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The Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations in South Dakota are part of a larger territory established for the Lakota in 1868 by the United States government and later parceled out to non-Native homesteaders and broken up into smaller tribal reservations. Today, Pine Ridge Reservation is home to about 40,000 Native Americans and Cheyenne Reservation about 20,000. According to the US Census Bureau, the reservations lie within the poorest counties in the United States.

Search by first name OR last name PANTRY ITEMS ARE: Flour, sugar, salt, pancake mix, bread mix, spices, peanut butter, jelly, milk (dried/canned), potatoes, rice, eggs (dried), etc... Please send new and/or clean (like new) clothing. No stains, rips, tattered fabric, worn out shoe soles. NO WEAPONS The ONE SPIRIT Okini list is maintained by an international network of volunteers who are in direct personal contact with the people of Pine Ridge. Okini is a Lakota word meaning "to share material things". ORGANIZATIONS -- If you can help these organizations, please get in touch! Organization City Needs Contact ALLEN YOUTH CENTER ALLEN URGENT NEEDS : Toilet paper, paper towels, Dawn Dish soap, Simple Green cleaner for moping, toilet cleaner, Pine-Sol, Clorox Clean-ups, disposable vinyl gloves size L for cleaning, 30 gallon trash bags. FOR THE KITCHEN: flour, yeast, vegetable oil, Sweet-n-Low packets, coffee, coffee creamer, aluminum foil, disposable serving gloves, dish towels If you are interested in making a donation to families listed below, please contact us! Select a family from the list (click your choice) and let us know what you would like to do. No Date Family M/F Age Needs Comments Clothing sizes Items donated SELECT 1 11/12/2018 Family
F 55 Long winter coat, mittens, hat, scarf and snow boots This delightful woman is looking for work, just finished job training but has not been able to find work - could really use a helping hand. She walks every wear - as she does not have a car and generally does not have bus fare. long coat L (she is 5' 1") snow boot 3 1/2 or 4 - correct size 2 11/11/2018 Family
F 62 Winter outerwear for grandkids A grandmother who just lost her job and can't find one is asking for help in getting her grandchildren who she is raising. She has had these children for a long time and is really worried how she is going to get them winter clothing 3 11/11/2018 Granddaughter F 9 tyga gold chain photo winter coat, hat, gloves and snowboots This little girl who JUST TURNED 9....She says she is really growing up. This little girl has outgrown all her winter clothing. coat 12/14 snowboots 4 coat, warm clothing 4 11/11/2018 Grandson M 8 winter coat, hat, gloves and snow boots this little boy is growing fast and is very tall. None of his clothes from last year fit. Winter coat 16 child snowboots 7 5 11/11/2018 Granddaughter F 17 winter coat, hat, gloves and snow boots She said thank you - to anyone who sends her winter clothes, she really appreciates it. She said she really needs them. Winter coat XXL Adults Shoes 9 6 11/11/2018 Grandson M 16 winter coat, hat, gloves and snow boots This young man who is 15 and is 6'4" and really needs a coat and snow boots. Grandma can't find clothes for him - she really needs help. Winter coat 3XL Snowboots 15 7 11/11/2018 Granddaughter F 10 Winter coat, hat, gloves and snow boots She has really grown and nothing fits her. She is a fifth grader now. winter coat 16 child snowboots 7 ladies 8 11/13/2018 Family
F Space Heaters. This Elders sight is failing. She lives in a trailer with 7 other people. Its getting very cold now and she could really use a couple of space heaters to help keep them warm. space heater 9 11/12/2018 Family
M 36 clothing, socks, toilet paper & paper towels, hand, laundry & dish soap, sponge, Clorox, Pine-sol, trash bags Assistance with clothing and some basics would be greatly appreciated. pants size 36x34; shirt size 2X; underwear size 36 briefs; winter coat size 2X; shoes chain size 10 10 11/9/2018 Family
F 44 Space heaters, blankets, winter clothing. This family is struggling to keep warm. Their only source of heat is wood and they are running low. It gets very cold at night. Space heaters and blankets would be a blessing for this family! Thank you for your help! 11 11/10/2018 Son M 12 Winter clothing, shoes/boots, socks. pants 14 boys, joggers/t-shirts/hoody/coat XL boys, shoes 8 12 11/9/2018 Daughter F 18 Winter clothing, shoes/boots, socks. pants 6 womens, tops/hoody/coat M/L womens, shoes 8 13 11/9/2018 Daughter F 14 Winter clothing, shoes/boots, socks. pants 4 womens, tops/hoody/coat M womens, shoes 8 14 11/9/2018 Adopted Son M 17 Winter clothing, shoes/boots, socks. jeans 34x32, t-shirts/hoody/coat XL mens, shoes 12 15 11/9/2018 Family
F 47 Blankets, space heaters, clothing. This mother provides a loving and nurturing home to not only her own children but to little ones that she has legal custody of. To her, there is no difference, she loves them all equally and only wants to give them a safe environment to grow up in. She does have the resources to provide the children with a warm home and food to eat but could really use help with clothing. She would be extremely grateful for any assistance! Thank you :) 16 11/8/2018 Son M 9 In urgent need of socks, underwear and winter boots. pants 16 husky boys, shirts M mens, underwear XL boys, shoes/boots 7.5 youth 17 11/8/2018 Son M 10 In desperate need of socks and underwear but could very much use winter clothing as well. pants 12R boys, t-shirt/hoody/boxers L boys, shoes 7 18 11/8/2018 Son M 9 In desperate need of socks and underwear but could very much use winter clothing as well. pants 8 slim boys, shirt/hoody M boys, underwear 6, shoes 8 boys 19 11/8/2018 Daughter F 4 In desperate need of socks and underwear but could very much use winter clothing as well. clothing Size: 5T, shoes 10 toddlers 20 11/8/2018 Daughter F 11 In desperate need of winter clothing, underwear, socks and boots. GIRLS SIZES: pants/tops 14-16, underwear 14, shoes 8 21 11/8/2018 Daughter F 17 In desperate need of socks and underwear but could very much use winter clothing as well. jeans 13 jrs, tops M jrs, underwear M, socks, shoes 8.5 22 11/8/2018 Daughter F 18 In desperate need of socks and underwear but could very much use winter clothing as well. pants 14 long missy, tops L missy, underwear L, shoes 8.5 23 11/8/2018 Son M 7 In urgent need of..especially socks and underwear, but could also use winter clothing and boots. BOYS SIZES: pants 7R, shirts/hoodies L, underwear 5, shoes 4.5 24 11/5/2018 Son M 26 In desperate need of underwear, socks, t-shirts. t-shirts 3X mens, underwear XL, socks 10-13 25 11/12/2018 Family
