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20 Great Pregnancy Photo Ideas

 I vividly remember the moment my wife walked up to me with her positive pregnancy test.  It was a wonderful, wonderful day! It was also the beginning of this parenting journey I’m trying to capture on.  Along that journey we took lots of pictures during the pregnancy (including weekly side profile pics at the same spot in our house), and even more after our daughter was born.  But the pregnancy seemed to fly by (for me at least, my wife might argue otherwise)  :)  and so I’ve already started thinking about the next time around and the photos I want to take.  The 2o examples I’ve provided below have offered me the most inspiration and I hope you find ideas you like and use, too.

 None of these thumbnail photos are mine and should all be linked back to the source where I found them.  I encourage everyone to check out the sites of the photos.

Before and After Pregnancy Photos

pregnancy photo ideas before and after baby

Just one example of how you can plan ahead just a little for a wonderful and adorable pregnancy and baby photo.  I love how this photographer colored the outfit and nothing else, really drawing your eye in.

Making a heart with your hands over your pregnant belly

 Can be just the mom, mom and dad, whomever.

 Mom in the Baby’s Room While Pregnant


Very simple for anyone to do, and really tells a story with the look on a mom’s face.

 Pregnant belly with the name of your child

pregnancy belly name of baby in blocks photo idea

However you choose to display the name (blocks, writing on belly, etc.), this is a classic.

Boy or Girl Pregnancy Side Profile Idea


 Similar to the baby name, if you prefer to keep the name secret simply use “boy” or “girl” or even “baby” in the photo.

 Ultrasound on top of pregnant belly

holding ultrasound in front of pregnant belly 

A great example from 

Wrap a bow around your pregnant belly

Blue bow for a bow, pink bow for a girl, or something neutral if gender will be a surprise.

Daddy Kissing Mommy’s Belly

The side profile of daddy kissing mommy’s belly is a great and simple idea.  Just make sure there’s ample light so shadows don’t overtake the picture.

Role Reversal Pregnancy Photo Shoot – Mommy holding Daddy’s Belly


 Not all guys would be comfortable with this, but your friends and family will certainly enjoy it.

 Weekly Progression Pregnancy Photos Including 1 with Newborn

 Every single week, take a photo of mommy and belly from the side. And after baby arrives, include her or him in the last photo.  My wife and I took (almost every) weekly photos during her pregnancy, and while we haven’t yet had the opportunity to make a nice combined picture like above, we will one day and encourage other expectant parents to do the same.

 Pregnant Belly Art

Find lots of other great examples at

 Incorporate Artistic/Mathematic Background to tell the Message


No matter how the math works with your family, you can find a chalkboard like this, use photoshop, or some other background image to tell your message.

Hello, My Name Is…

Hello my name is pregnancy photo idea

 Before and After: Cradle Belly Then Baby


Classic Black and White Photos Capturing the Joy of Expectant Parents

Find someone to take a photo for you that captures the joy and excitement of becoming parents.  My wife and I had numerous photos taken of us leading up to the birth of our daughter, but none like this as we missed out.

 3 Step Progression Photo – Pregnancy Test…Belly…Baby

pregnancy test belly and baby progression photo picI’m a big fan of the progression type photo collages, and this one is very simple.    What makes it great is the planning ahead to have the camera in the same place for all 3 pics.

Outdoor Pregnancy Photos

Get outdoors and take photos.  Pregnancy is a beautiful and natural thing, so get out into nature and capture the moment.

Mom holding belly

This one seems simple enough, but I picked it because of the circular image it presents.  Rather than holding from below or on the sides like most photos, I feel this one flows really well and is great for a black and white picture.

 Mommy and Daddy with Baby Socks “Walking” on Belly

This is one just plain cute.  I love the family-feel, and the socks on the fingers.  It’s simple, but brilliant.

Do you have an idea you’d like to share with other ordinary parents and parents-to-be?  If so, please share it below or email us the photo and we can add it our here too.

For expectant parents, you May also enjoy our post on.



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