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DISCLAIMER: These are older, used items that are being sold for their historic and artistic value as display items, and nostalgic memorabilia.  We do NOT recommend using them.  What you do with them after purchase, is entirely up to you.

ALUMINUM.  red with black non-skid strip down center.  FREE SPIRIT trucks.  green wheels are approx. 2" by 2.25" diameter.  has red riser pads.  measures approx. 25.5" by 5.75:,.  slightly upswept tail and nose.  used but not abused.  overall excellent condition.  85.00

CALIFORNIA FREE FORMER with forked tail.  yellow heavy vinyl.  has the wave logo in center.  narrow split tail with slight upsweep.  Free Former Urethane 1.75" diameter wheels are 2" wide.  approx. 26.5" long by 5.5" wide.  lightly used.  overall excellent condition.  unusual style.   64.00

D&L TRICK RAY MOTO BOARD.  heavy vinyl.  yellow.  Has "surfer" logo in center.  narrow with pointed tail.  23.5" long by 5" wide at the widest point.  odd style trucks.  different wheels on rear; than on the front.  used.  needs a good cleaning.  wheel bearings are shot.  unusual 1970's board.  45.00

TRICK RAY MOTO BOARD MX.  heavy vinyl.  yellow.  Has "surfer" logo in center.  Has upswept tail with the TRICK RAY MX logo.  has TRICK RAY TRACKER wheels.  23.5" long by by 5.85" wide.  the older style wheels are 1.75" by 1.5".  1970's.  overall not bad.  needs a good cleaning.  very good to excellent.  47.50

GRENTEC GT COYOTE III.  blue vinyl.  has the name embossed on top.  Made by Grentec Leisure Products of California. slightly upswept tail.  yellow opaque wheels that are 2.25" diameter and just shy of 2" wide.  25" long by 8.25" wide.   late 1970's or more likely early 1980's vintage.  used but not abused.  excellent.   54.50

GRENTEC GT SPOILER II.  blue vinyl.  has the name embossed on top.  Made by Grentec Leisure Products of California.  smaller board.  yellow wheels are approx.  1 7/8" diameter by a hair over 1" wide.  the board has a slightly upswept tail and measures approx. 20.5" long by 5" wide.  used but not abused.  overall excellent plus condition.   unusual 1970's board.   59.50

LOGAN EARTH SKI.  wood.  anti-skid strips on top.  rounded nose with slightly upswept tail.  ACS 651 trucks on front.  edge wear all around.  one of the wheels is chewed on sides.  riser pads on front and rear.  26.5" by 7.25".  One of the early big names in boards.  early 1970's vintage.  89.50

unmarked FIBERGLAS Skateboard.  yellow.  two parallel non-slip strips.  dark red translucent wheels.  1.5" wide by 1.75" diameter.  early old school board.   approx. 24" by 5.75".  shows sigsn of wear but displays great.  85.00

unmarked but possibly: MAKAHA.   light blue vinyl.  upswept tail.  has the indentation for the foil label - but no label.  Makaha Pro trucks.  red Makaha Comp wheels.  2" diameter by 1.75" wide.  approx. 22.25" long by 6" wide.  1970's vintage.   nice color.  used but not abused.  trucks and bearings are oxidized.  very good plus to excellent.   59.50

unmarked but possibly: MAKAHA MAKO PRO.   orange vinyl.  upswept tail.  has the indentation for the foil label - but no label.  HiJust trucks.  Vaseline green opaque urethane wheels.  1.75" diameter by 1.5" wide.  approx. 22.25" long by 6" wide.  1970's vintage.   nice color.  used but not abused.  trucks and bearings are oxidized.  very good plus to excellent.   54.50

MAKAHA orange vinyl.  unmarked but probably a Mako Pro.  upswept tail.  has the indentation for the foil label - but no label.  Makaha trucks.  Makaha urethane wheels.  1.5" wide by 1.75" diameter.  approx. 22.25" long by 6" wide.  1970's vintage.   nice color.  wheels and trucks show use but the board is excellent.  58.50

NEWPORTER.  heavy green vinyl.  upswept tail.  Ultratrucks on front with Makaha Urethane 1.5" by 1.75" wheels.  rear has California Free Former Urethane 2" by 1.75" wheels.  bearings shot on left front wheel.  used but no abused.  needs a good cleaning.  23.5" by 6".  has the Newporter illustrated logo embossed on top.  very good plus to excellent.  classic 1970's skateboard.  59.00

Nash SIDWORK SURFBOARD.  large wood with metal wheels.  1960's old school board.  dark orange design.  28.75" long by 5.5" wide.  shows age wear but still a great display piece from the golden era.  82.50

