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I’ve been doing Project 333 for over two weeks now and I have lots of thoughts and experiences to share, but first, I want to show you what I decided to include in my 33 item wardrobe. (In case you didn’t read my original post – the 33 items don’t include running clothes or pajamas).

The Before Inventory:

12 dresses, 6 sweatshirts and fleeces, 8 pairs of dress pants, 4 pairs jeans (including capris and shorts), 1 pair of jeggings, 25 pairs of socks, 6 pairs of tights and leggings, 5 skirts, 17 short-sleeved and sleeveless tops, 6 cardigans, 8 long-sleeved and sweaters, 15 pairs of shoes, 11 necklaces, and 10 pairs of earrings.

[134 total items]

Three long sleeved shirts, six short sleeved shirts, and two cardigans.

Two dresses, a pair of jeans,  a pair of cropped plaid-ish dress pans,  a pair of khakis, a pair of jean capris, and a pair of slim black pants.

Three scarves, two belts, two necklaces, a pair of earrings (not pictured).


Two pairs of flats, a pair of sandals, and a pair of Toms (to be traded for Tevas when it’s warmer).

How I Went from 134 Items to 33 Items in my Wardrobe:

I had four things in mind when choosing my items to keep:

– I had to love it.

– It had to fit well.

– It had to be versatile.

– It had to be comfortable.

 I knew I wanted to add some scarves to extend my wardrobe and cardigans to make it more flexible. From there, I just slowly (painstakingly slow) added items and took items out until I felt like I had a good mix.

A few notes on my wardrobe:

It’s flexible. I will trade out anything that I decide doesn’t fit well, isn’t versatile enough, gets stained or ripped, or otherwise needs to be ousted.

I am not a fashionista. I realized in doing this that 90% of my favorite clothes are from Gap or Target. A combo of well-made and inexpensive is how I make it work.

I had to let go of some ideas about myself. Having fancy clothes doesn’t mean I wear them. I don’t like to wear my pretty heels or uncomfortable clothes, so I don’t and they end up just cluttering my closet. Packing away my heels meant I got to pack away the pants-that-require-heels. It’s much more freeing to admit that I like wearing shoes that are comfortable.

Let’s talk work clothes. Since I work at a school, I dress up, but not as much as when I worked in an office. I never get to wear jeans to work, but I also don’t wear blazers. I wear the same shirts on the weekend and during the week, just with jeans on the weekend. If you have to wear terribly dressy clothes and don’t want to wear them on the weekend, I’d suggest upping the number to 50-items if that would make you more apt to try it! I belieeeeeeve in you.

It is addictive. Even though running clothes and pajamas don’t count, I still pared down those items. I was sort of addicted to seeing the empty space in my dresser. But I didn’t stop there. Nope, Gabe’s closet was next. And Mike gave in and is also doing the challenge. I’m warning you: addictive. 

Next week, I’ll tell you how it’s going and maybe even show you some of my outfits. But remember, I already told you, I’m not a fashionista.


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