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female celebrities with hair lossAll women with hair loss want to know “why don’t female celebrities have hair loss?” Hollywood actresses have thick beautiful hair and they never have bad hair days. What gives? Why is life so unfair – they have the money, the fame, and the perfect hair. I used to think this, but I’ve come to realize celebrities have hair loss too – but we usually don’t know about celebrities with long thin hair it. And this is a good thing because there is hope for all of us to have red carpet hair if we choose it (or can afford it).

You would think celebrities would experience hair loss more than the average person. They live hectic lives, most actresses and models are very thin so they obviously don’t eat a lot, and many of them wear hair extensions which can cause permanent hair loss from traction alopecia. My guess is that most female celebrities start wearing supplemental hair at the first sign of a problem. They have enough money to go to the top hair places, and get whatever hairpiece, topper, or wig they need. You rarely hear about female celebrities wearing hair (other than extensions) on a regular basis, so I am assuming there are hush-hush people they must see. And hair extensions are so ubiquitous with celebs now that half of them wear them to make their hair thicker and longer. Hair extensions, though, can’t cover up hair loss on the top of your head very well.

Female Celebrities with Hair Loss:
With all that said, there are some famous women with visible hair loss. I am not trying to be mean by writing about them here – I just want everyone to know that you aren’t alone! As bad as I feel that anyone has to experience hair loss, at least celebrities have the money they need to see the top nutritionists, hair loss specialists, and hair replacement gurus.

Adrianne Curry – Recently I saw this “America’s Next Top Model” winner on the show “Pretty Hurts” and her hair now looks like it’s thinning. I never noticed it until this year.

Amber Rose – She’s not actual balding, but she shaves her head as a fashion statement.

Bethenny Frankel – On the few episodes I’ve caught of her various reality shows, I noticed she has a slightly wide part in the front and a little bald spot. This could be because she recently had a baby, but I think I recall seeing the slight thinning before she was pregnant. Her hair looks thick overall, but I’ve also long read she wears weaves and extensions (at least sometimes).

Britney Spears– She’s one of the most famous celebrities, and I’m pretty sure she has hair loss. At first I thought she was just crazy for shaving her head, but then I started to wonder if it’s because of her hair loss. Not a day goes by that I am not tempted to shave all my hair off and say “fuck it.” Britney has worn extensions for years and I think it’s caused traction alopecia all over her head. She also has a receding hairline and temples. With all that money – why doesn’t she pay to get better hair?

Chelsea Handler – The comedian has a slightly wide part – nothing major, but it’s enough to distract me every time I see her on TV.

Cher – we all know Cher wears wigs. What does her real hair look like? I have no idea.

Christina Hendricks – Her natural hair is very thin, but she almost always wears hair extensions or hairpieces on the top of her head. She sports different hairpiece toppers all the time in her different red carpet photos. Many of them are quite obvious.

Chynna Phillips – The Wilson Phillips singer has always had a high hairline (in the 90s you couldn’t tell because she had bangs). I recently saw her on Oprah, and her hairline had receded and was really high. Her mom, actress Michelle Phillips, was also on Oprah, and in recent years she has developed extremely noticeable androgenetic alopecia.

Debra Messing – There are pictures of her with a wide part. This could have been temporary – shedding after having a baby. Or she could have started wearing supplemental hair. Her hair now looks how mine used to look before it all fell out!

Dolly Parton – she’s been wearing wigs since she first got famous. Again I have no idea what her real hair looks like.

Elizabeth Berkley – her hairline has receded an inch or two since her “Saved By The Bell” days. Otherwise she doesn’t appear to have hair loss, but her hair used to be so thick that even if she lost 30% of it, it would be hard to notice. I compare myself to her because we used to have the same hair, and my hairline is creeping up too.

Erin Moran – from “Happy Day.” I saw her on a show a few years ago and she had obvious overall hair thinning and genetic hair loss.

Fergie– Fergie has a wide part and overall hair thinning. Pictures came out of her last year that show that she’s either experiencing Telogen Effluvium (temporary hair loss), or Androgenetic Alopecia (genetic hair loss). She usually wears tons of hair extensions to make her hair thicker and longer, but she hasn’t disguised her wide part. The picture shown here is a still from her new fragrance commercial. She is apparently comfortable with her hair!

