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Even if your first experience with a really ugly sweater was a poorly thought out gift from Grandma who just didn't know better, little did you know that this would become something very fun and enjoyable during the holiday season in the future. The most unlikely of fashion prophets who were ahead of their time! In fact, you're probably regretting happily passing it along as a hand-me down. And someone, somewhere is laughing their way to Christmas 2017! But don't fret!

Our new is now, to quote Emperor Palpatine, "operational." Now you can design your own ugly Christmas sweater! Speaking of Emperor Palpatine, check out our new additions to our ! Last but not least, we now have a for those looking to make Christmas great again, or at least stir some controversy!

Remember being a kid and the excitement of waking up on Christmas Day knowing there was a mountain of presents waiting to be opened? Then remember the disappointment you felt when you opened up the gift box from Grandma, only to see an unbelievably garish, ugly Christmas sweater sitting in the box. You questioned the sanity of your grandma at the time because who in their right mind would buy such a deplorable sweater. Little did you know that grandma was a fashionista before her time. Ugly Christmas sweaters have made quite a comeback these last few years and thanks to , you could be a proud owner of one of these dreadfully .

You don’t need to skip that Ugly Christmas Sweater party at work anymore because it’s too much of a hassle to decorate your own sweater. Stop wasting your time at thrift shops and craft stores. With our , you can easily customize your sweater to your liking. On a budget this year? We have that are discounted at 30 percent off. Not only do we have our traditional designs featuring elves, gingerbread men, candy canes and snowflakes, we also carry a great selection of sweaters referencing classic Christmas movies and TV episodes. Remember Home Alone’s “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal”, A Christmas Story’s fragile leg lamp, and who can forget Seinfeld’s “Festivus for the Rest of us”? Yeah, we have a sweater for each one of those. Don’t forget about our Stars Wars and Harry Potter themed Christmas Sweaters for the lovable nerd in your life too. They don’t need to be gifted with the latest video game or another pocket protector. Nothing says Christmas like Yoda in a Santa hat or R2D2 chilling in the snow, or a Stormtrooper with reindeer antlers. Yes, that’s right, a Stormtrooper with antlers – it’s pretty , and yest still ugly sweater.

With Christmas 2017 quickly approaching, nothing says you're in the holiday spirit more than wearing an ugly sweater. This amazing trend started back in the 80's, where sweaters with these goofy patterns had their moment. You could most likely still find sweaters like these in your older relative's closet. They are usually decorated with holiday colors, patterns, stitched felt, and pom poms to ensure that you'll be seen sharing holiday spirit to the world.
It was popular before and has recently has made a big comeback, quickly becoming a favorite among pop culture fanatics. You can guarantee you'll be seeing alot more of these sweaters now Xmas 2017 is almost here. These days you can see or go to a holiday "uglysweater party", or even join a contest where there's a prize for whoever can create the ugliest and most creative Christmas sweater.
You can pretty much say that ugly sweaters are a North American tradition that didn't really intend on becoming a tradition when it first started but hey, who's complaining? No longer is it simply something for hipsters to do during the holidays. It brings Christmas cheer that the whole family can enjoy. Why not try to add that to your next family Christmas event and guarantee it'll be that much more fun. So next time you get an ugly sweater as a gift, keep it this time instead of re-gifting or donating it because you might need it.

Do you love being the center of attention at the company ? Well, then we have the perfect sweater for you. Brighten the party with one of our light-up sweaters that are dazzled with LED ornaments and Christmas lights. Flashy is definitely in this year! We also have 3D sweaters (yes, the same one Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan were sporting) featuring a stuffed moose bursting through the chest that will make you stick out like a sore thumb. Or if you are feeling the need to be a little naughty this holiday season – try one of our suggestive sweaters featuring raunchy elves, dirty Santa or some tacky reindeers. We are quite proud of our pun themed sweaters as well – Jingle Balls, Let’s get Baked, Santa’s Favorite Ho. These are sure to get a chuckle or two out of even the most serious of folks. Want to crash an ugly sweater party as a couple? Check our great selection of !

We don’t JUST carry ugly sweaters, we are the de facto one-stop hop for Christmas clothes that are silly, outrageous, obnoxious and funny. Guys, if you’re feeling upscale this season and want to go one step beyond our awesome selection of Christmas sweaters for men, try one of our glitzy sequined blazers that are absolutely perfect for Christmas dinner at the in-laws. Don’t worry ladies, we didn’t leave you out. Not only do we have , we also have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Snoopy themed and even Star Trek themed leggings. Pair them with a sweater and you’ve got yourself the perfect outfit for a night out this holiday season. Trust us when we say, we know 2017 Christmas fashion. Our sweaters are made from high-quality fabric so they are sure to give you enjoyment and warmth for years to come. Give us a call today at 248-785-3614 and let our customer service representatives help you order the ugliest Christmas sweater of them all. You’ll be glad you did!

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