F 49 Winter clothing, socks, shoes/boots for 4 year old grandson. Becky is a home maker raising many children and grandchildren on very little income. She is reaching out for help! She never asks anything for herself, only for her children and grandchildren. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 1 wooden toy and 1 puzzle food items, gloves and hat 26 11/12/2018 Grandson M 2 twins- Valence- boy Valentine- girl 27 11/12/2018 Granddaughter F 12 This young girl has outgrown all of her fall/winter clothes from last year. In urgent need of school clothes, shoes and supplies...backpack, notebooks, pencils, pens...etc. jeans 12 misses, top/hoody/coat 1X womens, sport bra 1X, underwear 7, shoes 8.5, ankle socks 28 11/12/2018 Son M 13 This young boy is in desperate need of school clothes, shoes and supplies...backpack, notebooks, pencils, pens...etc. pants 14 slim, t-shirt/hoody/coat 14 or M, shoes 6.5, underwear M boxers 1 pr jeans, 1 L/S shirt 29 11/12/2018 Grandson M 3 This sweet little boy is in need of fall and winter clothing. pants 3T, tops/sweaters/hoodies 3T crew socks, white undershirts 3T shoes 7c in toddlers, uses pullups at night 3T or small 3 L/S tops, 1 pr joggers 30 11/12/2018 Son M 9 This growing boy is in need of school clothes, shoes and supplies..backpack, notebooks, pencils, pens..etc. jeans 9 slim, t-shirts/hoody/coat 9, underwear boxers sm, ankle socks (black), shoes 3 1 L/S shirt, 1 sweatshirt 31 11/12/2018 Grandson M 4 This little boy is autistic and is in urgent need of winter clothes, shoes, socks and pullups. Clothing size: 5T, shoes size 10.5, pullups 5T winter jacket 5 socks warm clothing, shoes and pull ups. 32 11/8/2018 Family
F Personal hygiene products, shampoo/conditioner, body soap, toilet paper, laundry detergent, pantry items...flour, shortening, rice, beans, canned meats/vegetables. Also, desperately needs hoodies, socks for several boys, winter boots, socks and hoodies/sweaters for several girls. A very large family of 20 people living in the household is reaching out for help. Violet does receive a small monthly SSI check which pays rent and keeps the lights on and propane tank filled. She is the sole provider for this rather large family and only asks for help when absolutely necessary. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated by all. Thank you! hoodies/sweaters M mens, hoodies L jrs, sweater 2X womens (for Violet), socks 9-11 mens, winter boots for girls sizes 7.5, 8.5,9 and 10 33 11/12/2018 Family
F Is asking for winter clothing and snowboots for childrren Her children don't have any winter clothing and is asking for help. 34 11/11/2018 Son M 10 Winter coat, hat, gloves and snow boots He is a big boy and has outgrown everything Coat 12 Snowboots 5 35 11/11/2018 Daughter F 9 DESPERATE FOR winter coat, hat, gloves and snow boots This little girl would love some warm winter clothing coat 8 child Shoes 4 child 36 11/11/2018 Daughter F 3 winter coat, hat, gloves and snow boots This sweet little girl has grown and nothing fits. snowboots 10 T coat 4t t 37 11/11/2018 Family
M 18 Needs coat for work - like a Carhardt Coat He is going to work to help support his grandmother and her disabled sister, who he lives with. He has gotten the job - but really needs boots and a carpenters belt His grandmother called and said he was in need of a coat. Coat mens large Carhartt coat warm cap, boots, carpenter belt, felt insoles for warmth in boots 38 11/11/2018 Family
F 29 Cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products and socks. Single mother with a little one on the way is reaching out for help with basic necessaties, winter clothes for her daughter and baby items. She has very little income and would greatly appreciate the assistance. Thank you! socks size 11 3 ankle socks 39 11/9/2018 Son M This little boy will be born in 3 weeks. Mother is in desperate need of all things baby...receiving blankets, onesies, baby wipes, diapers, winter clothing. Newborn sizes 2 sleep sacks, receiving blanket, 4 sleep/play onesies with feet 40 11/9/2018 Daughter F 11 In need of winter clothing, socks, boots. pants 13 jrs., tops XL jrs., shoes/boots 10 pants, 3 socks 41 11/11/2018 Family
F 44 clothing, socks, slippers, snow boots, gloves This family would greatly appreciate help with school needs for their daughter PLUS SIZES pants size 18; sweater size 2X; slippers size 9; snow boots size 9; warm gloves size L 42 11/11/2018 Husband M 34 clothing, socks, warm gloves, slippers, black high top shoes T-Shirt size 2X; Wranglers blue jeans boot cut size: 38x34; high top black shoe size: 13w; slippers size 13; warm gloves size L 43 11/11/2018 Daughter F 13 clothing, snow boots, slippers, socks, gloves, stocking cap favorite color is red PLUS SIZES: pants size 14; sweater size 2X; slippers size 10; snow boots size 10; warm gloves size L 44 11/12/2018 Family
F 48 clothing for children 45 11/12/2018 Daughter F 12 clothing, socks, shoes pants size 7; shirts size L; shoes size 7.5 46 11/12/2018 Son M 17 clothing, socks & shoes BOY SIZES: sweatpants size L; shirt size L; shoes size 9.5 men; underwear size L; coat size L 47 11/12/2018 Son M 11 clothing, socks & shoes BOY SIZES: pants & shirts size 8-10; shoes size 5; underwear size M; coat size L coat, warm shirts 48 11/12/2018 Daughter F 7 clothing, socks, shoes GIRL SIZES: shirts and pants size 6-8; shoes size 13.5 49 11/10/2018 Family
F 47 Blankets, space heaters, personal hygiene products, cleaning products, laundry detergent and any kind of food items. A single mother, raising 3 children, and also battling cancer is reaching out for help. She recently lost her job and has no income coming in at the moment. She is in desperate need of assistance! Thank you :) 3 space heaters Dish soap 3pk toothpaste; 4 pk toothbrushes Food: 3pk brown rice; 2pk instant oatmeal; 6pk mac and cheese; 4 cans chicken breast; 3pk mandarin oranges; 2 bags dried black beans; 6pk diced seasoned tomatoes; 12 cans tuna; large PB; 2pk strawberry jelly 50 11/10/2018 Family
