Celebrity maternity evening dresses 2018

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  • Amal Clooney - Business As Usual

    Amal Clooney - Business As Usual

    Dressing for work is one of the biggest challenges for many pregnant women and, short of working from the sofa for nine months, also one of the biggest necessities. Like everything Amal does, this outfit is effortless - but there are a celebrity maternity evening dresses 2018 few lessons we can learn here. Choose a colour that suits you, a loose coat or jacket, and for goodness sake don't forget shoes that make you smile.

  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Attract and Distract

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Attract and Distract

    Rosie's Oscars look used a carefully placed swathe of fabric to draw attention to her toned décolletage while a thigh-high split allowed her to display a little leg. What can we learn from the British beauty? Well, just to use a little illusion where required. Clever tweaks keep the attention where she wants it, and her neat bump just minds its own business.

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  • Blake Lively - Flaunt If You Want

    Blake Lively - Flaunt If You Want

    Blake's maternity style choices were a perfect example of how to get it right for a formal occasion without covering up entirely. Showing a little flesh, in the same way she would when not pregnant, Blake exposes what she is comfortable with. The same rules as always apply - legs or chest, not both, and even a slither of midriff can be acceptable - but don't feel you have to dress like a nun just because you're plus one.

  • Candice Swaneopel - Keep Your Edge

    Candice Swaneopel - Keep Your Edge

    The Victoria's Secret Angel favours short dresses, sunglasses and biker boots in her off-duty wardrobe, and one of the reasons that she looked so great while pregnant (beside the obvious genetic advantages) is that she didn't feel the need to change anything too drastic about her look. When you can step out alongside another model, in this case Doutzen Kroes, and still look amazing, the formula is working.

  • Victoria Beckham - Cover Up

    Victoria Beckham - Cover Up

    If your usual style revolves around swathing your shape in voluminous wool or jersey, then there's no reason to show off your bump just because everyone in your life is dying to gawp at it. Victoria wears loose coats and jackets, sends them down her catwalk, and so pregancy was no time to change her fashion tune.

  • Beyoncé Knowles - Drape Your Shape

    Beyoncé Knowles - Drape Your Shape

    Although partial to her signature body-con shapes in pregnancy, Beyoncé also wore several draped creations - including this tangerine gown on the day she announced she was expecting. With the ability to make you look much more or less pregnant depending on the cut, draping is one of the few ways you can control your shape as your body changes. And anything that hides whatever you don't want seen can only be a good thing.

  • Keira Knightley - Play With Proportion

    Keira Knightley - Play With Proportion

    Having spent the last ten years on the red carpet dressing to accentuate her tiny waist, Keira may have had a few moments of dilemma over how to look like her usual self while her waist measurement increased by the day. The answer was in raising the waistline by a few inches, and turning to all the favourite labels for the printed, textural fabrics she so adores.

  • Angelina Jolie - Work Your Assets

    Angelina Jolie - Work Your Assets

    The mother-of-six knows how to dress to flatter her shape, and during pregnancy her rules are no different. Her long slender arms and décolletage are usually displayed in one way or another, meaning that even when carrying twins - as she was here - she still looks like herself.

  • Gisele Bündchen - Layer Up

    Gisele Bündchen - Layer Up

    As tends to happen with supermodels, Gisele retained her lithe figure when pregnant (practising kung fu and yoga daily until giving birth), so her usual skinny jeans and T-shirts never had to be replaced by maternity wear. Instead she added a denim shirt, checked shirt, or slim leather jacket on top, giving the impression of a more put-together look that retained maximum comfort.

  • Natalie Portman - Adorn Yourself

    Natalie Portman - Adorn Yourself

    Natalie spent the final months of her first pregnancy picking up award after award for her role in Black Swan, so blending in on the red carpet while she picked up her Best Actress award was not an option. Picking contrasting colours and the most delicate decoration highlights rather than hiding her pregnancy, and if everyone is going to look at your bump it may as well look pretty.

  • Chrissy Teigen - Bodycon If You Want

    Chrissy Teigen - Bodycon If You Want

    In recent years, perhaps prompted by celebrities sporting tight maternity dresses at events, many pregnant women have found it difficult to find loose styles to wear - prompting something of a backlash against bodyconning your bump. Chrissy, however, is proof that if a formula works for you when you're not expecting, then your newfound shape is no reason to change it. She wears bodycon, and clearly feels comfortable in it, and so wore it throughout her pregnancy in various tonal and flattering shades. If it ain't broke...

  • Behati Prinsloo - Accessorise

    Behati Prinsloo - Accessorise

    While she was expecting, the Victoria's Secret Angel embraced a rule that works for many pregnant women: wear what you're comfortable in and accessorise. Adding sunglasses or a skinny scarf to a plain outfit makes you feel more like yourself, and if you can't the buy dresses or skirts you're lusting after, you are well within your rights to shop for a delicious bag. Prinsloo also embraced the addition of a silk dressing gown or kimono over her favourite silk or jersey slip dresses throughout her pregnancy, ensuring she looked as cool as she was comfortable.

  • Kerry Washington - Tailoring Tricks The Eye

    Kerry Washington - Tailoring Tricks The Eye

    While many pregnant women are driven towards much more feminine silhouettes than they would usually wear when expecting, tailored shapes are an underused resource. Simple lines and expertly placed seams make for a dress that is as flattering as it is unexpected, as the Scandal star illustrates with aplomb.

  • Reese Witherspoon - Heels Aren't Forbidden

    Reese Witherspoon - Heels Aren't Forbidden

    Many tut-tutters will tell you that heels are completely out of bounds during pregnancy, but if you're used to wearing them every day it's unlikely it will do any harm to wear them for a short time. Taking care, and choosing comfortable shoes, is crucial, but if you're doing something where you want to feel confident and elevated, sometimes only heels will do.

  • Olivia Wilde - Sprinkle Some Sparkle

    Olivia Wilde - Sprinkle Some Sparkle

    Sequins and sparkles may feel a little too festive when you already feel the shape of a Christmas bauble, but if you're usually partial to embellishment when evening attire is required, there really is no reason to dull your natural shine. Choose a block colour as Olivia has, and keep everything else easy-breezy.

  • Sienna Miller - Earn Your Stripes

    Sienna Miller - Earn Your Stripes

    Horizontal stripes may seem like madness, when most dressing tips aim to elongate your shape, but pregnancy is the one time you will be happy to accept you're getting wider. Sienna's simple blue jeans and cute cardigan could be replaced by colourful trousers and a biker jacket for the same effect - just don't forget the nonchalant grin.

  • Claire Danes - Colour Isn't Banned

    Claire Danes - Colour Isn't Banned

    If you always wear black, that's fine, help yourself - but if you're usually a rainbow child, don't give up just because you're pregnant. Claire always embraces myriad hues on the red carpet, and because she continued to do so when pregnant she succeeded in looking as pretty as always - just with an added passenger.

  • Megan Fox - Loosen Up

    Megan Fox - Loosen Up

    Megan's dressed-down LA style values comfort over contortion - which translates perfectly during pregnancy. A loose T-shirt or man's shirt is the perfect wardrobe staple - and can be transformed with accessories or, if you're as brave as Megan, wedges.


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