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Five albums, five beats a day, three summers


We've reached peak. The Chicago rapper has, and in that taylor time, he's managed to announce multiple albums, talk more about than an episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion could, and make.

Yesterday (April 23), 'Ye shook the world up again by announcing that a new. He followed that message up with the revelation that he is producing all of the albums he's posted about on Twitter.

For anyone keeping count, Kanye is now producing five projects that are all supposed to drop in a one-month span. In another world, the feat shouldn't be difficult considering that in a soul-sampling galaxy far, far away, West infamously produced. However, G.O.O.D. Music prepping five albums from artists with wildly different fanbases, budgets, and marketing needs does seem like a gargantuan task at best and an impossible undertaking at worst.

With so many release dates flying around, MTV News decided to organize all the albums Kanye's announced on his recently reactivated Twitter so far.

  1. Solo Dolo

    Release teyana taylor body tumblr 2018 Date: June 1

    Kanye hasn't released an album since 2016's The Life of Pablo. According to West, his eight studio album will be a brisk seven songs. Although, considering Kanye's penchant for  until the last minute, his next body of work could end up being 700 songs by the time fans hear it.

  2. The Sixth Sense

    Release Date: June 8

    Fans have been waiting for a Kanye and collaboration album longer than they've waited for. Since cold war, it is safe to say the latter will never release. Thankfully, is well-documented.

    According to Kim Kardashian, the and took over. Finally, some ghosts we'd like to haunt us.

  3. Nas Album Done

    Release Date: June 15

    In 2016, and were so confident that the Queensbridge rapper's album was done they named a song "." It was in fact not done. However, if Kanye is to be believed, then the masses are now getting the project, but with the added benefit of Yeezy production.

  4. President Push

    Release Date: May 25

    has been teasing. In the intervening years, he dropped a series of singles, released King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude, and was appointed. On an, Charlamagne the God described his excitement for the new Pusha project and what makes the hip-hop veteran so real.

    "He's so authentic, he’s so him," Charlamagne said. "So when you're that honest and you're not trying to be anything but who you are and your subject matter has always been more mature than everybody else is, you never age in the game."

  5. Fade To Teyana

    Release Date: June 22

    hasn't released an album since 2014's VII. However, the first lady of G.O.O.D. Music didn't disappear. Arguably, Taylor is more famous now than she was four years ago with her starring role in Kanye's "" video and new family with Iman Shumpert. It is safe to say the R&B singer will have a lot to get off her chest after so many years since her last release.

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