doing anything else. The only other notable thing in this style is the blonde hair color but even without this, he would probably still look great in the hairstyle.

# 12 Short with Tapered Sides

brad pitt hairstyles


This is a very basic haircut that Brad wore to the opening night screening of "Oceans 13" in Vegas. In this style, the hair is tapered into a longer top part while the sides are chipped in for a textured finish. It is an incredible style for guys with thinning hair as it can add some volume to their hair and it suits most face shapes including oblong and square.

# 13 The Fury Hairstyle

brad pitt hairstyles

The style that Brad Pitt wore in "The Fury" is one of the most sought after celebrity hairstyles. This cut is so popular that it has even been nicknamed the "Fury Hairstyle". Fury hairstyle is a variation of the World War 2 undercut. What makes it different from other undercuts is that it is less conservative than other undercuts and hair stylists and experts have described it as an extreme undercut. To get the cut all, you need to do is to go extreme with your undercut and maintain a proper length at the top.

# 14 The Blonde Pitt

brad pitt hairstyles

A few years ago Brad Pitt decided to go all blonde with his hair. It was during a time when he had a wavy long hair and so to spice things up he dyed it blonde. Blonde is a naturally occurring hair color, but it looks best on men with thick, voluminous hair such as Brad Pitt's and so you can tell that he knew he would look good even before trying this style. He then paired it with a well-kept beard for an eye-catching look.

# 15 Borderline Mullet

brad pitt hairstyles

The borderline mullet is one of the most requested hairstyles of all time, and so it was only fair for Brad Pitt to try it because he likes to experiment with hair. However, unlike other styles he has worn in the past, this one does not go well with his hair type and facial features. The borderline mullet gives him a look that he should only wear for a role in a movie.

# 16 Waved Out

brad pitt hairstyles

Brad Pitt was all waved out when he received his Golden Globe award in 1996. He paired this hairstyle with a nice suit to finish an elegant look that left people talking for weeks. The short but very nice waves on his head made his hair look more textured and voluminous, and he had a slight and almost invisible part at the center of the head. This slight parting gave some direction to the front waves while the was also slightly slicked back.

# 17 The Man Bun

brad pitt hairstyles

It is rare to see Brad in a man bun nowadays. He seems to have preferred having it in his younger years, but we will probably see him wear it again at some point in the near feature. His simple man bun pulls the hair together just like any other bun, but he likes to tie his hairs into a bun at a lower position that the traditional man's buns.

# 18 Red Tone Brad

brad pitt hairstyles


Hair colors are a good way to add some style and class to your hair, but the secret behind a good look is choosing the right color. Brad Pitt proved that this was true when he decided to go all red with a red hair tone. This style looked fantastic on him especially given the fact that he had a short nicely trimmed hair that had a longer length on top. And his choice of red was also right because it was not too light and neither was it too dark.

# 19 Shampoo Commercial Coif

brad pitt hairstyles

The shampoo coif that Brad had in 2012 shows that his hair styles just get better with age. The coif is very straightforward, and there is nothing very fancy about it, but it still makes him look good. Its simplicity makes it an easy style to replicate, and all that you will need to wear this style is a long hair (at least shoulder length) and some quality shampoo.

# 20 Piecey Platinum

brad pitt hairstyles

Piecey hair styles may be a little bit hard to wear compared to other styles, but if you get the style right, you will look outstanding. Brad's stylist seems to have got things right with his piecey hairstyles as it was nothing short of perfect. To make the already good style even better, it is given a platinum color and a slight side part with the front hairs swept in opposite directions to finish a perfect piecey platinum look.

# 21 Brad’s Side Part

brad pitt hairstyles


What makes Brad Pitt one of the best-looking celebrities is the fact that he is not afraid to experiment with different things whether it is in his clothes or hairstyle. In this style, he goes simply with a side part on a medium sized hair. The hair is then swept on one side to finish the side-part look.

