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I have been using Urban Decay Primer Potion for years.
I love the stuff.
It is awesome.
The problem is when I go to Sephora to get it, I get lost in a sea of sparkling new glosses and shadows and treasures I NEED to try, suddenly eyeshadow primer doesn’t seem very exciting. I start trying to rationalize. “I don’t REALLY need primer right? It doesn’t help that much….20 dollars!? Is it that important?”
I am here to tell you that voice in my head has kept me from buying primer potion for months.
My sister  can’t use it because it gives her a rash on her eyelids and she doesn’t like parabens so…

Together we set out to make our own!

After much trial and error we finally found a potion that WORKS!
Get a load of the proof pudding below:

Admittedly, Urban Decay is still the best, but as you can see, the difference is minimal.
So if yer ballin’ getcha some UD Primer Potion.
If yer budgetin’ make yourself some of this stuff.

Get a clean container. I used a sample jar but you could also use an old eyeshadow pot, contacts case or even a tiny zip lock bag.

Recipe/Formula (you can double or triple this based on the size of your container)

1/2    Teaspoon All Natural Chapstick
1      Teaspoon Cornstarch
1 1/2  Teaspoon  Liquid Foundation (whatever you have on hand)

Run the chapstick under warm water for a minute before you add it so it mixes easier.
Put all the ingredients in container and MIX WELL.
It should look like this:
homemade primer potion

and you should look like this:


DIY - Eye shadow primer

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