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These FABULOUS perfume bottles are 9 1/2" tall. There are Rose colored prong set beveled glass panels on both the summer fashion trends 2018 women front and back of each bottle. The glass panels have a ribbon like design encircling them and on the inside of each perfume bottle is a ribbon design in keeping with the theme. The ornate stoppers are executed in the same motif. The glass vials to hold your favorite scent and the glass daubers for application are present. These are VERY HEAVY, QUALITY vintage perfume bottles and are in exceptional condition. They are worthy of the most advanced collections. ID=OT51 5.00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT52 This ELEGANT Gold metal perfume bottle stands 5 3/8" tall. The metal work is quite detailed with leaves, flowers and scrolls. It has bezel set stones in shades of Amber, Green, Red and Blue mounted on the front of the bottle. The glass perfume bottle sits in the embossed metal basket. I feel that this perfume bottle is of European origin. This antique perfume bottle would be an asset to any collection of fine vanity items. ID=OT52 5.00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT53B

We were pleased to acquire a lovely collection of Ornate gold perfume bottles.

This vintage vanity set consists of two perfume bottles measuring 4 5/8" tall. The bottles are Clear, each has a Gold metal jacket attached at the neck. The jacket has thirty intricate leaves that have so much detail, the leaves even have veins in them. The stoppers have the matching leaves on the sides, with a flower mounted on both the front and back. The woven stopper features a sphere handle with three different designs that are intertwined. This set is very hard to describe, gorgeous. In great condition, the daubers are intact so that you can use these perfume bottles to apply your favorite scent. This would be a great set for your dressing area. ID=OT53B 5.00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT54 This lovely GOLD metal perfume bottle stands 8 1/4" tall. It has two beveled glass panels allowing you to view the inside of the bottle. The base of the bottle is filigree as are the side panels and the piece encircling the glass vial. The stopper features a floral motif. This lovely perfume bottle retains the original dauber and vial for your favorite perfume. This would be a very nice addition to your vintage perfume bottle collection. ID=OT54 .00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT55 This LOVELY Victorian perfume bottle is 2 3/4" long. A lady would carry it in her glove for a quick touch up... It is clear glass. The design on the top is in relief and is Art Noveau inspired. This glove bottle is in nice condition, although it has a some minor age cracks on the top. They don't affect the ability to screw the top on tight. This is a very unique little antique bottle and a great conversation piece. ID=OT55 .00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT56a We have the pleasure of offering this spectacular ORNATE perfume set for sale. These gorgeous perfume bottles measure 9 1/8" in height and are approximately 3 3/4 " across at the widest point. Mounted on a filigree base, is a stem which rises up to support the body of the bottle. The body of each bottle has two beveled glass windows allowing you to see a single Rose resting on the bottom of the bottle. The windows are prong set, and encircled by Gold metal filigree. Mounted on the outside edges of the filigree on each side of the bottle are two Peach colored beveled glass accents, measuring approximately 2" by almost 1" in width. This perfume bottle retains the glass vessel to hold your favorite fragrance, as well as the dauber for application of your favorite scent. The stopper is comprised of Gold metal with matching Peach glass accents on both the front and the back of the stopper. The owner of this set was given one bottle fifteen years ago as a gift. It took her another nine years to find the mate. This fabulous vintage perfume set is showstopper! ID=OT56A
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT57

For those of you who love the workmanship and beauty of the vanity items produced by Apollo Studios In New York c. 1909 -1920

This lovely antique perfume bottle features a portrait of a Victorian lady in a beautiful hat. The glass bottle stands 4 1/2" tall and sits in metal filigree stand. The filigree has garlands, flowers, bows and baskets. The base of the metal is marked Apollo 3502. A very pretty antique perfume bottle for your collection. ID=OT57 5.00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT58 This antique perfume bottle is CLEAR GLASS with a ruby red flashed band encircling the bottle. The ruby band has a floral motif etched in it. The bottle stands 6 1/2" tall and is in good condition. The only flaw that I see is the bottom of the stopper is chipped. When the stopper is in place, this doesn't show. In great condition considering it dates from the Victorian era. ID=OT58 .00  Sale Pending 
For all of the Matson collectors... This perfume bottle is just gorgeous. Standing 6" in height, it is clear glass with a gold metal jacket. The pierced stopper is a mass of flowers in relief, and is SIGNED "Matson" on an applied metal tag on the back of the stopper.. This perfume bottle retains the glass dauber for the application of perfume. These Matson perfume bottles are very sought after, especially in this condition. ID=OT63C
.00   NEW  

This charming little FIGURAL perfume bottle is what is called a "Naughtie" by collectors.

