Long curly hairstyles for round faces 2018

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Hairstyles 2018How to style your hair to look amazing?

Whether you’re looking for a new style or just a change to freshen your current look, we’ve got the newest hairstyles 2018 for you to consider. Never before has there been so many options to provide you with inspiration for your next salon visit!

Short Hairstyles

With the summer months ahead, short cuts are a good choice that are not only easy to work with, but are far more than just cute cuts that defined these styles in the past.


  • Wedged Bobs

Shorter in the front and longer in the back is the graduated look for bobs. If you prefer a textured cut, add uneven layers and have the perimeter cut even from the front to the back. For a more sophisticated look, try adding long, wispy bangs, and cut your locks so they frame your jawline.

  • Chin Length Shags

These cuts reflect the popular undone look that exudes confidence. Fringe bangs should graze your brows, and textured layers will provide volume and bounce. This messy look is a fabulous one that’s easy to maintain and stays done throughout your day.

Long Hairstyles Trends

Prefer to keep those long flowing tresses? Long hair looks good on almost anyone, and age is no longer a factor.

  • Long Tousled Style

Long hairstyles trends can be straight or curly, but the messy, tousled look is the talk of the town this season. With this style, you can wake up with your hair ready for the day with little preparation. Just finger comb in the mornings, and you’re ready to go!

  • Braids and Updos

For hot, humid days, why not use a little creativity by considering braids or updos, which continue to grow in popularity. These are great solutions for work, parties, or for hanging out at home, and one of the benefits of growing out your locks!

Hair Color Ideas

This is the season for some of the best hair color ideas, and regardless of your choice, you can instantly update your look with styles that are appropriate for almost any event.

  • Natural Color

Hairstyles 2018The color you’ve always dreamed of having can now be achieved with balayage, a french technique in which highlights are actually “painted” on freehand for a softer color. You can now have a deep mocha with highlights or a soft, baby blonde color that looks completely natural.

  • Non-traditional Color

Why not try a rich blend of honey, mocha, and gold for the latest trend? How about a smokey violet color, iridescent peach, or a subtle rose gold with brown hues? It’s always uplifting to do something different with your hair, so why remain stagnant and settle for boring locks?

Step out of your box, capture the confidence, and enjoy an updated style that will surely turn heads! Tips, ideas,  and trends for hairstyles 2018.

Best hairstyles 2018

Best hairstyles 2018For someone on the lookout for a new hairdo, picking some of the best hairstyles 2018 can complement your entire look. With summer soon approaching and the new fashion season just around the corner, the need to choose a right hairstyle that complements your features is something that everyone wants, but few know how to go about it. Right from the colors that are in right now, to the kind of locks that can indeed keep you feeling and looking fresh during the summer, we have a list that has everything essential to having a good summer look. The first thing that goes into having a good hairstyle and not seeing any of those bad hair days is the kind of cut that you get.

Cut It Out!

The thinned out messy bob is something that is seen on a lot of celebrities nowadays, and is making waves across the fashion world, quite literally! The asymmetrical bob is something that can help you beat the summer heat while looking fabulous as ever! Going for a cut that is shoulder length is an excellent way to complement your face, and not to mention, is relatively low maintenance.

It’s A Fringe Thing!

Heavy fringes are making their way back this season, and celebrities all over are embracing this new trend. This kind of chop is ideal for people with more angular faces, giving them a beautiful look to complement their features. Fringes are also making their way into curly hair cuts, contrary to what one might think of the idea. If done right, a fringe on curly hair can complement the face structure, and give the hair more shape, making it long curly hairstyles for round faces 2018 look flawless as always.

Wear It Like You Own It!

The next thing that can contribute to a good is the way that you wear your hair. Fish braids are all the rage this season, and pairing it up with a few dainty accessories can give it that beautiful ethereal vibe. Braids are making their way back in ways that would-would never think of, right from the parting blades, to the side head braids. Whatever your preference, braid experimentation can’t go wrong this season.

Color It Right!

The last and final thing to keep in mind to get one of the best hairstyles 2018 this season is the color. For those who want to go for a somber look, shades of brown are making their way in right now. The real trend, however, is pastel shades right now, for those who are a little more daring and willing to experiment. Mermaid hair tones are the way to go with this one, with light shades of pink and blue being at the center of it all.

New hairstyles 2018

New hairstyles 2018This season has seen the birth of many new hairstyles 2018. Leading salons and hair stylists have updated old hair trends in order to create a fresh look. Here is an overview of the hottest new styles from experts around the world for you to try, no matter your hair length.

Short Hair Trends

This year’s hairstyles for short hair are all about that slightly tousled, effortless look. If your hair is super short, try out a cropped cut on the sides with thick, wavy bangs at the front. For slightly longer hair that reaches the jaw, try a curly, cropped bob and straight across bangs that reach the middle of the forehead.

Medium Hair Trends

New hairstyles for medium hair include super straight locks or slightly loose, effortless curls. Try pin-straight, shoulder length hair parted in the center of the head for a super sleek look. If you’re looking for a more bohemian feel, add a slight curl to the bottom half of your hair using a curling iron. You can scrunch your hair using your hands to add volume and body.

Long Hair Trends

If you have super long locks, you can switch up your look with different hairstyles for long hair depending on your mood and outfit. If you’re looking to keep your hair out of your face during a busy day, try a long, loose braid tossed over one shoulder. If you want to let that hair run free, try using a volumizing spray, a round brush, and blow-drying New hairstyles 2018your hair away from the face at the tips for floaty, feathery ends. If you want something in between, try a crown braid on your temple to keep the front of your hair away from your face, and let the rest of your hair fall long and wavy.

Hair Color Trends

If you’re looking to really switch up your look, try these hair color ideas. Metallic, grayish tones are on trend at the moment and give your hair a smoky feel. If you want a lighter and brighter look, try a pinky, rose gold shade that is perfect for spring and summer. For something a little more daring, try a light, bubblegum pink and watch heads turn.

Finding a hairstyle that suits your unique style and personality can help increase your confidence and self-esteem. Luckily, a variety of new trends have emerged so far this year that will put your stylish and trendy tastes on display. Trying out new hairstyles 2018 can allow you to find what makes you look and feel your best. Allow yourself to experiment and play with color, length, and texture until you find the hairstyle that is truly you.

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