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May 21, 2018

History Major WechatIMG22

Among the more interesting figures who have passed by lately, Sean Lang (郎挺)  is originally from Dalian and he majored in the history of Christianity while studying in New Zealand. That major is an extremely unusual choice for Chinese students, abroad or in China. Needless to say, they tend to major in more practical fields like engineering and economics.

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stylites Stylites x Pawnstar 79985426 1

Stylites has documented Chinese street style, from the Beijing hutongs to Shanghai Fashion Week. Now I’m fusing the Chinese street fashion of Stylites, what has been one of the most popular Chinese fashion blogs, with, my online platform and secondhand shop in the French Concession of Shanghai that features vintage, designer consignment and unique upcycling.

stylites Stylites x Pawnstar 1027049948 1

The most interesting part chinese about Pawnstar is the customers. They live throughout China and are pioneers, since until recently only the poor wore secondhand fashion. It was even called dead people’s clothing.

stylites Stylites x Pawnstar 2051348435

China will soon be the largest consumer market in the world. Hopefully, Pawnstar will encourage more people in China to re-use and recycle fashion items.

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Anyone critical of all the hoopla over Bowie’s death should consider that 60s and 70s rockstars were quite similar to Greek gods in terms of their lifestyle and the cults of personality. Bowie was and will always be the maximum in terms of decadence, style, creativity, and freedom from norms. It’s not surprising that with the passing of the top deity, all of the believers are experiencing a bit of disbelief.

Here are my selections for his top songs:

Prettiest Star
Life on Mars

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1146120762 Photos by Sam Lee Photos by Sam Lee 1146120762

My old friend Sam Lee (Li Mengxia-李孟夏) came by the American Rag store yesterday and took some photos.  He is the Director of.

Here are his and a the first time we met six years ago.

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2039589072 Taciturn Li Taciturn Li 2039589072

Taciturn Li is one of my favorite brands in China and the first outlet just opened at Yangmeizhu Xiejie (杨梅竹斜街)near Qianmen.  By a young man named Yunze who feels very Beijing, the brand is nonetheless inspired by American workwear while using mostly Japanese fabrics.  Taciturn Li was one of the brands that I selected for the Made in China shop-in-shop at the American Rag in LA and it has been one of the most successful brands there.

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Christmas Beijing Stylites fashion china tailor suit Happy Holidays from Stylites! Happy Holidays from Stylites! image111

Here I am wearing my suit from suit from at the Kerry Center hotel.

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_MG_6372 American Rag Party American Rag Party MG 6372

and fashion blogger Yukiko at a dinner thrown by Mark Werts in Beijing. More from  on American Rag plans in China.

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57032741 Lady Liaoliao Lady Liaoliao 57032741

Lady Liaoliao is a rising fashion blogger on wechat, though she describes herself more as the head of a media company, which doubtless reflects greater ambitions.  The wechat ID of her official account is liaoliaofashion.

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Charles Bedue is another great documenter of China’s style. he is with some great details from Beijing’s fashion set.

You may recall that he once photographed that was ever held at my hutong.

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Zhang Chi Zhang Chi Masks Zhang Chi Masks Zhang Chi

9/11 aside, it’s funny that apocalypse-type movies are always set in New York when in Beijing the Four Horsemen always seem to be around the corner. Three more days of this and evacuation plans should be activated, but before that I need to start wearing a gas mask from.

Beijing is back to hazardous 400 Pm 2.5 levels after around a half year of being at merely unhealthy levels.

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Beijing Design Week Dashilar BJDW Beijing Design Week 2014 Beijing Design Week 2014 Beijing Design Week Dashilar BJDW

Here is , photographed here by her friend Phoebe Li, just arriving at  2014.  The ramshackle hutongs of Dashilar are again the setting for many of the most cutting-edge exhibitions.  One of the highlights is.

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636883480 Tianzhuo Chen Tianzhuo Chen 636883480 e1411721933797

Publisher Philana Woo contributed this photo of terribly hip artist.  Chen is best known in the fashion world for his collaborations with Sankuanz.   of the FW 2014 Sankuanz collection that they did together.  About her photo, Philana says “Chen demonstrates the dynamism and creativity of China’s younger generation whose taste is galaxies beyond that of  their label-clad parents.”   are some recent pieces by Philana on Jingdaily.

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 is essential reading for brands looking to get into the Chinese fashion market at this particular juncture. Richard explains the way China is moving from being a luxury to a premium market and the new rise of independent, multi-brand stores.

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photo 1 The Rugged Sartorialist The Rugged Sartorialist photo 17

Denim and workwear geniuses  join men’s made-to-measure specialists  for a new pop-up at the  from September 9 through 21.  Here are some of the looks one can expect to see.

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photo 1 (1) More Pics of Wuhao at the Four Seasons More Pics of Wuhao at the Four Seasons photo 1 1

I’ve been getting so many requests for photos of the Wuhao pop-up at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing that I decided to create a post about it here.

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