F 50 Winter clothing, coats, shoes and boots for her children. HAS BEEN ON THE LIST FOR 6 WEEKS. IS STILL WAITING FOR HELP. A single mother is reaching out for help with winter clothing for her children. She has no source of income and is presently staying with family. She asks nothing for herself. Thank you for any and all assistance for this little family! THE FAMILY IS ALSO IN URGENT NEED OF SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER AND HAIR BRUSHES...with 7 girls in the family, it goes very quickly. :) women's holiday sweatshirt 51 11/10/2018 Son M 10 In urgent need of winter clothing, shoes & snow boots YOUTH SIZE: clothes 8, shoes/boots 4 youth boys winter jacket, hoodie, jeans, sneakers coat, mittens, snow pants, snow boots, pair of pants and shirt 52 11/10/2018 Daughter F 14 In desperate need of winter clothing, shoes and snow boots. GIRLS SIZE: 12-14, shoes/boots 3 teens/5 womens coat, hoodie, sneakers coat, mittens, snow pants, snow boots, pair of pants and shirt 53 11/5/2018 Family
F 45 Winter coat, boots and clothes. This single mother who's daughter has a sponsor is struggling to clothe herself. Its really cold on the reservation and she really needs a warm coat and boots. Winter jacket; 2XL. Boots; 7.5 or 8. Pants; 20 womens. Shirt; 2XL. 54 11/5/2018 Son M Winter jacket and mens boots This young lad is in need of a winter jacket and boots. He can't find any work, me lives with his mum and little sister. Jacket; 3XL Boots; 10.5 mens. 55 10/18/2018 Family
F 26 winter clothing for children, sewing machine Cherish sews to help earn income. Her aged sewing machine has been a real workhorse and is on its last leg. DAUGHTER AGE 3 - winter boots size 8T, one-piece snowsuit size 6T, winter jacket size 6T; SON AGE 1 - winter jacket size 3T; NEWBORN SON - diapers size Newborn or 1 56 11/7/2018 Family
M 76 space heater Elder would greatly appreciate a space heater to help keep him warm and the temps are dropping. Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup, Original, 24 Ounce 2 of QKR STNDRD OATMEAL - QUICK 18OZ Jif Creamy Peanut Butter, 16 Ounce StarKist Chunk Light Tuna in Water, 5 Ounce (Pack of 8) Swanson Premium White Chunk Chicken Breast, 12.5 oz. Can, 2 Count Progresso Soup, Vegetable Classics, Tomato Basil Soup, 19 oz Can 2 of PROG CLAS GARDEN VEG 18.5OZ 365 Everyday Value, Organic Green Lentils, 16 Ounce 365 Everyday Value, Organic Dried Great Northern Beans, 16 Ounce Campbell's Slow Kettle Style Soup, Tomato & Sweet Basil Bisque, 15.5 oz Mrs. Grass Hearty Soup Mix, Homestyle Chicken Noodle, 5.93 Ounce Krusteaz Cornbread and Muffin Mix, Honey, 15-Ounces LoveSome Baking Powder, 8.10 Ounce 365 Everyday Value, All-Purpose Flour, 5 Pound 365 Everyday Value, Long Grain Brown & Wild Rice (Ready to Heat), 8.8 Ounce Aunt Jemima Buttermilk Complete Mix, 32 oz Box Pillsbury Pumpkin Quick Bread, 14 Ounce Krusteaz Wild Blueberry Supreme Muffin Mix, 17.1-Ounces Campbell's Chunky Chicken Broccoli Cheese with Potato Soup, 18.8 oz. Can 11/08/18 57 11/6/2018 Family
F 48 warm winter jacket with hood, Dove "Curls Defining" hair mousse, SUN triple clean liquid laundry detergent, Dreft laundry detergent Would greatly appreciate having a warm winter jacket with hood (just below waist length, black or grey color) winter jacket size XL 58 10/21/2018 Family
F 62 school clothing for her grandchildren Grandmother has her grandchildren living with her. Basics are always in high need. 59 10/21/2018 Grandson M 7 clothing sizes are correct BOYS SIZES: winter coat size L; Pants size 12-14 adjustable; Shirt size 14-16; shoes size 4 boys 60 10/21/2018 Granddaughter F 4 clothing, pullups sizes are correct jogger/stretch pants size 14-16; Shirt size 10-12; shoe size: 13wide; underwear size 8 child 61 10/21/2018 Grandson M 2 clothing, diapers sizes are correct winter coat size 10-12; Pants size 7-8; Shirt size 7-8; shoes size 12 child; Diapers size 6 62 10/21/2018 Granddaughter F 13 clothing sizes are correct All Plus Sizes: winter coat size 2X; tops size 2X, shoe size 10 wide women; Underwear size 8; sports bra XL 63 10/8/2018 Granddaughter F 12 clothing, socks sizes are correct Ladies sizes: winter coat size L; Pants size 8 slim; Shirt size L; shoe size: 8.5 boys; underwear size 14 youth/girls boxers 64 10/8/2018 Grandson M 11 clothing, socks sizes are correct winter coat size L; pants size: 36x30; shirt adults size L men; Underwear size 36 men boxers; shoes size 8w men 65 11/12/2018 Family
F 65 Winter coat below the knee with a hood, if possible, (2X) and a pair of winter boots 8 wide. Elder is in desperate need of winter apparel. Thank you! coat, boots 66 11/9/2018 Family
F 50 clothes and shoes for her grandchildren. This grandmother is going through chemo and raising her three grandchildren. These grandparents could really use some help. It would be great for the family to have something good happen to them at this time. Grandson 8: 1 L/S shirt, 1 winter jacket Granddaughter: 2 L/S shirts Grandson 10: 1 L/S shirt, 1 winter jacket-11/10/18 67 11/9/2018 Granddaughter F 13 shoes and clothes. This young girl would love some snow boots, clothes and underwear. Pants; 14 youth, skinny jeans. Shirt; Large, youth. Shoes; 9. Underwear. 14 youth. 2 -l/s shirts 68 11/9/2018 Grandson M 8 shoes, clothes and underwear. This young boy living with his grandparents really needs underwear, clothes and shoes. Pants; 10 youth. Shirts; 10 youth. Shoes; 4. Underwear; 10 youth. 1 L/S shirt, 1 winter jacket 69 11/9/2018 Grandson M 10 shoes and clothes. This young boy lives with his brother and sister at his grandmothers and grandfathers home. The family really need some help with clothes and shoes. Pants; 14 regular. Shirts; Large, youth. Shoes; 6.5. Underwear; large youth. 1 L/S shirt, 1 winter jacket 70 11/13/2018 Family
M 33 Pantry Food, Hygiene Articles, clothing for children and unborn child. A family member told me to call this family because they were struggling - when I asked him what he needed - He said a job.....He wants to work - but he can't find employment This family is often short of food. peanut butter, mayo,jam,canned corn,ketchup,canned green beans, egg noodles, crackers,oatmeal,canned chicken, canned tuna, stove top stuffing, canola oil, beef broth cartons, chicken broth cartons, pasta sauce, spaghetti,potato side dish, rice and beans, rice pilaf, cheerios,pancake and waffle mix, maple syrup, dental floss, graham crackers, canned fruit, q-tips,children's toothpaste and toothbrushes, raisins,toilet paper, beef stew, bar soap,shampoo,conditioner, toothbrushes,toothpaste,soups,mac&cheese,dried beef, wheat chex, 71 11/12/2018 Daughter F 0 socks, sleepers, baby care items, diapers The parents have been trying to get together items for their new addition - but have very little. This child will probably be tall like her siblings. newborn to 3 months mittens, 2 hats, 4 pr socks, 5 tops, 5 bottoms, 2 sleepers, 3 pr shoes all diff small sizes, baby blanket, coat, bib, infantino soft baby carrier pram suit and 3 sleepers 72 11/12/2018 Son M 5 Little boy is in need of pants, socks and a hoodie,coat, hat & gloves, snowboots This family is only asking for most essential needs. He is a tall child. Pants 9/10 Shoes 1 Coat 8/10 hoodie, 2 pr pants, pr warm up pants 73 11/12/2018 Daughter F 4 jeans, socks, sweater, snowboots, hat and gloves She is tall for her age. The parents only listed what she really needs. Pants 7 sweater 7/ 8 Shoes 11 1/2 snowsuit 74 11/10/2018 Family