# 22 The Slicked Back

brad pitt hairstyles


Brad likes to slick back his hair even when wearing different styles but in this style, the slick back is the main style. The hair is trimmed to a medium length then some smoothening product is applied to it. To finish the look, the hair slicked back with a brush. This style is suitable for all types of face shapes and medium to, but men with extended foreheads may not want to wear it as it will expose it more.

# 23 Relaxed Bob

brad pitt hairstyles

Bobs do not only look good on women and Brad proved this when he wore a relaxed Bob in September 2011. The relaxed bob blended in well with his facial features. The center hair parting and slick back in the style make his face look more symmetrical. And so this style will be suitable for men with oval, triangular and square face shape.

# 24 The Smooth Operator

brad pitt hairstyles

Pitt pulled the smooth operator look back in 2004 and ever since then he has tried dozens of different hairstyles, but it remains to be one of his all-time best a decade later. This style involves a side parted hair that is swept smoothly to the side. A good hair product has to be used to make the hair smooth. This is because smooth hair is the center of attraction in this style. If you are thinking of wearing this style, then you should also maintain a proper length at the top.

# 25 Brad's Curly Hair

brad pitt hairstyles

It's hard to tell what Brad natural hair looks like because every style that he wears looks natural on him, and so the curly hair is no exception. Brad has worn the curly hair in two distinct ways. In the first style, he wore a long textured curly hair that had what looked like a side parting. In the second style, the hair is shorter, and the sides and back are closely trimmed and a longer curly hair left at the top section of the head. In both styles, the superstar looked fantastic and, for this reason, many people have tried to copy the two styles.

# 26 Brush–Back Hairstyle

brad pitt hairstyles

This is one of the simplest styles that Brad has worn over years. It involves a medium length hair that is brushed back with a comb. What made this style more appealing on Brad’s head is the appearances of some patches of the gray hairs on his head. This style is suitable for men in their early fifties whose hair color has started to change due to age. To wear these style just keep medium hair length and comb it back.

# 27 The Clean Shave

brad pitt hairstyles

The clean shave hair moment is about the beard and not the hair on Brad Pitt's head. What makes it an attractive hairstyle is the fact that it is rare to see Brad with a clean shaved beard and with not a single trace of hair on his face. Lack of hair on his face helps to draw more attention to his hairstyles that in most cases are a neatly cut short hair.

# 28 Feathered Fringe

brad pitt hairstyles

The feathered fringe is a fabulous hairstyle that makes the hair look and feel lighter. This medium length haircut involves a lot of scissors trimming especially at the back with the top hair being left long enough to cover the forehead all the way to the eyebrows. A feathered fringe look is a more casual or outdoor look that Brad wore in 2010. It goes well with any hair type, but thick hairs will look better as they are easier to work with.

# 29 Brad’s Manly Moustache Look

brad pitt hairstyles

A mustache is a must have to complete a gentleman look at least according to men who like wearing one. In late 2014 Brad Pitt pulled an impressive look with a manly mustache. His hair was nicely shaped into what looked like an incomplete pompadour while his face was cleanly shaved except for the manly mustache. Although this look made Brad look older, he still looked good, and many fans probably copied the style.

# 30 The Flowing Locks

brad pitt hairstyles

It's hard to picture Brad with any locks on his hair because even when he wears long hair, he likes to keep it flat and pull it into a man bun. However, a couple of years back he had some nice flowing locks. Back in 1993 Brad had some luscious flowing locks and he looked nice in them especially given the fact that he also had a short well-trimmed beard to go with the locks.

# 31 Sophisticated Soul Patch

brad pitt hairstyles

Few men can pull this look as good as Brad pulled it in May 2014. In this style, the hair is trimmed to a length that is just enough for the hair to slick back smoothly. Some smoothing and styling product has to be used in the hair to make it hold for longer and to bring out the shine associated with this style.

