Steampunk jewelry tutorial

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The best thing about making your own jewelry is that you can create a piece that is uniquely you.  Whether you like leather, bling, vintage or simple styling, you can find a way to express your personality through jewelry.  As I’ve shared before, I have a soft spot for all things antique and unique.  The new Vintaj and Steampunk lines at Consumer Crafts made it easy for me to put together this cool statement steampunk necklace, which is really fun to wear.

DIY-steampunk-necklace-Crafts-UnleashedDon’t worry if you’ve never made jewelry before!  This steampunk necklace project is great for beginners.

Step one:  Set the blank in the desired place inside the DecoEtch die.  Place the die in the embossing machine and run it through.  Remove the blank from the die.  If it seems stuck, gently bend the die to loosen the embossed blank.  Repeat with the other blanks.

DIY-steampunk-necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-3Step two:  Place the blanks on a non-stick mat, and arrange the steampunk necklace gears as desired.

Step three:  Once you’re happy with the layout, use the jewelry glue to adhere the pieces together.  Set it aside to dry.  (Note:  If you have soldering tools, that is a more permanent way to set the gears.  Keep in mind that this glue is not waterproof, so handle your steampunk necklace with care.  The glue is very strong, and I haven’t had any issues with my necklace.)

DIY-steampunk-necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-4Step four:  Use a jump ring to attach the rectangle blank to the gear.

DIY-steampunk-necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-5Step five:  Use jump rings to attach the chain to the two circle blanks, and add the clasp to the chain.

DIY-steampunk-necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-6Now you have a one of a kind statement steampunk necklace that will definitely be noticed.  Also, it’s reversible, so both sides look finished!  I preferred the copper and darker gears, but the gear sets also come with silver steampunk jewelry tutorial and gold gears if you want to make a more shiny statement.  You could also use fewer gears to make the steampunk necklace smaller if you want something a little less flashy.

DIY-steampunk-necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-1Have fun creating the necklace that tells the story of you!

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