M 48 Jeans, shirts, winter coat & gloves, hoodie, snowboots and shoes Pantry food very much needed - anything will help A father called up asking for help for his family. He said his family is really struggling keeping food on the table and have clothing for the winter. Pants 34/32 Shirts 2X shoes 9 10 lb bag flour 3 -28oz can meats(pork,turkey& ground beef) several boxes rice-a-roni 2# spaghetti, can tomato, can chicken, ramen, work gloves, shirt, 2 Pr. Socks 4# steel cut oats, 2 pkg mashed potatoes, winter beanie 75 11/10/2018 Daughter F 14 Jeans, t shirts, panties, socks, snow boots, hoodie, winter coat, hat & Gloves She is in 7th grade and is trying hard but said it sometimes is hard when you keep wearing the same things. Jeans 7 Jr. shirts Med Jr. shoes 8 1/2 1 top 1 pr. jeans, socks, winter beanie, sweater, 2 lightweight hoodies, sports bra 76 11/10/2018 Wife F 38 Pants, shirts, panties, Sweater, winter coat, hat, gloves, snow boots & shoes Pantry food very much needed This family is having a hard time and would really appreciate a helping hand. Pants 22 Shirts 2X Shoes 8 Coat 2X fleece jacket winter beanie, 2 Pr. Panties 77 11/3/2018 Family
F 35 shampoo, body wash, deodorant, sanitary pads with wings, socks & clothing 78 11/3/2018 Daughter F 15 clothes, socks LADIES SIZES: pants size 14; shirt size XL 79 11/3/2018 Son M 18 clothing, socks MEN SIZES: sweatpants size 38; shirt size 2X 80 11/3/2018 Family
F clothing for family This family is really struggling right now- In URGENT need of clothing 81 11/3/2018 Son Clothing Baby Boy in need of clothing and shoes 5T clothing ; shoes Toddler 1 82 11/3/2018 Daughter F 16 Clothing and shoes Teen in need of clothing and shoes 16/18 pants ; 1X shirt; shoe size 9 83 11/3/2018 Son M 9 Clothing and shoes In desperate need of clothing and shoes clothing 12; shoe size 5 84 11/3/2018 Daughter F 10 clothing and shoes In desperate need of clothing and shoes clothing size 12; shoes size 3 85 11/3/2018 Family
F Clothing Very proud Mom Is asking for help with Basketball shoes / clothing for her daughter. 86 11/10/2018 Daughter F 11 Basketball Shoes This girl is a Basketball star, in great need of shoes!! shoes size 8.5, clothing size 14 Pair of shoes 8.5 and multiple warm clothes size 14. 87 11/2/2018 Family
F 40 clothing, ankle length socks, winter gloves Venita makes star quilts as her source of income. She would greatly appreciate donation of poly/cotton fabric to help her along. WEAR BLACK: jeans 18 long; shirt XL long length; shoes 8.5; winter coat/jacket size XL 88 11/12/2018 Family
F 74 Food, Spam, crackers, soups, bread, peanut butter, sugar free jelly, shampoo/conditioner, dish soap and laundry soap Elder in desperate need of food and household basics. She is housebound and out of everything right now. Anything would greatly appreciated. Shampoo, conditioner, hair brush, 2 bars of bath soap, a shower poof, toothpaste, 2 toothbrushes, 2 jars of peanut butter, 1 box of splenda, 2 cans of chicken, 2 cans of chicken and rice soup, 1 bottle of dish soap, 1 box of laundry detergent, 1 puzzle book, 1 greeting card. Peanut butter, sugar free jam,crackers, dish soap, laundry soap 11/09/18 89 11/6/2018 Family
F 73 Kleenex, bedroom slippers, sugar-free cough drops slippers size 10 90 11/6/2018 Son M 44 warm socks, warm winter hat, black high top work boots, warm winter comforter work boots size 11 91 10/30/2018 Family
F 60 Food, Household supplies, Blankets, Jackets Loving Grandmother in urgent need of help with Food and household basics. Diabetic shoes size 8.5 92 11/1/2018 Son M 17 Winter Clothing, hygiene items Teen in desperate need of Winter clothing Shirts/ hoody Size Large ; Pants 32/34; sneakers, size 12.5 mens 93 11/1/2018 Son M 18 Clothing and hygiene items Young Man In need of winter clothing Men's XL Shirts and hoody; Pants size 34/36; Shoe 12 94 10/31/2018 Family
F 63 Clothing for Grandchildren A grandmother who is trying to provide a good life for her grand children is asking if anyone could help her with clothing for the children. These children are the light of her life. 95 10/30/2018 Great Grandson M 10 joggers or sweats, shirts, hoodie, coat, hat & gloves Pants 14 shirts 14/16 shoes 7 96 10/30/2018 Granddaughter F 8 skinny jeans, t shirts, panties, socks, hoodie, coat, hat & gloves This 8 year old little girl is in 3rd grade....She loves to play with toy horses and barbies. One day she wants to have her own real horse. Pants 10 child shirts 10/12 shoes 3 Coat 12 97 10/30/2018 Grandson F 4 Really needs a winter coat, hat & gloves This 4 year old little boy is in pre-school. He loves playing with trucks and small figure toys. He loves to play outside Pants 5/6 shirts 6 Shoes 10 coat 6 98 10/30/2018 Granddaughter winter coat, hat & gloves and hoodie diapers #6 This little girl is a chubby bundle of love.....She loves her grandma and is in head start Clothing 3T Coat 4 99 10/30/2018 Grandson M 3 All clothing, coat, hat, gloves & hoodie pampers #4 this little boy is growing fast and needs clothes Clothing 3T shoes 8 100 10/30/2018 Grandson M 2 All clothing, coat, hat & gloves He just turned two and is growing fast. Clothing 2T shoes 6 101 10/31/2018 Family
F 28 clothing, boots, socks, Huggies diapers and sensitive skin baby wipes, Dreft laundry soap Mother asking for assistance with clothing for her children 102 10/30/2018 Daughter F 0 clothing, diapers, wipes, sensitive skin baby wash and lotion clothing size 9-12 months; boots size 3; "Huggies" diapers size 3 (diaper sensitivity to other brands) 103 10/30/2018 Daughter F 2 clothes and boots likes Frozen and Moana pants and shirts size 3T; boots size 8T 104 10/30/2018 Son M 4 clothes, boots Likes pj mask pants and shirts size 4T; shoes size 10 105 10/30/2018 Son M 6 clothing, boots likes sports pants & shirts size 7-8; boots size 1 106 10/30/2018 Family
