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Homecoming is a tradition observed at most high schools and colleges. It is usually held in late September or October. Activities vary widely depending on the school, but they usually consist of many events which culminate in a formal dance party. Choosing an elegant piece of evening wear for homecoming is one of the most important preparation steps for girls. Please browse through our selection of inspired designs. These stylish semi-formal homecoming dresses and formal dresses range from demure to daring and are available in a number of different colors and styles. From plunging necklines to sexy strapless styles, you will find something that catches your eye. You will find formal homecoming gowns, homecoming dresses featuring ruching, rhinestones, sequins, bows, and even polka dots take an unexpected turn.

Many little girls enjoy playing dress up and imagining that they are attending a formal event. As an adult, you can take that desire to wear something stunning you remember from childhood and make it a reality when you choose one of the homecoming dresses or formal gowns featured here. You will look beautiful and be confident, no matter what kind of event you are attending.

Get More than Just Perfect Homecoming Outfit

Homecoming 2018 is just around the corner and you have to look your best. Finding the perfect formal attire, whether it be a cocktail dress or a homecoming gown to wear for this landmark occasion is not as easy as you thought it would be. The amount of pressure it puts on you can seem overwhelming. However if it is any comfort, everyone else preparing for the big day is going through similar pressure, though for different reasons. A few helpful points on selecting your homecoming dresses can really help you reduce the stress or even eliminate it completely. Almost 90% of females are not totally content with the way they look. To help combat that, get a homecoming dress in your best color, and in a design that accentuates your best features. This in itself can get you feeling a lot better and actually looking forward to instead of dreading homecoming night. Do not strive for perfection by trying to alter your looks. Strive to perfect what you already have with the homecoming dress you plan on having, it is a lot easier.

Types of homecoming dresses and gowns

Think about what is referred to as the upper body shape before purple purchasing one. This has to do with the area between your shoulders and thighs; you most likely fall under one of the following categories:

Homecoming dresses for the diamond shaped body type

The main characteristics of this shape are an ample bust, prominent tummy and an undefined waist-line. You want to divert attention from this area and to your neck and shoulders. The best dress for this shape is one with a low neckline, giving a hint of cleavage. It should be tight around and under the bust and then flow out to screen your belly. A detailed waistband could also be used to conceal the area; so will a dress that overlaps or fastens at the side. A high neckline will not look appealing on you.

Attire for the oval body type

This body type is characterized by a rounded out mid region with wide hips and full thighs, a large tummy, and love handles; it is also referred to as apple shape and unlike the diamond shape, has a small bust. Divert emphasis from your mid section by getting a homecoming dresses whose top side tapers to the waist. The aim here is to create an illusion of a more defined waist using a dress with an A-line lower side or one that requires a wide belt will also work well. An off-shoulder neckline is best to bring out your bust and shoulders.
Attire for the triangle body type
This is often referred to as the pear shape and the most prominent area here is the hips and bottom and an emphasized waistline. You want a dress that draws attention away from your full hip area. You would do well to get a frock that adds the illusion of volume to part of your upper body – your shoulders for instance. An inexpensive dress with a V-neckline that drops low will make your bust appear larger and thus balance out your lower body. Go for a homecoming dresses with a detailed bodice. These dresses can be used as prom dresses also. A dress with a high neckline and no sleeves will also do you justice.

The rectangle body type This is an athletic built with few curves if any, and seems evenly proportioned. What you want to achieve with your homecoming dress is to make your body appear curvier than it is. The neckline should go lower than the collar bone to make your upper body and neck seem more feminine. The dress should not hug your body anywhere except at the waist. Placing emphasis on the waistline creates the perfect effect. A detailed sleeve will also enhance your arms.

Attire for the hourglass body types This shape is to a great extent viewed as the ideal. It may be associated with a round bottom and a hip measurement equivalent to the bust and needs a dress that will draw attention to the waistline and bring out the feminine curve. You could try a v-shaped neckline that is not so low as opposed to a turtle neck. The dress could preferably have an A-line skirt and a tight fitting waist.

Homecoming dresses for the inverted triangle body type This type is characterized by slim hips, narrow waist, heavy bust and wide set shoulders. In dressing this figure, you need to balance the width of the shoulders by adding volume to the hips. Your full bust could be your greatest asset and needs to be accentuated. Short gowns with a flared skirt will help balance out the heavy upper body. Strapless dresses are a no-no as they will make the shoulders appear even wider.

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