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If you’re working your way through your prom checklist, deciding on a normally pops up after getting tickets, deciding whether to bring a date, finding a dress, choosing your accessories, and . Just like choosing the right hairstyle is key, makeup is also an important consideration because it’s all part of your lewk.

One of the first things people will consider is how they can incorporate the color of their into their makeup look. The second thing you will want to consider is what feature you want to play up. It’s actually a question we ask ourselves every time we apply makeup because highlighting every single facial feature would be too much.

For prom, how about enhancing your eyes? You’ve got a gorgeous eye color so show it off. What’s more, there are countless possibilities for making your eyes the focal point. You can do with lashes, liner, , or all three. Here are 17 gorgeous eye makeup ideas to try for prom. Get inspired. 

1. Shimmering Eyeshadow and Black Eyeliner Flick



2. Glittery Blue Eye Makeup And Lip Gloss

Note how the color is only on the inner part of the eye. Not wearing a blue dress? Choose a sparkly eyeshadow that matches your gown.


3. False Lashes And Blue Eyeshadow

Notice how the blue eyeshadow has been applied on the bottom lash line?


4. Pale Pink Eyeshadow And Lip Gloss

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So soft and so pretty.


5. Black And Gold Smoky Eye

Look at that sharp winged line.


6. Black Cat Eye And Glossy Peach Eyeshadow

If you regularly draw on a cat eye, make it extra thick for prom.


7. Baby Blue Eyeshadow And Neutral Lip Color

You can definitely pull off pale blue eyeshadow. Imagine this with a pastel gown.


8. Gold Eyeshadow And Neutral Lip Color

You don’t necessarily have to choose a neon eyeshadow to make your eyes pop.


9. Yellow Eyeshadow, Glitter Eyes, And Eyeliner

This is the full works.


10. Blue, Purple, And Green Smoky Eye

Got an iridescent dress? Play up the different colors with makeup.


11. Silver And Black Eyeshadow

A more shimmery take on the classic smoky eye.


12. Brown Eyeshadow And Glitter

This is an unexpected combination, but it works. The teal glitter is balanced out by the neutral eyeshadow.


13. Bright Green Eyeshadow

Pro top: Match your eye makeup to your dress and jewelry.


14. Purple Eyeshadow And Pink Lipstick

Swap that black eyeshadow for purple.


15. Smoky Eye And Glitter Liner

See how the crease of the eye has been enhanced with some sparkle? Very clever.


16. Winged Eyeliner and Cut Crease

It’s all about the shape.


17. Berry Eyeshadow And Nude Lip

This cranberry eyeshadow is actually very flattering.


What eye makeup idea do you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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