F 25 socks, boxers, and a hoodie for children A young mother called and asked for help clothing her two children. She said she is only asking for what is really needed. 4T boy's winter coat size 8 boy's winter coat winter boots: size 2 and 10-11/4/18 107 10/30/2018 Son M 5 shoes, socks and boxers Little boy still needs a few things.....He loves that he is big brother and can show his little brother how to do things. Shoes 2 Boxers 7/8 108 10/30/2018 Son M 2 shoes, socks and a hoodie a little boy who is beginning to walk needs just needs a few things. He loves to run after his big brother. shoes 11 hoodie 4T 109 11/12/2018 Family
F 28 clothing for children, food & pantry items Family would greatly appreciate assistance 110 10/30/2018 Cousin M 10 clothing Enjoys playing football and soccer pants size 20 boys; shirt size M men; boxer underwear size S men; coat size M men 111 10/30/2018 Cousin M 8 clothing BOY SIZES: pants size 10; shirt size L; underwear size M; coat size L; shoes size 4Y 112 10/30/2018 Cousin F 6 clothing pants size 7; shirt size 7; winter boots size 13; underwear size 7; coat size 8 113 10/30/2018 Son M 7 clothing, hiking boots, warm/windproof gloves pants size 10 regular; shirt size 10-12 or L; underwear size 10; hiking boots size 3 youth; coat size 10 or L 114 10/30/2018 Son M 5 clothing pants size 8; shirt size 8; shoes size 1Y; underwear size 6; coat size 7 115 11/12/2018 Family
F 22 Clothing for children the most important and clothing for herself. Sweats or joggers for her, tops, sneakers, socks panties and a winter coat She has none. A young mother of 4 children is not having an easy time. She is living with the childrens grandparents and it is very over crowded. It would really brighten her life if someone was able to help her out. Sweats or joggers size L (wears an 11 Jr. Shirts L Coat Xl shoes 8 ( would love black ones) M1: jeans, 4 tops, hoodie, coat (2T) F2: beanie, sweatpants, top F2: beanie, sweatpants, top F4: shoes-11/10/18 116 11/12/2018 Daughter F 2 leggins, tops, socks, sweater or hoodie, winter coat, hat, gloves & snowboot She is the other twin and as cute as a button.....she is in real need of clothes and a winter coat - has none.....Her birthday is 11/17 and she would love a b day present too if possible. Clothing 3T Snowboots 8 Coat 4 sweater, birthday gift, socks socks, toy cell phone, box 24 crayons beanie, sweatpants, top 117 11/12/2018 Daughter F 2 leggings, tops, socks, snow boots, coat hat,gloves and a sweater or hoodie pampers size 5 She is a twin and she loves her sister a whole lot.... This family has very little and would appreciate anything. her birtday is 11/17 - she would love a present clothes 3T snowboots 8 Coat 4 birthday gift, socks socks, toy cell phone, box 24 crayons beanie, sweatpants, top 118 11/12/2018 Daughter F 4 Needs Shoes or Sneakers for School She is just a little one but she told me she needs some shoes for school....she said she is a big girl now - pre - k I met her this summer and she is precious. Shoes 11 Child shoes, 3 Pr socks, toothbrush 119 11/8/2018 Son M 1 clothing - has very little He is a bounching baby boy where there are very few in this large extended family.....His mother would appreciate any help. clothing 18 months Shoes 5 coat 24 months jeans, 4 tops, hoodie, coat (2T) 120 11/12/2018 Family
M 47 GRANDDAUGHTER AGE 6 months - clothes, socks, diapers Grandparents helping raise infant granddaughter clothes size 9-12 months; diapers size 3 4 footed pjs 1 blanket 1 snowsuit 11/6/18 121 11/12/2018 Family
F 60 GRANDSON: clothing, coat & sleepers, shoes, socks, diapers Grandmother, caring for her grandson, is asking for help with clothing and diapers clothing size 5-6; coat size 7; shoes size 11wide toddler; diapers size 6 122 11/12/2018 Family
M 75 One twin and one full mattress set (mattress and box springs), sheets and blankets for both, pillows, cleaning products, personal hygiene products. An elderly couple who have raised their children and grandchildren are in desperate need of help but are too proud to ask. One of their grandsons called, pleading on their behalf. They have been dealing with a severe bed bug infestation in their home. They have bombed numerous times but wake up each morning with fresh bites. The beds need to be burned but they have nothing else to sleep on at the moment and so, they make due. What a wonderful surprise it would be for the grandson to be able to deliver new beds to the grandparents that raised him and taught him the meaning of family! Words cannot describe how grateful this proud elderly couple will be. Thank you! Full.Quilt Set. That are one Full Quilt and two pillows. 123 11/11/2018 Family
F 36 Laundry detergent, dish soap, personal hygiene products...shampoo/conditioner, bar soap, tooth paste, cleaning supplies, space heaters and winter apparel. Also in desperate need of mouse traps. A single mother of 2 young and bright children and also taking care of her elderly parents is reaching out for help. The family has very little and is in desperate need of a helping hand. Any assistance for this family will be greatly appreciated. Thank you :) FAMILY IS STILL IN NEED OF BLANKETS, SPACE HEATERS AND WINTER CLOTHING FOR THE CHILDREN. jeans/joggers 18 womens, tops/hoody/sweaters XL, coat 2X, shoes/winter boots 9.5 2 mouse traps and a flannel throw blanket. 2 panties, sports bra, 2 tops, bar soap, deodorant, 32 oz. shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush, sponge, washcloth, manicure kit 124 11/11/2018 Son M 10 In desperate need of winter clothing, coat and boots. jeans/shirts/hoody/coat 18 boys, shoes/winter boots 7 winter beanie 125 11/11/2018 Daughter F 11 In desperate need of winter clothing, coat and boots. skinny jeans 14 girls, tops/hoody/coat S womens, shoes/winter boots 6.5 winter beanie 126 10/29/2018 Father M 65 This elder is in desperate need of new shoes, winter coat and boots. coat 1X,tennis shoes/winter boots 11 Father 65- size 11 shoes, 2 Pr. Socks, winter beanie 127 10/28/2018 Mother F 64 Elder is in desperate need of both tennis shoes and winter boots, and also a winter coat. Coat 1X, tennis shoes/winter boots 10 128 11/11/2018 Family
F 45 baby clothes, sleepers and socks for newborn grandson, diapers & wipes, body wash & shampoo, baby laundry soap, baby blankets Grandmother is asking for help with much needed items for newborn grandson boy baby clothes size 0-6 months; diapers sizes newborn to 1 sleepers and socks for newborn grandson, diapers & wipes, body wash & shampoo, baby laundry soap, baby blankets warm boy baby clothes size 0-6 months; diapers sizes newborn to 1 129 11/7/2018 Family