NASH.  large wood board with sunburst designs.  black with yellow undercoat.  textured surface with slightly upswept tail.  Park trucks.  red translucent urethane wheels that are approx.  1 1/8" diameter by 1.75" wide.  used but not abused.  1980's vintage.  very good to excellent.  great display piece from a classic era.  62.00

Nash KEEP ON BOARDING.  blue vinyl.  original illustrated sticker is still attached.  small piece missing from sticker.  narrow upswept tail.  24" by 5.12" wide.  wheels are translucent; approx. 1.75" by 1".  no rust.  excellent plus or nicer.  unusual 1970's board.  65.00

PRO CLASS HOT DOGGER.  vinyl skateboard.  yellow.  embossed logo on top.  Pro Class trucks.  salmon colored Power Glide Urethane wheels.  22" long by 5.5" wide.  has tiny upswept tail.  classic 1970's vintage.  shows normal wear.  overall excellent or nicer.   58.50

ROLLER DERBY MUSTANG 15.  wood with clay wheels.  turguoise blue with gold graphics.apporx 18" by 5".  wheels are approx. 1" by 1.75" diameter.  used but still in very nice displayable condition.  65.00

ROLLER DERBY DELUXE #20.  wood with clay wheels.  red graphics.  approx. 19" by 5".  wheels approx. 1" by 2" diameter.  name written in black marker on base.  overall excellent plus condition.  72.50

SPORT FUN.  yellow vinyl.  the front and back are textured.  very unusually WIDE vinyl deck!  slightly upswept tail.  BLACK wheels are 2 1/8" diameter by 1.75" wide.  late 1970's vintage.  28.75" long by 8.5" wide.   first vinyl board of this style; that I have seen!  displays very nicely.  there is some "nose grind" on the underside of the nose.  overall; excellent.  59.00
                              WIDE pix #4         

SUPER SURFER.  red vinyl.  Super Surfer 1.5" by 1.5" wheels.  smaller board.  20.75" long by 5.25" wide.  used.  very good plus or nicer.    49.50

VERIFLEX.  red vinyl.  2" diameter by 1.5" wide solid dark red opaque wheels.  slightly upswept tail.  approx.  23.5" long by 6" wide.  slightly textured surface.  has original foil label on bottom. has been used but still excellent.  58.00

CUSTOM WOOD Skateboard.  solid oak wood board has extra holes from changing the trucks and also has "upswept tail" added on.  front trucks are GT and the rears are ACS-430.  Red Kryptonic wheels.  very funky - the custom "tail" is awesome.  some kid tried to modernize his old school board!  24" long by 6" wide.  55.00


.  promotional from SoundTransit "Ride the Wave".  multicolored team logo.  non slip surface is dark blue/light blue/green.  32.75 x 7.75".  nose and tail are slightly upswept.  modern issue.  never used.  still factory sealed in shrinkwrap - although shrinkwrap is tearing. .  18.00

FIBERGLASS deck.  yellow.  has GULF racing sticker.  nose wear.  approx. 23.5" by 5.5" wide.  needs a good cleaning.  overall very presentable.  27.50


HIGH PERFORMANCE SWINGER  fiberglass slalom style deck.  no trucks, no wheels. just the deck.  Silver printing on yellow deck.  has anti-skid surfacing strips on top.  there is a near negligible grind at tip of nose.  27" by 5.875" wide.  excellent plus condition.   75.00

Valterra ELECTRICK FLO.  deck only.  colorful.  mid 1980's vintage.  approx. 28" by 8.75".  non-skid surface.  slightly upswept tail.   minor edge wear.  overall excellent used condition.  25.00

.  brass finish.  raised image of feet on board.  roughly 2" by 2.25".  unused.  1970's vintage.  mint condition.  50.00

.  6 factory sealed on card.  Package originally held 8 - but there are only 6.  Stock #516.    1960's issue.  unusual vintage item!  25.00

  2.25" diameter by 1.25" wide.  used but not abused.  a bit dirty - they have not been cleaned.  excellent.  18.50

  2.5" diameter by 2.25" wide.  used but not abused.  excellent plus.  20.00

.  2.5" diameter by 2.25" wide.  used but not abused.  near mint.  22.00

.  no bearings. .  smaller size.  2.25" diameter, 1.25" wide.  slightly beveled edge.  3rd series Kryptonics, 1980's vintage. used by not abused.  no flaws.  a bit dirty, but not awful.  excellent.   39.50

with bearings.  .  2.5" diameter, 2" wide. recessed lettering, flat back.  Bearings are KOHO 608Z made in Japan.   circa 1975 vintage.  used by not abused.  minor edge rounding from use. .  early & scarce.  Nicer than most you see, if you even see them anymore!  139.50

