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Such Great Heights natural A Frame dolls houseOf course, the minute I posted my previous, I spotted this beautiful – an on-the-spot new favourite. And I’m not alone: it’s sold out, but more will come in stock. Check out their other beautiful wooden toys too – love the truck and the doll’s chair.

A-Frame dolls house from Such Great Heightssuch great heights kids dollhouse


I’ve put together some of my favourite wooden doll’s houses for children’s rooms. I really love how they can be used to decorate a room – some of the dollshouses below feature in my children’s room designs.

I’ve chosen all wood ones, as I think these go with any scheme and don’t add more “noise”, but if you have an expensive dolls house and the colours aren’t right, why not paint it? The dolls house in used to be blue and pink, but it it fit right in after it was painted. Another idea is to use wallpaper on the inside of the house – using wallpaper samples or any pretty patterned paper, such as wrapping paper or Japanese paper. I’ll do a round-up of some of my favourite examples in a next post.

dollshouses for childrens rooms interiorssources: 1.   2.   3. 4.   5.   6. 7.

I’m so excited to share new photos of a girl’s bedroom design that I recently completed. It’s a room close to my heart: Freya’s mum loved my style and fully trusted me to create something beautiful for her daughter, yet it’s also the result of a close collaboration.

lilac girls bedroom interior designWe made contact just before the family moved country. Freya’s parents’ priority was to settle their in their new life abroad as quickly as possible, starting with their bedrooms. Transitioning from a converted cotbed in a small bedroom to a much larger room with a “big girl bed”, the brief for Freya was to create a warm and welcoming bedroom, where she could retreat and feel inspired.

lilac girls bedroom interior design-060From the beds I proposed, Freya was super excited about a house frame bed, which is great for larger rooms. It creates a room within a room, feeling snug when transitioning from a toddler bed. We backed this with a beautiful floral wallpaper to emphasise the room-within-a-room effect. There were several colourways, from which Freya chose a soft lilac, grape and green design. This formed the base for the room’s new colour scheme.

lilac girls bedroom interior designlilac girls bedroom interior design-053Rlilac girls bedroom interior designNext on the list was a generous desk, where Freya could explore her creativity and interests. I designed a child sized desk from rustic scaffolding boards, including a pin board and storage, backed by a dusty purple background. Above the desk we created a mini gallery with existing prints and new.

lilac girls bedroom interior designlilac girls bedroom interior designlilac girls bedroom interior designlilac girls bedroom interior designI love vintage furniture to soften a room and add character, so on the other side of the room, a wide, multitasking  holds Freya’s clothes and books. Next to it, a clothing rail with a storage drawer creates a dress-up area. In the large bay window, we found room for an heirloom dollshouse.

The result is a beautiful, light and restful room for Freya to make her own.

lilac girls bedroom interior design-061_cropped-800from-hi-redlilac girls bedroom interior designlilac girls bedroom interior designlilac girls bedroom interior designlilac girls bedroom interior designimages: design & styling by, photography by

with thanks to :,

for further sources, please follow me on, where I tag lots of the products that I use in my designs x

choosing colour for kids rooms may 2018Curious to know how I choose colours for kids’ rooms? Head on over to, where I share my approach to choosing colours for children’s rooms as a children’s interior designer. It might not be what you expected!


childrens kids rooms wallpaper botanical woodlandAs I’ve been drawn to greens, blues and teals of late, I  thought I’d give you a round up of some of the lovely wallpaper’s I’ve considered for recent projects. Which is your favourite?

sources:,,,,, you ready for this?, the uber-talented photographer and stylist whose work I adore, has collaborated with one of my favourite wallpaper brands,, to create a mini collection for children. The “” range offers five patterns in a selection of colours created in collaboration with Anna. The imagery, as always, is stunning. Enjoy!

Ava_kubel kids_sandberg wallpaperkubel kids wallpaper sandberg collage 2The collection also comes with a set of accessories, including animal masks and a jumping jack hare. For more information, please visit wallpaper.

Images: photography & styling by for

storage for kids rooms for luna internationalThis month for, I’m focussing on storage solutions for kids’ rooms. You can’t have enough storage, right? Right! For tips photo and inspiration, see you over at .


plants in kids roomsHave you ever thought about decorating your children’s rooms with house plants? If you’ve caught the houseplant bug that’s sweeping the world, then maybe yes?

Plants bring life and warmth to a room and look stunning in neutral nurseries and children’s rooms, as you can see in these images. But they don’t just look great. Did you know that they can help purify the air? The leaves and soil help take out harmful airborne pollutants such as formaldehyde and other nasties. The positive psychological effect on mood and wellbeing has also been well established – it’s good for people to look at greenery. So I think we should all be adding plants to children’s rooms.

plants in kids rooms swedish children's roomplants-in-modern-vintage-boys-nursery

plants in neutral natural nursery

plants in kids rooms dino wallpaperMaybe I have a weak spot for plants because I’m a child of the seventies – I grew up with lots of house plants and now have quite a collection myself, including childhood favourites such as the piggy back plant, lemon geranium and lime plant. Succulents are great too – and easy to look after. I’d warn against cacti in kids’ rooms – having done a cart wheel into one of them when I was little, I can tell you, the pain of getting all those tiny pins extracted from my feet was excruciating. Also check that the plants you choose aren’t poisonous when ingested, for obvious reasons.

If you fancy growing some plants from seed with the kids, I can recommend this gorgeous children’s book that I treasured as a little girl: by Swedish writer Christina Björk. It’s no longer in print but pre-loved copies are still available at places like Amazon. It’s full of easy-to-follow projects and beautifully illustrated. A little childhood nostalgia…





green in kids rooms 1I’m a little obsessed with green for kids’ rooms at the moment – all projects I’m currently working on feature green as either the main or an accent colour. It’s gender neutral, calming and versatile, combining beautifully with other colours – such as teal blue, lavender, pinks and blushes or ochre yellow to name a few. Green doesn’t have to be overly there: I love how in the above image, it features subtly in the wallpaper and is repeated in various shades with a painted chair and table. Stunning.

green-in-kids-roomsIn this room, green combines beautifully with teal blue – one of my favourite combinations. Note how the bedspread ties everything perfectly together, but how the dolls and some cushions create just enough discord.

green in kids room 3Another wonderful example of one of my favourite colour combinations in this vintage inspired children’s room: dark green accompanies dusky grey blue and dirty pinks. So so pretty.

green in kids rooms 4This eclectic kids room combines soft grey green – one of my favourite colours for kids rooms – with dusty pink. I love how the colourful boho rug stops the room from turning too pastel.

green in children's rooms 5Blue and green – but not as you know it. Note how the colours of mountains and sky are playfully swapped.

green in kids rooms 6I have a weakness for painted vintage furniture, and this green cupboard in a nordic playroom is pretty perfect.

green in kids rooms 6And finally, a sea green wall forms a strong background to hold the other rich colours in this sweet girl’s room. The dolls house is tonal perfection.

Image sources:,,,,,,

decluttering kids rooms for luna magazineMy latest contribution to  is now online – it’s all about. For tips and my take on this tricky subject, hop over to.

image: room to bloom

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