F 29 For daughter age 10 months: snowsuit, socks, shoes, diapers, baby wipes, body wash, lotion Parents would greatly appreciate assistance with basics for their baby daughter clothing size 12-18 months; shoes size 3 infant; diapers size 4 Snowsuit hat/gloves shoes socks 3 outfits shirts/pants sweater denim jacket 2 books/stuffed animals 2 pajamas 11/09/18 130 10/26/2018 Family
F Jackets, clothes and shoes/boots. This aunt is asking for help for her nephew and niece's. They are living with relatives at this time and have very few clothes between them. Winter jackets and shoes/boots would really be appriciated by the children. 131 11/8/2018 Niece F 12 Jacket, clothes and shoes. This young girl is living with relatives, along with her sister and brother. She has very few clothes and really needs some help. Pants; 4 ladies. Shirt; medium, ladies. Shoes; 8 Jacket; Medium, ladies. coat 132 11/8/2018 Niece F 17 Jacket, clothes and shoes/boots. This young girl is really in need of help. She and her sister and brother are staying with relatives, they have very few clothes, family is helping as much as they can. Pants; 6 womans. Shirt; Medium, womans. Shoes; 8. Jacket; Medium, womans. coat 133 10/26/2018 Nephew M 15 Jacket, clothes and shoes. This young lad is staying with family and really needs some help with clothes and shoes. He has very few clothes. Pants; 36 x 32. Shirts; XL. Shoes; 12. Jacket; XL. 134 11/13/2018 Family
F 43 Clothes and shoes and winter jacket. This is the first time this small family of mother, grandmother and grand daughter have asked for help. They live out in the country, where they often get snowed in. Some warm clothes will really help them. Pants; 12. Shirt; Large. Shoes; 8.5. Winer jacket; Large. F1: boots, jeans, 2 tops, tights, sweater dress F69: 2 fleece tights, 2 tops-11/3/18 135 11/13/2018 Granddaughter F 1 Snowsuit, clothes and shoes/boots. This cute 18 month old baby girl really needs a snowsuit, warm clothes and some shoes/boots. She lives with her grandmother and great grandmother, she brings them so much happiness. Pants; 18 - 24 months. Shirt; 18 - 24 months. Shoes; 5. Snowsuit; 18 - 24 months. 136 10/26/2018 Mother F 69 Winter jacket, clothes and shoes. This grandmother really needs a winter jacket and some warm clothes and shoes/boots. First time this Elder has asked for help. The reservation has already had some snow. Pants; sweat pants, Large. Shirts; XL. Shoes; 9. Jacket; XL. 137 10/25/2018 Family
F 26 For daughter age 1: snowsuit, diapers, socks Mother would greatly appreciate assistance with basic needs for her little girl. snowsuit size 2T; Luvs diapers size 4 (can only wear Luvs brand - allergic to all other brands) 138 11/11/2018 Family
F 70 Space heaters, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, dish soap, toilet paper, personal hygiene products...shampoo/conditioner, bar soap, tooth paste, etc. Any kind of food items would be greatly appreciated! Emerald is the sole provider for a household of 10 people. She is reaching out for help with basic necessities and clothing for her 2 great grandsons. She has never asked for help before but is asking now. Thank you! 4 food items Laundry detergent, dish soap, Pine Sol, Sponge, bar soap, 32oz. Shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, baby wipes, diaper rash cream, bandaids, ramen, washcloth, sports bra-11/7/18 139 11/11/2018 Great Grandson M 0 In desperate need of sleepers and onesies. Clothing size: 9 months Clothing size: 9 month 140 11/11/2018 Great Grandson M 1 Winter clothes, pj's, diapers. Please Note: L'Damien has a winter coat and boots. Clothing 2T, shoes 6c, diapers 4 Clothing 2T, shoes 6c, diapers 4 141 10/25/2018 Family
F 50 sewing machine, material and quilting supplies This 50 year old mother is going back to school to become a nurse....She needs to support herself while going to school and she thought she would make star quilts to sell. She was told by the school that she would not be able to have a job while doing her schooling but she thought in her free time she could make star quilts. She has made them in the past but stopped when her children were young. 142 11/1/2018 Family
F 65 clothing for granddaughter Elder grandmother asking for assistance with clothing for her 14 year old granddaughter JUNIOR SIZES: Pant size 7; shirts size XL; LADIES SIZES: shoe size 8; hoodie size L GIRL SIZES: clothing size 7 Clothes hygiene items 10/29/18 143 11/8/2018 Family
F 75 Winter jacket, hat and gloves. This Elder really needs a winter jacket, hat and gloves. Its very cold on the reservation. This lady hs never asked One Spirit for anything before. Winer Jacket; Medium. Hat and gloves. Grandson 23 Warm hoodie, hat and socks Grandson 34 Socks, hat, -11/06/18 144 11/10/2018 Grandson 26 Winter Jacket. This young guy left the reservation to find work, but there was no work available to him in Rapid City, so he had to return to his grandmothers home. Its very hard for a Native American to get work off the reservation. Winter Jacket; 3XL 145 11/9/2018 Grandson 34 Winter jacket. This young man lives with his grandmother, he has no work and has a lot of problems getting clothes for his size. Can somebody please help him with a winter jacket. He has never been on the OKINI listing before, Winter jacket; 4XL 1 4x warm coat,dress shirt, 4 tee shirts and a flannel shirt 146 11/8/2018 Grandson M 23 Winter jacket. This young lad who lives with his grandmother, really needs a winter jacket. He can't find any work, so having the basic's isn't an option, Please help to keep him warm through the winter. He has never been on the OKINI listing before, Winter jacket; XL. XL jacket 147 11/6/2018 Family
M 36 space heater, winter boots, pillows, diapers & wipes for babies The family would greatly appreciate having a space heater. It's use will allow very expensive propane to be used for cooking and heating at a lower setting. winter boots size 10 men, diapers sizes 4, 5, 6 148 10/21/2018 Daughter F 13 winter gloves and hat 149 10/21/2018 Daughter F 4 winter boots, coat winter boots size 8 child; winter coat size 10 150 10/21/2018 Son M 1 winter coat, socks TODDLER SIZE: coat size 5 151 10/8/2018 Son M 2 socks, winter coat and boots winter coat size 7; boots size 7T 152 10/8/2018 Son M 3 socks, winter boots and coat boot size 9T; coat size 8 153 10/26/2018 Family
