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Right now, everyone from Michelle Obama to is sporting bangs. Know who else is? Yours truly (). Yup, I got bangs back around Thanksgiving when I decided that I wanted to adopt more of a hair “Taylor Swift in the big city” style. As far as my bangs history, I had them for a while in college, then grew my hair back out before this latest cut.

I love my bangs, but they also do take some effort to keep them looking as fabulous as they did the day I got them at the salon. Over the years I’ve learned (and okay, forgot and then re-learned) some golden rules of bangs care. Here are the things that I not only wish I had known before I got my bangs, but also a few tips and tricks I learned along the way that has made rocking bangs a blast:

Think On It

I make very impulsive hair choices and with bangs, you want to really think out your decision. You can't immediately tape your bangs back on if you don't like them once they've been cut, so just give it a little thought before you go through with it so the whole style isn't tinged with regret. Source: Shutterstock.com

Bring A Picture

I love cutting my hair, but I don't always know how to describe what I want. I would just be like, "Uhh, bangs?" Bringing a picture has been a huge help when it comes to showing the sort of bang length or style (side-swept or straight across?) that I am hoping to get this go around.

Have Your Glasses Handy

I basically wear glasses all the time, but often when I go get my hair cut, I'll wear my contacts (it avoids the awkwardness of having to comment on how my hair looks when I cannot see the mirror two feet in front of me). However, I like to gauge the length of my bangs with both my glasses on and off, so that they aren't too long or too short for me to wear them comfortably both ways.

Headbands Are Your Friends...

Back up plans are key with bangs. There are some days they won't go where you want, or if you decide to grow them out, you may want them out of the way. Headbands especially offer a fun variety of colors and styles that can jazz up your look so people won't even realize it's to fix a bangs-related issue. They are also a huge help when it comes to working out.

...And So Are Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are another lifesaver. A headband is great to incorporate into your outfit, but if you are out with friends and your bangs start acting up, it's great to just have some spare bobby pins thrown in your bag to just pin them out of the way. A little comb can also be a big help to just give your bangs some life mid-day.

Make Peace With Your Hair Dryer

As a general rule, I hate using my hair dryer. I prefer to just let my hair dry naturally. I noticed with bangs though, that they never dry the way I want unless I take a few extra seconds to style them with my hair dryer. I get super frustrated when my bangs are all wispy or get stuck in weird angles, but I've found taking a few minutes to blow dry them in the morning keeps them full and right where I want them.

Dry Shampoo Is Your BFF

My bangs are always more oily than the rest of my hair which is super frustrating, especially since I don't want to wash my hair every day. Meet dry shampoo! It allows me to keep my bangs clean and less oily, without having to justify taking a shower just so my bangs can get clean.

Wash Your Face

I don't actually know if it's because my forehead is oily that my bangs get oily or vice versa, but the point is that my skin breaks out a lot more when I have bangs. To minimize break outs when I have bangs, I try to stay even more on top of my skin cleanliness in order to make sure both my skin and my hair are happy.

Plan For Trims

I forgot that hair grows and that after a few weeks, my bangs wouldn't stay the same length. I do not trust myself to trim my bangs, but I have some very talented friends who have helped me out. There is also the option to get them done professionally. Just remember that trims are something you'll have to plan for to keep your bangs at the length you want (and so that you can see).

They'll Grow Back

I get bored with my hair really easily, so even though I do think my decision to get bangs through, after a few months, I usually find myself itching to do something different with my hair. At these times, I just remind myself to be patient because my bangs will grow out before I know it. In addition, if for some reason you get a bad bangs cut, remember that it isn't permanent and it will just take a little time for the situation to get fixed.

Do you have bangs? What do you love about them? What about your bangs can sometimes be frustrating? What tips would you give to a friend who was looking to get bangs?


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