Healthy Halloween Recipes! FullyRaw Vegan Treats!

Hosting a Halloween party this year? Treat friends to fun homemade goodies—these 14 recipes are a bit healthier, much cuter, and way more inventive than prepackaged candies. From fresh fruit to low-fat cheese, these tasty All Hallow's Eve recipes from around the web won't send you running to the dentist.


Start the evening with a nutritious, protein-rich dinner that will keep you fueled through hours of Trick or Treating (or Monster Mashing). Add some fiber by subbing in whole-wheat tortillas.

2. Gluten-Free Spiderweb Cupcakes

These healthier treats are made with almond flour, coconut oil, and unsweetened applesauce. Make the creepy-crawly design by dragging a toothpick through the center of concentric circles of icing.

3. Mummy Hot Dogs

This adorable snack is a Greatist Halloween classic! For a healthier take, swap in a soy dog or low-sodium chicken sausage. Our mummy is pretty well-wrapped, but try leaving some gaps for a spookier look.

Orange Pumpkins Fruit Cups

4. Snack-o'-Lantern Fruit Cups

Looking for a festive way to serve dessert? Look no further—these carved-out oranges make a perfect container for fruit salad.

5. Blood and Bones

This recipe provides two spooky recipes—bone-shaped meringues made of egg whites and sugar, and red-colored semisweet hot chocolate. Serve them together for a totally grown-up Halloween dessert.

6. Frozen "Boo"-nana Pops

These scarily yummy frozen banana pops are dipped in white chocolate, but for a healthier version try dunking in low-fat vanilla yogurt instead.

7. Witch's Brooms

Take a break from all the sweet stuff with these savory snacks. The witchy nibbles are made of sliced cheese, pretzel sticks, and chives—they're magically easy to make.

8. Chocolate-Date Pumpkin Tartlets

Blend together dark chocolate, Medjool dates, almond butter, and Cheerios to make these delicious grab 'n' go bites.

9. Banana Mummies

These frozen desserts are made without gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, or nuts, so they'll appeal to any guest at your Halloween party. What's in them, then? Nothing but bananas, cocoa butter, and easy-to-make coconut sugar.

10. Carrot Rice Jack-o'-Lanterns

Take a step away from the mountains of candy and try this savory Halloween snack instead. The healthy secret behind these cute pumpkins? Carrot juice.

11. Vegan Peeps

These little ghosties are made with vegan marshmallow cream and a dusting of sparkly granulated sugar. Draw the faces with edible marker or use chocolate bits or sprinkles.

12. Peanut Butter Pumpkins

Make a whole pumpkin patch of these no-bake treats and stay energized all night long. These pre-party bites are made with natural peanut butter, flax seeds, and rolled oats (a little chocolate doesn't hurt either).

13. Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

While chocolate-dipped marshmallows aren'texactlya health food, these lil' monsters were so cute we couldn't leave them off the list! They're practically too adorable to eat.

14. La Llorona (Weeping Woman) Martini

Combine brandy, Angostura bitters, and lemon and lime juices for this potent, delicious cocktail. A touch of dry ice creates the spooky wisps of smoke. Read the story of La Llorona—Spanish for Weeping Woman—for more Halloween fun (but maybe keep the lights on!).

Originally published October 2012. Updated October 2015.

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