F 74 Thermal underwear for her son. This Elder lives out in the country, her son does lots of work on the land around her home, he really needs some thermal underwear to help keep the cold out. Thermal bottoms Warm socks, Hat 11/06/18 154 11/6/2018 Son M 53 This guy lives with his Elder mum and helps her with day to day things. They live out in the country so its more of a struggle out there. He really needs some thermal tops and pants because he has to do a lot of work on the land around the home. Thermal top; 2XL. Thermal pants; XL boots, Thermal bottoms Warm socks, Hat 155 10/26/2018 Family
F 63 Blankets, space heaters, personal hygiene products...shampoo, body soap, any kind of food items. A grandmother has reached out for some much needed assistance. Very little income and could really use the help with winter coming. Thank you in advance for helping this family. :) pants 12, top L, coat XL, shoes 9.5 Space heater 1 king-sized blanket 1 pr women's joggers 1 pr women's sneakers 1 long-sleeve women's thermal shirt 1 women's sweatshirt 3 men's hoodies 2 men's joggers 1 pr men's winter boots 10/06/18 156 10/26/2018 Grandson M 14 Desperate need of winter apparel. MEN'S SIZES: joggers/sweatpants M, shirts/hoody/coat M, shoes 12 3 men's hoodies 2 men's joggers 1 pr men's winter boots 157 11/13/2018 Family
F Winer jacket/coat. This single mum asks for help with clothes, shoes and a snowsuit for her 15 month old baby girl. The reservation has already had snow this winter, a snowsuit would really keep this toddler warm. First time on the OKINI listing for this mum. Mother needs a winter jacket/coat as well. Winter jacket/coat, Large. winter jacket 158 11/13/2018 Daughter F 0 Snowsuit, Clothes and Shoes. This 15 month old baby girl who lives with her single mum really needs some clothes, shoes and a warm snowsuit to get her through the winter. Pants; 2T. Shirts; 2T. Shoes; 4c Snowsuit; 2T. winter jacket and snowpants Checkered leggings/ Top Peplum-Hum Top / Ruffled Joggers, Toddler T-Shirt, Devon Grey Throw, T-Shirt, Sweater, Unicorn PJ, Swan PJ, Printed PJ Pants/Top Outfit, 2 pair shoes 1 pair boots 159 11/11/2018 Family
M 50 jeans, t shirts, hiking boots, fleece or hoodie, socks and hygiene articles He walks everywhere and his shoes have given out. He is disabled and could use a helping hand. He likes to look nice and his clothing is wearing out. L/s or flannel shirts would be great Pants 33/32 Shirts xl, Shoes size 10 hat, scarf ect. and warm trousers XL warm hoodie warm high tops size 10 socks-11/7/18 160 11/1/2018 Family
F 24 Clothing for children and herself.. warm blankets, hygiene articles and baby care items, and pantry food this young mother is asking for help with clothing for her five children...she said she greatly appreciates when anyone helps her. she wasn't going to ask for anything for herself - but I pushed her and she admited she needed help too. Jeans 9 Sweat 7 - 9 (med) shirts Med shoes 8 or 8 1/2 Coat Large Baby: 1 outfit and 1 onesie Daughter 8: winter coat Son 4: 1 L/S shirt, 1 S/S shirt Son 6: 2 L/S shirts-11/7/18 161 11/1/2018 Son M 6 sweats, t shirts. underwear socks,, shoes,, hat & gloves This little boy is very slender - so if sending jeans they would have to be 7 slim skinny jeans. His Mom says he is happy with sweats. Jean 7 slim or sweats shirts 7 Shoes 13 shoes, 4 boxers 162 11/1/2018 Son M 0 clothing AND winter coat or snow suit. He is the baby of the family and he really needs clothing and a coat. He has been sick lately so he needs to stay warm. 9 -12 months Clothing coat 12 month shoes 3 baby hoodie, jeans, onesie 163 10/22/2018 Daughter F 2 shirts, leggins shirts, socks - shoes, snowboots, Coat, hat & mittens body lotion and body wash this little girl is as cute as a button but a little chubby. she needs stretchy clothes.... pants 5T leggins shirts size 6T Shoes 7 - has wide feet Coat 5 164 10/22/2018 Son M 4 Pants, shirts, underwear, socks, shoes,, hat, gloves, snow boots He is coming out of diapers and needs big boy underwear. He will be going to head start this fall and needs some clothes. Underwear 6 Pants 6 shirts 6 shoes 12 165 10/24/2018 Family
F 55 Queen sheets, blankets, dishes, curtain for her bedroom window (48x48), dish soap, Lysol, laundry detergent, toilet paper. Georgia recently moved back to the reservation due to health issues and to be closer to family that will now take care of her. She would be extremely grateful for any help getting her set up in her new home. Thank you! 1 queen size blanket-10/27/18 166 11/6/2018 Family
F 36 clothing, socks, laundry soap, lotion, apricot face scrub, baby shampoo/wash/lotion/wipes Parents are asking for help with clothing for their children and assistance with basic needs. 167 11/1/2018 Daughter F 17 clothing, socks, winter outerwear would appreciate: hair spray, hair ties, nail polish & remover, black mascara pants size 34x34; shirt size M (short sleeve & dress); black or brown boots size 9.5; underwear size 7; black coat L 168 11/1/2018 Daughter F 2 clothing, socks, winter outerwear, diapers clothes size 3T; boots size 8T; diapers 5; winter coat size 4T 169 11/1/2018 Daughter F 10 clothing, socks, winter outerwear YOUTH SIZES: pants size 16; shirts size 14; boots size 8.5; coat 16 170 11/1/2018 Daughter F 7 clothing, winter outerwear GIRL SIZES: shirts size 8; boots size 1.5; coat 10 171 11/1/2018 Son M 15 clothing, winter outerwear pants size 32x36 (tall); shirt size L-Long; shoes size 11.5; underwear size 30; coat size L-long; belt size 34 172 11/1/2018 Cousin M 16 clothing, shampoo & conditioner, comb, brush, toothpaste & tooth brush wears Old Spice cologne shoe size 12 (grey/white); underwear briefs (other than white) size 34; long black socks; black jacket (without hood) size L 173 10/21/2018 Son M 13 clothing, winter outerwear MEN SIZES: pants size 32x32; underwear size 32; coat L 174 11/1/2018 Family
F 37 winter boots, tampons & pads with wings, shampoo, towels & washcloths Family asking for help with clothing and basics while going through a difficult time. winter boots size 10; hoodie size 2X 175 10/21/2018 Daughter F 19 clothing pants size 5; shirt size L; jacket/hoodie size XL 176 10/15/2018 Son-in-law M 20 winter boots, socks shoes size 8.5 177 10/15/2018 Grandson M 1 clothing, socks, diapers, wipes clothing size 3T; diapers size 6 178 10/15/2018 Son M 15 winter boots, socks YOUTH SIZES: boots/shoes size 7; boxer underwear size M 179 10/15/2018 Daughter F 17 clothing, socks, winter boots pants size 5; shirt size L; boots size 8; jacket size XL 180 10/15/2018 Family
F 28 winter boots, gloves and hats for her children Daughter age 5 size 2; Son age 6 size 2.5 wide; Daughter age 9 size 5 181 11/11/2018 Family
