Fall brown hair color trends 2018

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Down for switching up your look this winter? Whether you have blonde,, brown, or black hair, according to color genius Aura Friedman, colorist at and celebrity colorist (who handles Jen Aniston's hair), it's all about going for a warmer, richer tone using glosses this winter. Here, they tell you what shades to go for and how to get them.

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Multidimensional Blonde

"We’re taking the over blonde summer look and making it more fall-appropriate," says celebrity colorist Michael Canale, who also tends to Jen Aniston's hair color. "To achieve this look, have your colorist use a gloss to create lowlights or depth. For a similar look to Bella's, you'd want to use a golden gloss to turn brighter and medium blondes a tiny bit more golden."

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Beige Blonde

This "flesh-toned blonde shade," as Friedman refers to it, is way to transition your cool platinum color into a warmer fall tone, like model Soo Joo Park's, without losing the statement of a platinum blonde. But Friedman doesn't recommend trying to achieve this color at home. If you're not this light blonde yet — or even if you are — she suggests talking to your colorist about taking your hair color to this shade.

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Yes, platinum hair color is still in and is showing zero signs of going away anytime soon, but fight the urge to bleach your hair yourself, Friedman advises. Go to your colorist to see if your hair is even healthy enough to be lightened to this level, and let a professional colorist do the rest.

Love Selena's new look? Ask your colorist for a "visible root."

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Soft Brown

A picture-perfect example of soft brown hair color? Zendaya's. It's a great shade for any lighter-colored brunette looking for a subtle change for fall.

Look for terms like "medium brown" or "medium-to-light brown" on at-home box kits.

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Butterscotch Brown

Butterscotch or Terra-cotta-colored hair, like Lily Rose Depp's, is gorgeous and multidimensional because it's a burnt brown meets a reddish-pink undertone, Friedman explains. It's not the brightest shade, it's more muted, but still beautiful.

To get the look, if you have darker hair, talk to your colorist about going lighter; if you're already blonde, look for terms like "terra-cotta" and "medium auburn" on box kits.

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Think of (a combination of brown and blonde hair) with a deeper root and more warm-golden pieces throughout. This shade not only warms up your skin tone, but it brings dimension and life to your hair and allows you to feel like you're keeping a little bit of summer with you, Friedman says.

To get this color right, she recommends seeing a colorist, since highlighting kits can turn a brunette's hair more orange than caramel. If you're already a brunette with highlights though, you can use a rich caramel gloss to bring your faded highlights to honey-caramel shade like J.Lo's.

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Champagne-y Red

If you're a darker blonde and want to see how you feel as a sexy siren, like Isla Fisher, go for a champagne-y red shade. You can go to this shade easily from your previous hair color and not feel like you've done too much of a crazy change.

Look for terms like "copper" and "strawberry" on at-home box kits.

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Bold Brunette With Golden-Brown Highlights

Chocolate brown hair with rich golden-brown strands woven in toward the ends gives a fresh twist on brunette hair for fall. Plus, highlights that frame your face help brighten it and give your hair overall dimension.

Look for terms like "rich, chocolate brown with golden tones" on at-home box kits. The golden tones won't show up as much as they do on Jenna Ushkowitz (hers is professionally colored), but your hair will look multidimensional.

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Deep Brown With Red Accents

If you want a deep brown hue with a reddish cast, similar to Kim Kardashian's hair color, then go for a shade that's dark brown with hints of deep auburn.

Look for terms like "deep brown/auburn" or "dark auburn" on at-home box kits.

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Rich, Dark Brown

Rich, dark brown hair color, like Rihanna's, has a hint of brown that it casts off, allowing it to flatter a range of skin tones.

Look for terms like "darkest brown" or "brown-black" on at-home box kits.

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