This little boy is dressed in a nightshirt and a hat. For some reason you can see that this young man is holding the front of the nightshirt up! Measuring 4" tall, the back of the bottle is incised with the numbers 3860 and Germany. In very ice condition, there is a nick on the soles of his foot feet near the toe area. These are little figural bottles are very unusual and considered hard-to-find. ID=OT65B
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT67B Standing a stately 8 7/8" tall this 1960's perfume bottle is comprised of heavy Ornate Gold Metal. During this era anything Gold or Italian was very much the rage after "Leave it to Beaver in the 1950's." The bottle is a mass of stylized leaves. In excellent condition, with the glass dauber, and glass vial are present to hold your favorite perfume. This bottle has a metal tag attached to the base, which reads "Stylebuilt, NYC." This was a high end ladies vanity accessory company. Most of the bottles produced by other companies during this period, were sold with a paper label with the company name on it. Through the years, these labels were removed or came off, making it difficult to attribute a perfume bottle to a specific maker. This gorgeous high quality perfume bottle would be a lovely addition to your perfume bottle collection. ID=OT67B 5.00 Other Perfume Bottle ID ot68a This ornate perfume set stands 4 3/4" tall. Done in the French style, it features a gold colored metal basket with flowers, garlands, and bows. Sitting in the basket are two small perfume bottles with their daubers to apply your favorite fragrance. This little set is so precious. It is in excellent condition and would be lovely on your vanity. ID=OT68A
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT68B This ORNATE vintage perfume bottle stands 8 1/2" tall. It has clear glass panels on both the front and the back of the bottle, allowing you to view a Gold Cherub resting in the base of the bottle. The prong set panels are held in place with filigree. The stopper is large and is comprised of filigree. The original vial and dauber for the application of your favorite perfume are present. This is a lovely perfume bottle and would be an asset to your collection. ID=OT68B 5.00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT70a This cute little FIGURAL perfume bottle is made of porcelain. This little boy stands 3 3/8" tall and is wearing suspenders and a top hat. This perfume bottle is in good condition, with part of its original cork and dauber attached. It is marked on the base "Made in Japan". ID=OT70A .00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT71a Another FIGURAL perfume bottle - This porcelain perfume bottle stands 3 3/8" tall. It features a girl in a dress wearing a hat. It is in very good condition. The original cork has been replaced. Marked on the bottom, "Made in Japan". This is a nice little figural bottle to add to your perfume bottle collection. ID=OT71A .00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT74 This antique perfume bottle is 8" tall. The base has a garnet border with enameled designs above it, encircling the bottle. Above the designs there is a maiden holding a sphere dressed in Grecian or Roman attire. There is a ring of gold around the neck of the bottle with more designs above it. The stopper is clear glass. Very unusual antique perfume bottle. ID=OT74 .00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT75 This ANTIQUE vanity set consists of two perfume bottles and a powder jar. The perfume bottles are 5 1/4" high. The powder jar is 4" high and 4 1/4" at its widest point. The set is signed BAVARIA on each piece. It is in great condition without chips or cracks. The only flaw that I see are some small paint rubs. This is a nice vintage perfume set for your vanity. ID=OT75 5.00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT79 This HEISEY Crystolite perfume bottle stands 5 3/4" tall. It is encased in gold French inspired metalwork, featuring bows, baskets and garlands. It is in excellent condition with the exception of the dauber which was partially broken and now measures 1 1/2". A beautiful and very desirable HEISEY perfume bottle. ID=OT79 5.00  Sale Pending  
This ORNATE gold metal perfume bottle stands 9 7/8" tall. It has beveled prong set panel of glass on both the front and the back of the bottle. On the inside of the perfume bottle there is a reclining CHERUB. The glass is framed with lovely filigree done in a floral design. This bottle retains the original dauber and the glass vessel to hold your favorite perfume. The stopper has a piece of prong set beveled glass as well. It is unsigned; however, I believe it was manufactured by Globe, Stylebuilt or Matson. ID=OT80