# 32 Blond Tips

brad pitt hairstyles


It is amazing how something small done correctly can totally change a hairstyle and hence changing your appearance. Brad tried this idea with his short brush back hair in 2007. His brush back hair was just okay but not outstanding. What made the style stand out was the blond tips but they could hardly be noticed if one was not keen enough. Looking at this style, you will know there is something special about it, but you will only notice the blonde tips if you look close enough.

# 33 The Massive Beard Look

brad pitt hairstyles

In his quest to try different hairstyles Brad once tried the massive beard look for some time before getting rid of it. His hair was a medium length slicked back that looked quite nice, but the massive and somewhat shaggy beard drew all the attention from his neat hair. However, this style did not last as he was back to his traditional mullet within no time. Although some men look good with the massive beard, Brad Pitt is not one of them.

# 34 Sun-in/Mullet Combo

brad pitt hairstyles


The current hair styles that Pitt likes to wear are long removed from what he used to rock in the 80's. In his younger years, he seems to have been a little conservative trying to go with the trend without overdoing his styles. One of the most notable hairstyles that he used to wear was the Sun-in/mullet combo that would still look good if worn today. It is a medium length hairstyle that involves some skillful hair trimming and styling.

# 35 Brad’s Fauxhawk

brad pitt hairstyles

You would probably not expect Brad Pitt to wear this hairstyle these days, but he tried it at some point in the past in his younger years. The is a good haircut, and it suits most faces and hair types, but Brad always seems to add a spark to an already good style hence taking it to a whole new level. His faux hawk looked incredible with his younger face and hair texture, but if he wore it today, he would probably also look quite good.

# 36 Highlighted Hairs

brad pitt hairstyles


In early 2007 Brad had a spiky short hair with highlights. The highlights made a rather dull spiky haircut look extraordinary. Brad must have known that his short will not look that great, and so he decided to turn things around with some nicely done highlights. His stylist got the highlights right starting from the choice of color to the pattern that the highlights adapted. Highlights can make any hair look great and so they can be a good idea for men who want to add some spice to their short hair.

# 37 The Angelic look

brad pitt hairstyles

Brad Pitt pulled the angelic look in 2003 at the Golden Globes, and most people consider it as one of his best looks ever. He wore a medium length hair and had a cleanly shaved face. What makes this look unique is that he went all natural with his hair. The hair was parted in the center then each of the two sections swept to the sides. The back was brushed back to complete what is described as the angelic look.

# 38 Semi-Bleached

brad pitt hairstyles

Pitt still bleaches his hair occasionally, but he seems to prefer to semi-bleach it rather than bleach the full hair. Semi-bleaching brings about a unique color contrast, and it looks good on medium lengths and short hairs. Side-parting the semi- also adds some style and hence giving the wearer a simple but stylish hair.

# 39 The Daddy Look

brad pitt hairstyles


Fatherhood comes with many changes, and Brad seems to have revolutionalized his hairstyles when he first became a daddy. He started with side swept front hair but when he adapted to the role he became bolder and began experimenting with slightly different styles. He even wore a short spiky front style at some point in his early days as a father.

# 40 The Billy Idol

brad pitt hairstyles brad pitt hairstyles

This is one of the more recent Brad Pitt hairstyles. It is a short blonde hairstyle with the sides tapered. This look is ideal for men who want to experiment with hair colors and are not willing to go all the way and try bright colors. Since blonde is a naturally occurring color, it will not make you stand out but will get you looking good. Try this look if you have a thick hair texture and an oval or round face shape.

Idea # 41

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Idea # 48

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Idea # 49

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Idea # 50

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Idea # 51

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Idea # 52

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Idea # 53

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Idea # 56

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Idea # 57

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Idea # 58

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Idea # 59

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Idea # 60

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Brad Pitt hairstyles tell a story of the different phases of a man's life and just by looking at him you can tell a lot about his personality and the stage he is at in life. However, you cannot take away the fact that he always seems to get it right no matter what style he chooses. And as long as he will be in the limelight you should expect him to come up with even more interesting hairstyles.

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