Gail Porter– she’s a Scottish TV presenter that has Alopecia Areata and then Alopecia Totalis, and she has brought awareness to the condition by doing interviews bald. Currently her hair has grown back, but it could fall out again in the future.

Halle Berry – I’ve seen pictures of her where she had really noticeable hair loss. I don’t know if it was temporary and it grew back, because her hair looks great now like it usually does – is it fake?

Helena Bonham Carter – I have seen older pictures of her with mild genetic-looking thinning on the top and front of her hair. Now she normally wears giant hair pieces or wigs when she’s at award shows or in movies. It’s hard to say what her real hair looks like for sure, but I suspect it’s thinning.

Hillary Clinton – Normally her hair looks fine, but when she wears it pulled back in a banana clip or scrunchie on top of her head, you can see she has extremely receding temples.

Jaclyn Smith – I think I remember seeing her with thinning hair a few years back. She also has a line of wigs and hairpieces, which makes me suspect she has a special interest in supplemental hair.

Kathy Hilton – Paris Hilton’s mom has thinning hair on the top of her head, which I spotted on “The World According To Paris Hilton.”

Khloe Kardashian – She has a wide part, and wears hair extensions for length, and maybe to add volume to her hair. I read that she had telogen effluvium years ago due to stress, but I’m not sure if her current hair loss is genetic or not.

Kimberly Stewart – Rod Stewart’s socialite daughter has had thinning hair for several years. The newest pictures I’ve seen of her show her wearing either a topper, clip-on bangs, or a wig.

Kim Zolciak – from “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” She wears a wig. On the first season of the show I thought her wig looked pretty obvious and tacky, but what she wears now looks really nice. I’m not sure if she has hair loss, or if she just wants to have Hollywood hair all the time.

Lady Gaga – We all know that she loves to wear wigs, and while her natural hair always looks fine to me, she’s just revealed publicly that her hair is falling out due to dyeing her dark hair blonde all the time. I don’t know if her hair is falling out at the root or breaking from damage, but if she lays off the blonde, she might be lucky and see a full recovery.

Lara Flynn Boyle– I’ve seen pictures of her with a wide part – either from telogen effluvium or androgenetic alopecia.

Lisa Marie Presley – I just saw her on Oprah, and she has a receding hairline and frontal thinning. I had never noticed any hair loss before her recent appearance.

Megan Fox – There is a lot of talk about Megan Fox having hair loss, but I never noticed it on her. However I did find one photo that shows her with thinning hair on the sides and front of her hair – maybe from wearing hair extensions.

Milla Jovovich – I rented her 2011 movie “Faces in the Crowd” and didn’t notice the faces in the movie changing because I was so focused on her wide part, which I never noticed her having before.

Miss Delaware Kayla Martell– she has Alopecia Areata and proves that you can still win beauty contests without having perfect bio hair. She wears wigs, but is also comfortable showing off her shaved head to bring awareness to alopecia.

Naomi Campbell– She has significant hair loss in the front and sides, probably from traction alopecia. Normally she wears supplemental hair, but there are pictures of her with hair loss.

Neve Campbell – I’ve never noticed her having any hair issues, but the “Party of Five” actress says when she was 23 she suffered from Alopecia Areata due to stress, and her hair came out in patches. I don’t know if she’s had recurring bouts of AA since then or not.

Nicole Scherzinger – This Pussycat Doll was just on “American Idol” where I noticed she has thinning in the front of her hair.

Pamela Anderson – I have seen a few pictures of Pam with thinning hair in the front, but now I can’t find them, so I’m not totally sure about her hair. She does have a high hairline, which has gotten slightly higher since her “Baywatch” days. She’s been wearing tons of extensions for years, so I’m not sure if that’s caused traction alopecia. Again I’m not completely sure she has hair loss.

Paula Abdul – When she was first on “American Idol” I noticed she had thin hair on the top of her head. That didn’t last long – she then started wearing different hairpieces on the show ever since the first season. Did you ever notice she would have different hair almost every week?