5.00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT81 This FRENCH inspired perfume bottle is one of my favorites. It stands 5 1/2" tall and is 2 1/2" wide. The bottle is encased in gold metal. The metal has baskets with flowers flowing out of them, garlands, and bows. It has a footed base and is signed Apollo 3507. A very pretty vintage perfume bottle in excellent condition. ID=OT81 5.00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT83A This Art Deco perfume bottle stands 4 5/8" tall. It is dark Grey in color and has two bands of molded stylized flowers encircling the bottle, as well as the stopper. In excellent conditon, it is a copy of a Czechoslovakian perfume bottle that was manufactured in Japan. ID=OT83A .00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT84 This GOLD metal perfume set stands 4 ½" tall and is 3 1/8" wide. It has a footed metal base which features scrolls and flowers. The base holds two perfume bottles. The stoppers have a floral design and retain their original daubers. What a dainty little set for your perfume collection. ID=OT84 .00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT88 This Gold metal perfume set was produced by APOLLO. The bottles stand 5 1/2" tall, and sit in a gold mesh French inspired footed basket. The basket features bows, garlands, and flowers. The faceted stoppers have their original daubers. This fabulous perfume set is gorgeous and in excellent condition. A beautiful addition to your vanity tray.ID=OT88 5.00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT89 This unusual GERMAN powder box/perfume bottle stands 6" tall. Standing on top of the powder is a Victorian lady. She has a fan in one hand and a bow with flowers in the other hand. On top of the flowers is a metal and cork crowntop stopper. The base of the powder jar is about 3 1/2" in diameter and is incised with the numbers 24056. There is a crown with an "S" below it, which I believe is the mark of the Sitzendorf Porcelain Factory. This unusual perfume bottle and powder box combination is in wonderful condition, with the only flaws being a few slight nicks on the bottom edge of the powder box and some gold loss to the gold dots that encircle the base. This would be a lovely addition to your half doll or figural perfume bottle collection. ID=OT89 5.00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT91 This AMETHYST perfume bottle fades to almost clear at the base. It stands 7 7/8" tall, and has twelve panels encircling the bottle. The stopper is clear crystal. It is very pretty and in very good condition. The only flaws are some tiny fleabites on the top of the bottle from inserting the stopper. I believe it to be of Bohemain origin. It is a quality antique perfume bottle. ID=OT91 5.00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT92 This PORCELAIN perfume bottle stands 6" tall. It has a Lavendar base. The stopper looks like a bouquet and has a cork and a glass dauber. The base of the bottle is marked "Bavaria." A very pretty German perfume bottle for your collection. ID=OT92 .00  Sale Pending 
Standing 9 1/2" tall this 1960's perfume bottle was produced by the Guildcrest Company. The French inspired theme of this vintage perfume bottle is filigree and bows. The base of the bottle has a large bow which supports the body of the bottle. The body has two prong set beveled glass panels allowing one to see a bow with a Rose resting on the bottom of the bottle. Lastly, the stopper is gold filigree with a large bow mounted in it. This perfume bottle is in great condition, retaining both the glass applicator, and a glass vial to hold your perfume. There is a gold foil label remaining which reads, Guildcrest, 24KT. gold plated. These elegant perfume bottles are highly sought after, as the baby boomers remember them sitting on their Mother's vanity trays when they were children. ID=OT94B
5.00 Other Perfume Bottle ID OT95 This unusual jug shaped perfume bottle stands 4 1/2" tall. The decoration is what is known as Chintz. It is in excellent condition and is marked on the base "Made in Japan." This is a rare bottle. ID=OT95 5.00  NEW 
We are working on our update - The descriptions will be coming. ID=OT96A

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