F 49 Laundry detergent, dish soap, toilet paper, space heaters (to conserve propane), pantry items...rice, beans, canned fruits/vegetables/meats, flour, shortening, pancake mix...etc. COULD REALLY USE SOME DISHES AND SILVERWARE AS THEY CURRENTLY HAVE NONE. Julia and her sister are both disabled. Julia's son takes care of them both along with his 3 children. There are 9 people in the household all together but they make it work. Funds are very limited and so the family has reached out for help. Currently they have no dishes and find themselves reusing paper plates. They also run out of food before the end of the month. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! Pasta, 3 soup, 3 noodles, 3 rice, 4 beans, 1 rasins, 4 calenders, 4 can of tuna, Silverware, metal and plastic too. Reusable plastic cups, plates, bowls containers for food storage. 4 blue carry bags and dish soap-10/21/18 182 10/14/2018 Grandson M 9 This young man is in urgent need of winter clothing, coat, snow boots. He would also really like hair clipper/trimmer so that his grandma can keep him looking good for school. BOYS SIZES: clothing 10, coat 12, shoes 3 183 10/14/2018 Granddaughter F 11 Young girl in desperate need of some winter clothing, coat, shoes/winter boots She plays for the school volley ball team, so hair ties would be great! jeans 1 jrs., tops/hoody/coat s womens, shoes 7 184 10/11/2018 Grandson M 2 This little one is in urgent need of winter clothing, snow boots, stocking cap. clothing size 3T, shoe 8 185 11/12/2018 Family
F 29 winter clothing, socks, pantry items, baby items, laundry & dish soap, cleaning items, carpet fresh, Clorox, trash bags & toilet paper Single mom trying her best to provide for her family would greatly appreciate assistance winter coat size 1X; stretch pants size 13 186 11/12/2018 Son M 1 clothing, socks, warm sleepers, diapers & sensitive skin wipes, baby body wash/shampoo Little One will be 2 soon. Would greatly appreciate a musical toy (for sensory therapy) winter clothes size 3T; diapers (Huggies due to skin sensitivity) size 6; long socks size 2-3 year old; boots size 6T 2 L/S shirts 187 11/12/2018 Son M 0 clothes, diapers, socks, blankets, Destine, baby wipes, baby wash/shampoo, baby powder clothes and diapers size: newborn 4 flannel receiving blankets, 5 onesies, 6 pr socks, 5 sleepers 188 11/12/2018 Daughter F 7 clothing, socks enjoys music jeans size 7-8; shirts size 7-8; underwear size 7-8; winter coat size 7-8 1 L/S shirt 189 11/12/2018 Daughter F 8 clothing, socks enjoys painting and drawing jeans size 10-12; winter coat size 10-12; underwear size 10-12 2 L/S shirts, 1 winter jacket 190 11/10/2018 Family
M 54 2 space heaters, warm clothing, warm winter hat and socks, coffee, pantry items, toilet paper, liquid laundry & dish soap, sponges, dish & bath towels, washcloths, body wash & shampoo Urgent need of insulated coveralls, winter boots and extreme weather winter coat & gloves and space heaters. Ray in a trailer that is not weatherproof. Would greatly appreciate help keeping warm. extreme weather coat size L; insulated coveralls size M/L; insulated boots size 8; weatherproof gloves size L; jeans size 30x32; warm shirts size L; shoes size 7.5 Coveralls,hat, socks, towels, thermal top and bottom. Warm high tops, socks and hat-11/5/18 191 11/1/2018 Family
F 43 space heater, clothing, winter gloves, vaporizer for daughter, blankets, toothpaste & toothbrushes, laundry soap Mother & daughter moved back to the Rez and are living with her cousin until they can make it on their own. winter boots size 9.5 wide; winter coat size XL; bra size 38C; underwear size 7 192 11/1/2018 Daughter F 5 clothing, gloves loves going to school, learning ABCs and numbers; enjoys drawing & coloring; favorite color is purple YOUTH SIZES: pants size 8; shirts size 8-10; underwear size 10; shoes size 1; snowsuit size 10-12 193 11/7/2018 Family
F 32 warm clothing, socks, tooth brushes, laundry soap Young family no longer able to make it on their own has moved in with the grandmother Elder. They are not able to find work. pants size 13 long; winter coat size XL 194 10/29/2018 Son M 0 clothes, socks, diapers, baby powder clothes/sleepers with feet size 6-9 months; Huggies (sensitivity to other brands) diapers size 2; onsies size 6-9 months 195 10/29/2018 Daughter F 1 winter clothing, socks, diapers winter clothing size 3T; boots/shoes size 7T; winter coat size 4T; diapers size 5 196 10/25/2018 Significant other M 34 clothing, shoes & socks Winter coat size 2X; Hoodie size 2X; shoes size 12 197 10/24/2018 Daughter F 4 winter clothing clothing size 5T; shoes size 12; underwear size 4T; winter coat size 6T 198 10/13/2018 Son M 3 winter clothing, socks clothing size 4T husky; shoes size 10w; underwear size 3T; coat size 5T husky 199 11/2/2018 Family
M 24 Needs are jeans, tops, winter coat, hat, gloves, snow boots, blankets, underwear, hygiene articles - razors, deodorant, bodywash Clothing for son jeans 38/34 Tops XXL Coat XXL (warm) Shoes 11 underwear 34/36 for Dad: razors, deodorant 200 11/2/2018 Son M 6 jeans or sweat pants, l/s t shirts, hoodie, Winter Coat, Snowpants snow boots, mittens, hat, long johns, long socks. Hygiene - body wash, lotion, toothpaste and brush Little boys grow and he is going to be tall like his Dad and nothing fits. He is a tall and stocky little boy. He loves the outdoors and loves to go hiking through the woods with his Dad or go visit his grandpa. Pants 12 Husky Tshirts 14 Winter coat 14 shoes 5 underwear 10 snow boots 5 Socks for 6 shoe (long) Underwear 14 for son: 2 jeans, 2 shirts, 3 boxers, 2 socks 201 10/30/2018 Family
F Elder Pantry Food, toilet paper, laundry soap, blankets Lovely Elder in urgent need of food and necessities 1 twin blanket 10/05/18 202 10/26/2018 Family
M 69 Winter coat, hat, gloves, snowboots, scarf, jogging pants and socks, hygiene articles - razors and body wash Blankets. He is a veteran an has been in and out of hospital. He is the beloved head of the family and his health is deteriorating and is on oxygen....he really needs a helping hand. Winter Coat XXL Snowboots 10 1/2 Underwear Large pants 46/30 shoes 10 1/2 shirts XXL 4 Blankets-11/1/18 203 10/11/2018 Family
F 75 clothing, hygiene articles, pantry food for her beloved family Has no winter coat or snow boots, gloves and hat. socks. She would love a pair of sweat pants with an elastic waist. She is Petite. An elderly grandmother is asking for help for herself and her family....She asks very little and only when there is great need. For herself she is asking for pants, tops, socks snow boots and a winter coat Pants 9/ 10 Tops XL shoes 7 Undies 6 coat XL


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