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What tickets to buy and where to watch the action at the Red Bull Ring for the 2018 Formula 1 Grosser Preis Von Österreich in Spielberg on June 29 to July 1.

Next year will mark the fifth year since the Austrian Grand Prix returned to the F1 calendar. After a sell out crowd for its return in 2014,  spectator numbers have fallen significantly since then, necessitating the removal of several grandstands from the ticket offer. Although this impacts the atmosphere, you can also see it as a positive; the roads into and out of the circuit are less congested and there are no queues for the toilets!

Unlike other F1 venues, the choice of tickets at the Red Bull Ring is pretty straightforward. You can choose from just three grandstands, plus General Admission. Price remain pretty much unchanged from last year, ranging from a very reasonable €95 (before discount) for the excellent 3-day General Admission tickets up to €495 for the best pit-straight seats and the South West grandstand. The organizers also offer “three-corner grandstand hopping,” which has proved very popular; most tickets in this category are already sold out for 2018.

The Editor attended the 2015 Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring. All images © Ticket prices were reduced by up to 20% until December 31, 2017. Support the ongoing development and improvement of our free Grand Prix travel guides by. We receive a small commission when you buy using the links on this page.  We don’t apply any markup, so you’ll always pay the cheapest price!

2018 Austrian Grand Prix Tickets

All tickets are for 3 days. Tickets for Sunday only are also available at a small discount over the cost of 3-day tickets.
Early-bird prices apply until December 31, 2017 Grandstand (Section) Early-bird Price -20% Regular Price General Admission (Roaming) €75 €95 Start-Finish (D-N) €395 €495 Start-Finish (A-C, O-Q) €315 €395 South West €395 €495 Red Bull (A) €395 €495 Red Bull (B) €315 €395 Red Bull (C,D,E) €235 €295 Red Bull (F,G,H,I) €200 €245 Red Bull (J,K) €155 €195 3 Corner Platinum €395 €495 SOLD OUT 3 Corner Gold €315 €395 3 Corner Silver €235 €295 SOLD OUT

3-Corner Grandstand Hopping

The 3-corner grandstand hopping tickets are a good choice for someone who has never been to the Red Bull Ring and wants to experience the view from different parts of the circuit over the weekend. Here is where you will sit on each day of the weekend:

  • Platinum: Friday = Red Bull (H) / Saturday = Red Bull (A) / Sunday = Start-Finish
  • Gold: Friday = Start-Finish / Saturday = Red Bull (H) / Sunday = Red Bull (A)
  • Silver: Friday = Red Bull (A) / Saturday = Start-Finish / Sunday = Red Bull (H)

#ExperienceF1 at the 2018 Austrian Grand Prix

F1 Experiences offers tickets packages + exclusive extras for the 2018 Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring. Packages are priced from 9 USD including grandstand seat, pitlane walk and ‘drive the track’ tour. Get unprecedented access to the world of Formula 1 with F1 Experiences!


There are two categories of tickets in the large, permanent Start-Finish grandstand, which was built ahead of the return race in 2014. The more expensive seats in the middle of the grandstand with better views of the pits (sections D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N) are priced at €495 for 3 days, while the cheaper sections either side (A, B, C, O, P, Q) are priced at €395 for 3 days. Some higher seats give you panoramic views over the circuit. A good choice for pits action and the start/finish of the race. If you want to see more on-track action, choose Red Bull or Sud West. for a video of the view from the Start-Finish grandstand.



Tickets in this grandstand are the equal most expensive at the Red Bull Ring for good reason. If you are willing to spend €495 for 3 days (before discount), you’ll have an excellent view of the opening corner plus unrivaled panoramic views of the circuit over large sections of the circuit. The grandstand (like Red Bull) is also close to the Fan Zone, where all the best catering can be found, plus merchandise, concerts and the F1 Legends Parade display. On the downside, the grandstand is uncovered and open to the elements. 


This large grandstand is situated between turns 1-2, with decent panoramic views over much of the circuit. Tickets are priced from €195-495. The most expensive seats are in sections A and B closest to turn 1; tickets then get progressively cheaper up to section K, which is a long way up the hill towards turn 2. From the middle sections, you also get a decent view of the infield turns 4-5 (see images below.)


The General Admission areas at the Red Bull Ring offer some excellent viewing opportunities. The areas on the hill at the top of the circuit provide panoramic views of large sections of the track, and there were multiple big screen TVs on which to follow the action (a rarity for General Admission). Be sure to check out the views from Turn 2, where you can see the cars up close at the top of the hill. There’s also good views on the outside of the entry to Turn 3. Closer to the start/finish straight, there is also excellent viewing on the entry to turn 8 (check our ) where you can really see the cars on the limit. The outside of  the final corner (turn 9) is also a great place to watch the action.


  • Grandstand Nord (North): Tickets are not being sold for the Nord grandstand in 2018 (nor were they sold in 2017). This is a covered, permanent grandstand at the top of the circuit, overlooking turn 3. Unfortunately, it’s set back quite a distance from the circuit and, unlike other grandstands which offer panoramic views, such as Sud West or Red Bull. It’s also a 30-40 minute walk from the main Fan Zone near turn 1.
  • Mitte: this grandstand used to be situated in the middle of the circuit between turns 5 & 6, close to the big bull. The grass area here (close to the track but raised above the catch fencing) is a good place to practice your panning photography shots. Check out our.

Our verdict: The Red Bull Ring is an excellent F1 venue with top notch organization and a beautiful location in the Austrian countryside. Been to the Austrian Grand Prix? Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite place to watch the action. 

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