Tumblr girl winter outfits 2018

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I purchased the Winter Sparkles Outfit for the coat. The coat is a winter very soft. Though it’s oddly shaped, I quite like it. As soon as I opened the box, I knew the dress was going to be a problem. The glitter is falling off like crazy. The boots are cute and fit the dolls well. I really like the hat, but the bow looks like it’s just a piece of foam. On closer inspection it seems to be some type of flimsy pleather. I’m debating cutting it off to make the hat look less cheap.

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No more permapanties!!!!

Would you overall recomend the outfit?
My mum is going to NYC in a few day and offered to bring me something, and I was thinking about this outfit.
But since we can never return stuff (living in Austria) it's such a thing, if I can't see it myself.

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