Gift ideas for valentines day 2018

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What better day to show off your love of mason jars than on Valentines Day! Let’s get in the mood of love and get to crafting with mason jars and all things lovely!

Mason Jar Valentines Day Centerpiece with Candy and Heart Cutouts

First up on the love list from , is this most adorable jar! These heart shaped candies are a Valentines Day staple, no Valentines Day is complete without them! I love the flower topped pixie sticks nestled in the candy as well! What a great gift this would make!

Mason Jar Valentines Solid White Vases with Ribbon

created the most beautiful mason jar vases for Valentines Day! I love the simple and soft look of this project. I can’t wait to make a few of my own and have scattered throughout my home!


Mason Jar Valentines Day Candles DIY Chocolate Scented Candles

I love these chocolate scented candles from ! Do they look absolutely adorable or what? These candles would make the perfect gift and are a great way to say I love you!

Mason Jar Valentines Day Pink Ombre Vase DIY

I am in love with this beautiful pink mason jar vase from ! They would make a great addition to your Valentines Day decor! Personally, I would like to keep a few out all year!

Mason Jar Valentines Day Gift Idea with Printable DIY

Now this Valentines Day gift idea from is too cute! Give someone a “safe” heartattack and spread the love around! What a great way to show others kindness and love!

Mason Jar Valentines Vases or Storage Container with Small Hearts DIY

Check out this great idea from ! I love the idea of having small hearts scattered all over the jar! The versatility of the jar is great as well! In the picture, it is holding straws and being used as a storage container, but it could be used as a flower vases or even a candle holder!

Mason Jar Valentines Day Red Jar or Vases with Hearts

This pretty jar idea from is just like the one above, except it’s red and has the hearts on the jar! I really like both of the ideas! It might even be cute to have both sitting side by side on a table somewhere, just to compliment each other!

Mason Jar Valentines Day Drinking Glasses DIY

Sweet Designs came up with a great way to make a drinking glass out of a mason jar! Who wouldn’t love using one of these adorable drinking jars? I have several different mason jar drinking jars and I would love to make something like this for a Valentines Day party!

Valentines Day Mason Jar Tablescape Centerpiece Idea DIY

I love this beautiful tablescape from ! This is really meant for a bridal shower, but it could definitely be used for a Valentines Day party! Of course, I love the idea of a valentines themed bridal shower!

Mason Jar Valentines Day Table Centerpiece or Storage Idea

has a great way to decorate jars for Valentines Day! I like the color choices, white and pink, and love the way everything looks on the jars! What a great addition to any Valentines Day decor!

10 Valentines Day Craft Ideas using a Mason Jar

I hope you enjoyed this lovely list, I know I did! Even though a jar may be displayed a certain way, I love that it could be used in an entirely different way! I’ll be getting started on my making my own soon and can’t wait! What about you?

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