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The Bronco is one of Ford’s best-known models and it is the car that started the crossover craze back in the day. However, the model has been missing from the market for two decades at this point and many lost their hope for a new one. However, rumors about a new version started to appear back in 2013 and Ford actually said that they are working on a crossover project a few months ago. The great news only came to a couple of weeks back when a representative of the UAW plant cracked under pressure. Why? Well, after Trump criticized Ford for moving the Focus and production into Mexico, the representative said that the jobs will not be affected because the Bronco and the Ranger will be made there.

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Unfortunately, even though the car has been confirmed, it still is very early to say how it will look or what it will be. We do know for sure that it will not be based on the or a car’s chassis. Instead, the 2018 Ford Bronco will use the same platform as the ongoing. The body on frame design, the solid rear axle, the rather basic suspension system as well as the ruggedness of the Raptor will be carried over, likely with minimal changes, to the Bronco. Its price is still unknown but we do know Ford wants to compete with the Wrangler. They might go a different route, though. While many people suggested that the car would be a two-door crossover, similar to the earlier concepts, things might change.

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2018 Ford Bronco Design

Ford currently has a crossover based on the Ranger in the form of the Everest. Some rumors did say that the Bronco might be a revised version of this particular model. However, this might not be true. While it would be the most sensible option, new classic interior design 2018 the US market has plenty of cars like it. Ford might decide to offer a two or four door crossover based on the Everest but with a modern-classic design inspired by the original Bronco. This has been rendered a few times so far and the end result looks to be quite impressive.

Ford Bronco 2018 Interior

Unlike most other family crossovers out there, the 2018 Ford Bronco will not be soft and cushy. Instead, the car is expected to borrow some of the traits of the. This means it will be built with off-road driving in mind. Expect it to have a soft and compliant suspension but with a rugged interior which will resist wear and tear much better than your regular crossover. On top of that, some models are expected to get dirt-resistant upholstery, water-proof instruments as well as auxiliary buttons and other improvements meant to make it a better off-road machine.

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2018 Bronco Engine

There is a Ranger currently on the market in Europe which gets a choice of two types of diesel. A petrol is also available in some markets, but it is one of the most basic engines out there. The US 2018 Ford Bronco has been rumored to receive more interesting engines than the Ranger. For starters, it is expected to get a 2 or 2.3 liter turbocharged inline 4 as its base. This should develop over 250 horsepower and as much as 300 lb-ft of torque. The higher end version might get to use either a 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 or a naturally aspirated V6. In any case, the output will be around 325 horsepower and over 300 lb-ft of torque. A diesel is also a real possibility, especially now when Ford federalized the 3.2 liters inline 5 turbo-diesel to use it on the Transit. This could be tweaked to offer slightly more power for the Bronco without altering fuel consumption or reliability. A six-speed manual is expected with a six or ten-speed automatic being offered as an option.

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