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When I tour the showrooms at , one of my first questions is always:

“What’s your hottest selling colour?”

Besides grey, the answer is still blue and then green, but this time coral was a close third.

When I stopped into Global Views, one of the reps told me that this combination of pale blue and gold (below) was their 2018 colour prediction.

Black and white 

Black is still going strong but not nearly as ‘overwhelming and everywhere’ as it was at Maison & Objet last September. If Europe is usually ahead of us a year or two, then this is no surprise.

(in case you missed that post). Hot Tip: Don’t overuse any trendy neutral and your house will be way more timeless than your next door neighbours.

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Love these faux bois chairs (above). And check out the fun cocktail tables in the middle, Bernhardt introduced around 50 new styles this season.

 graphic black & white cabinet (image )


Thibaut Emerald and Blue.

Love this shade of green, can’t wait until it’s more mainstream! There was lots of this green everywhere.

 Classic navy combined with greens.

Turquoise is still going strong, but it’s slightly brighter than it was when we combined it with chocolate brown back in 2002 when brown was became the trendy neutral of the moment.

See the yellow green it’s combined with? For almost 20 years, we’ve been decorating with this shade of green and it shows no signs of fading. If you have a sofa in this colour, you are GOLDEN, in the timeless department.

Colour is way more timeless than a trendy neutral, as I mentioned


Yellow. I’m still waiting for this colour to become mainstream. It’ll happen, and when it does, will seem even more current than it does right now. Loved this yellow and grey room at Thibaut and I snapped a photo of this piece of art at Wendover when I toured their showroom.

Corals and mandarin orange. Fun combination.

But none of these colours are really NEW are they? New to you perhaps, if you haven’t introduced brighter colours into your home yet (and some of you might never go brighter, AND there is nothing wrong with that).

What was new, was that there were many showrooms that displayed brown and a more muted orange and they added animal prints to keep the look fresh and current.

Does this mean BROWN is coming back in? Well no, but there’s nothing wrong with a little brown, or a little charcoal or a little black.

It’s the overuse of these colours where I’m saying “buy with caution”.

Nancy, my rep in Vancouver came by a few weeks ago and she was sporting a new ‘brown fabric book’. This book had fabrics with patterns that combined browns and greys. Perfect for someone who wants to introduce grey into their home but they still have an espresso brown sofa that’s not being replaced anytime soon.

Of course I would love this photo with the sweet giraffe in it. Looks fabulous with the rustic mirror layered in front of it. And notice the rusty orange shade?

Brown is back but only in small doses

When toured me around Bernhardt she was showing me this collection of ‘medium brown’ furniture that has become popular again.

Yes, because it’s timeless.

The grey washed, reclaimed and weathered woods will eventually find their way to the ‘shabby chic’ paint room. I’m just sayin’. A little goes a long way. Again, just don’t fill your entire house with the same grey wood.

It’s like entire homes that were filled with espresso furniture, now those will seem more dated than the current weathered grey finishes.

 |  |  |  |

This table lamp was new for Kelly Wearstler at Visual Comfort. Fits right into the animal print trend doesn’t it?


There was lots of fabulous texture but that is the world of designer fabrics.

When I arrive at a clients home and she’s showing me three painfully thin microsuede (or something similar) fabrics as options for her new sofa from the ‘sofas are us’ big box store in the neighbourhood, I know we’re dealing with mass produced fabrics that are inexpensive and produce an equally inexpensive sofa that is not designed to last.

Frames are generally easy to build so that they have a ‘lifetime warranty’, it’s the fabric that makes a sofa expensive. So think about that the next time you are considering a variety of fabrics for a new sofa.


When I walked into the Toronto airport, it had brand new tile in varying shades of taupe (sofa below). This in-between shade of grey and beige has also been a big colour inside the grey trend even though I consider it to be earthy, not fresh. So if you don’t choose the correct shade of taupe, it might look dirty with your cleaner colours.

However, shades of taupe (check out my neutral colour wheel below) appear warmer AND more neutral than blue greys and green greys, so that’s why people gravitate towards them.

How to NOT to use the Understanding Undertones Colour Wheel

And, many people make colour decisions strictly by asking themselves questions like “Is it cool or warm?” But as my know, warm and cool are relative, just like clean and dirty. You can always find a warmer colour and you can always find a cooler one, it depends on what you’re comparing the colour to, in any given moment.

Many WRONG choices are made based on asking this question.

I recently received a flurry of questions about taupe so I’ll write a post dedicated to this undertone very soon.

All photos by Maria Killam

So there it is, my trends report from High Point! I’m excited to hear your thoughts!

Which colour are you loving lately?

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