How to cook Rice-a-Roni

How to Make Rice‐a‐Roni

Rice-a-Roni is one of the trickiest boxed dinners to make. When prepared improperly, you end up with unpleasantly crunchy rice. This guide is here to provide a culinary commentary on the instructions that already come on the box.


  1. After bringing the water and seasonings to a boil, bring the temperature down to low.Many people bring it down to medium, or medium-low, but when the instructions say low, they really do mean low. Anything higher will cause the mixture to bubble over and the rice will burn onto the bottom of the pan.
  2. Cover the mixture when the boiling has calmed.Once you set the heat to low, the boiling should subside within a minute or two. After that happens, covered the pan or potcompletely. Many people are used to leaving the lid a little lopsided to let steam come out, but this is the opposite of what you need to do here. You need steam to build up within the pot, and if the temperature is low, you won't have to worry about the mixture overflowing.
  3. Leave the lid on for at least 15 minutes.Opening the lid to check on the rice, or to stir it, can seem harmless enough...but what it really does is let out all the steam that was faithfully cooking your rice. Resist the temptation to check the rice. Trust the forces of cooking nature. If the heat is low,it will not burn. Promise.
  4. When at least 15 minutes have passed, you are now allowed to check on your rice.You may find that it is softer, now, than it has been in past Rice-a-Roni cooking adventures. It probably has a little more to go, though, so after a brief stir, put that lid back on tightly and check the riceonlyevery ten minutes.
  5. Don't ignore the last sentence of the box's instructions:Let stand for 5 minutes before serving. When the rice is finished cooking, it will probably be a little on the mushy side. Leave the lid off, remove the pot from heat, and let it sit for a full 5 minutes, and perhaps more. This give the rice a chance to dry out and tighten up, as well as letting it cool. A little bit of fluffing with a fork can help this process along.

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    When making two boxes at once, do I change the butter and water requirements?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    If you're making two boxes, then double the ingredients. If the recipe usually calls for 2 cups of water per box, use 4 cups. If the recipe usually calls for 2 tablespoons of butter per box, then use 4 tablespoons of butter.
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  • Is there a way to still cook the seasoning afterward if I forgot to add it to the rice while cooking?
  • What are the microwave directions for this?
  • Can I make Rice A Roni ahead of time?
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  • Topping with grated cheese before serving may earn you some extra compliments.
  • Grating a garlic clove into the mixture right before you put the lid on for the first time can make the rice epically better (and your breath epically worse).

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