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If you’ve been reading here for a while then you know I love my sewing machine – a Brother QC1000. And if you’ve ever emailed me before you know what machines I recommend – Brother. For  a few reasons. My very first sewing machine was a little Bernette which I bought new while I was at uni for 9! Saved up my cash to get it as I was doing a sewing course and it was a great little machine except the lower bobbin would get a bit messy as it had a bobbin case. It was heavy but a good sturdy basic machine.

Once I started sewing a bit after Keira was born my mum lent me her Janome Memorycraft……………………………from the 80’s. All brown and beige but top of the line back then with a few fonts and embroidery stitches. She was the original retro mummy and always making most of our own clothes, flower girl dresses, swimmers and more. Did your mum sew? I think a lot of crafters do craft because they grew up with it. Anyway she loved that machine and I loved it too EXCEPT when I had to take it to a class. It was really really heavy………….like stop a couple of times as you walk to class heavy!

So I did my research and bought a Brother Innovis NV600. I was attracted to it by all of the features melbourne it had – auto tension, needle threader, cuts threads, extension table and feet for quilting. It was a great machine. I did 2 single bed quilts on it and the nice little features made it a dream to use. After I’d done a few quilts I wanted something a bit more industrial and faster for my free motion as I’m pedal to the metal and would love to go a bit faster while I’m quilting. I was doing some work for Notebook magazine and we were trained by the lovely Brother state rep on the NS range.

Now they are  great machines and actually the ones I recommend to people looking for a machine to start out or a mid range. Lots of good features, great price, easy to get parts here in Australia, reliable and really good technology because they come from Japan. Anyway I was telling her I was looking at the PQ-1500 which is a semi-industrial machine and she told me I needed to be looking at the Brother QC-1000. Which I did. Picked it up 2nd hand from John Watts (who does the quilting frames) and saved myself 00. Of course I tell retro daddy machines cost about 0. Some things are best kept to yourself.

OK so fast forward 2 1/2 years and I’m still always looking for a new machine, a bit faster and I’d love a bit more room to fit quilts under. The Janome Horizon has been out a while and tempts me with that big throat space (the space to the right of your needle). But I’m a Brother girl and was a bit nervous about teething problems with the Horizon. But I’ve read good things about it so far.

Anyway cut a long story short and I was doing some pinning on pinterest on Saturday (as you do) when I saw that Brother have released a brand new machine for sewing and quilting –  (you have to love the hand movement at 45 seconds!!!). Ohhhhh I’m in love. All that space to fit quilts under (11 1/4 inches just smidging ahead of the Horizon), lots of features that I already love on my Brother like touch screen, auto tension, needle threader etc. I also quite like the laser light to help you sew in a straight line (nice for quilting lines). It doesn’t come cheap so I have my eye on it but will wait for prices to come down a little (or a lot).

I’d love to know what sewing machine you are using and why you like it!! Or what are you dreaming of?

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