FIREBALL #SM-500 pair of FIREBALL LIFTER PADS.  Made by C.F. Enterprises of Fremont, California.  circa 1970 vintage.  Mint on illustrated card.  12.50

FIREBALL Skateboard Accessories.  Pair of nickeled axle extensions.  Mint  sealed on illustrated card.  circa 1970 vintage.  12.50

RISERS of Lifter Pads.  SINGLE translucent red.  approx. 1/4" think.  used, but not abused.  no flaws.  excellent.  5.00

RISERS or Lifter Pads. ..  approx. 3/16" think.  no markings.  stiffer material.   used, but not abused.  no flaws.  near mint.  9.50

.  approx. 5/16" think.  unmarked.  used, but not abused.  no flaws.  excellent.  sorry sold

  photographs by Al Moore.  1977.  Pocket Books Archway. THE COMPLETE BEGINNER'S GUIDE.  144 pages.  tight and clean.  excellent.  7.50

Time Inc.  2001.  Collector's Issue.   130 pages of color photos.  The most influential skateboard of all time.  The Tricks; The History; The Progression of the Man.  an extremely informative book with fantastic photos.  square bound. soft cover.  tight and clean.  minor wear to cover.  near mint.  15.00

.  LULU on skateboard with pillow tied to backside.  Small size.  5.5" wide by 7.75" tall. Color covers and color art thruout. Completely in Spanish. Excellent or better condition.  14.00

.  14 full color illustrated pages PLUS a 8 page price list for March 1, 1978.  Pictures Scamp; Stingray; Tom Cat; Man Eater copolymer boards.  The Fiberglas boards pictures are Geese in Flight; Competition 68 and Carrera.  The Acrylic/Nylon-fiberglas series includes Crysta Flex; Snake.  They also had wood boards: Woodie; Moana Kea and Kahala.  Also pictured are safety helmets; knee pads; accessory kits; etc.  GREAT reference item.  Hole punched for 3-ring binder.  Near mint.  Tight and clean.  These were usually issued to retailers and stores - NOT to the general public.  Hard to find.  69.50

Hardbound book.  SKATEBOARD "A Step by Step Guide to Improving Your Technique" by Steven Kane.  1988; Gallery Books.  Large format; 96+ pages; color photo dust jacket; all color photos on glossy stock.  Near mint to mint.  15.00

Hardbound book.  THE HAMLYN BOOK OF SKATEBOARDING by Peter Arnold; Hamlyn Books; 1977.  62 pages of photos; many in color.  History; glossary; choosing your board; beginners info; etc.  near mint to mint.   20.00

Softcover Book.  THE COMPLETE BOOK OF SKATEBOARDING by Laura Torbet; 1976; Funk & Wagnalls; 120 pages; lots of photos.  Great information with listing of addresses of manufacturers; distributors and publishers.  Scarce book.  Near mint.  30.00

Softcover Book.  THE COMPLETE BOOK OF SKATEBOARDING by Laura Torbet.  1976; Funk & Wagnalls; 120 pages; lots of photos.  Great information with listing of addresses of manufacturers; distributors and publishers.  Scarce book.  very good to excellent.  20.00

.  orange/black/green.  1970's vintage.  early original version.  approx. 2.75" by 2.5" tall.  has peel off adhesive back.  unused.  excellent.  24.50

.   dated 1981.  3.5" diameter.  multicolored.  unused.  has peel off adhesive back.  unused.  excellent.  10.00

.  empty cardboard box with on 3 sides. older style.   minor writing on one end panel.  12" by 5" by 4.5".  complete and intact.  overall excellent to near mint. .  20.00

patch. .  logo figural.  black on light yellow.  approx. 5.25" by 2".  Old store stock.  never used.  mint condition.  24.00

patch.    embroidered cloth shirt or jacket patch.  Guy skateboarding; yellow shirt and blue pants on white background.  red border.    approx. 3" diameter.   Quality made item - embroidery on back is cloth covered to keep stitches tight.  Came from old store stock - out of business since about 1980.   We have placed a quarter in the photo for size comparison.     9.50

like a 7-11 Slurpee Cup.  dated 1977; copyright Fuzz.  titled SAMOAN SQUAT.  artwork on front of skateboarder doing the trick.  on the back there is description of how to do the stunt; a Safety Tip and a Maintenance Tip.  It is #3.  colors are strong and bright.  just short of 6" tall.  Near mint.  very rare.  18.00

& Bubble Gum; from Donruss.  Used but in excellent condition.   20.00

; mint; unopened pack from Donruss.  5.00

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