Sarah Michelle Gellar – On her new TV show “Ringer,” you can see she has a slightly wide part, and it looks like she also has extensions to make her hair thicker and longer.

Sarah Palin – when she first because famous I couldn’t believe how thick and healthy her hair looked. I was ready to move to Alaska! Now I’m starting to think she’s been wearing hairpieces this whole time. She’s said her hair has been falling out from stress but it’s thicker than ever…

Selma Blair – I haven’t conclusively noticed her having hair loss, but after having her first baby she’s reported experiencing post-partum hair loss, and worries about going bald. Experiencing temporary hair loss after having a baby is totally normal, unless your hair doesn’t eventually come back as thick as it was pre-pregnancy.

Serena Williams – Usually this tennis star’s hair looks great, but recent photos have come out where she has a noticeable bald spot on the top of her head. I don’t know if it’s from Traction Alopecia or Alopecia Areata, or something else. I’ve always wondered if she wore hair and though it must suck playing professional tennis and having to deal with wearing hair at the same time – and normally she wears big headbands during her matches.

Sherri Shepherd – I give immense credit to this “The View” co-host for talking openly about her hair. On one episode of “The View” she took off her wig to reveal extensive hair loss (either from Traction Alopecia, Androgenetic Alopecia, or Cicatricial Alopecia). You can probably find this clip on YouTube. She wasn’t embarrassed at all about revealing her real hair, and she seems totally secure with her hair (maybe because her wigs look so great).

Star Jones – I never noticed Star’s hair when she was on “The View” but she said that she wore wigs the whole time – I would have had no idea. I read that she experienced hair loss after having gastric bypass surgery, but I don’t know what her real hair looks like. On “Celebrity Apprentice” she wears different wigs in every scene, and that’s what clued me into her wig-wearing.

Tiffany – I saw a recent photo of the 80s pop singer Tiffany, and noticed she now has a wide part.

Tina Turner – I was shocked when I found out Tina Turner has been wearing wigs for years. Some people say she has hair loss, and others say she just wears wigs to have perfect hair.

Tori Amos – A reader pointed out that she’s been dealing with genetic hair loss for years, and I recently wrote about more extensively. She’s one of the few celebs to be photographed with really obvious hair loss. Now she wears wigs (although some people say they still see her without wigs sometimes).

Tyra Banks – She wears lace front wigs all the time – you’ll never see her in public without one either, except the one time she went wig-less on her show. She has a really high forehead.

Wendy Williams – I’ve seen pictures of her without a wig and her hair isn’t that bad, but she still wears wigs all the time. She has some really nice wigs, and I love that she wears lots of different ones, and that she’s not afraid to tell everyone about them!

As you can see, most of these female celebrities don’t have severe hair loss – it’s mild to moderate. Why? I think once it gets any worse celebs must immediately start wearing hair and never look back. I can’t imagine only regular people experience severe hair loss – it’s just not logical. I know celebs wear wigs and hairpieces all the time in movies, but half the time I can’t even tell. For example Christina Aguilera wears a wig the whole time in the new movie “Burlesque” that is coming out. Oh and Lady Gaga wears wigs all the time just because she loves them.

I tell myself I can only come up with a handful of female celebrities with known hair loss because there are really good fake hair options out there – so good that no one would ever suspect. What upsets me is that I know these solutions are really expensive:( I also wonder how many celebrities have been able to find a cure for their hair loss with enough money to go to the best doctors and do all the expensive tests most of us can’t afford. There are some other female celebrities that are rumored to have hair loss issues, but I can’t tell for sure – Renee Zellweger, Victoria Beckman, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kate Bosworth, Kate Beckinsale, Leah Remini, and Nicole Kidman. I’ve also noticed a lot of current fashion models have really thin hair and wide parts. I guess it’s not a surprise since they are so thin and they have their hair styled on an almost daily basis. Eva Longoria has mentioned publicly that she likes to wear wigs, and you can see her in lots of different wigs if you look for them. I don’t know if she actually has hair loss or not. Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce also rumored to have tons of expensive wigs, but I haven’t seen any pictures of them actually show hair loss.

What female celebrities do you know of that have hair loss issues?
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