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Hi Hudavaid,

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Hello! I just read over your new article, and it's looking great so far! I put a stub tag on it, just because some of the steps could use some formatting and other additions. But it's off to a great start, and with a few more edits, I think we can get rid of that stub tag. Thank you for your contribution!

At 16:25, Oct 16, 2019



Thanks for starting a new article on How to Make South Asian Paan - it's great you're eager to help out here! Are you with the WSU group?

I took a look at the article and I think it could benefit from some more copyediting and formatting to match our formatting guidelines. In general, comprehensive articles where each step is an action for the reader to take, starting with a verb, tend to be approved more often. It also helps to make sure there are no errors in the writing or grammar (including unnecessary capitalizations), divide the article into parts (see those formatting guidelines), and flesh out your ideas as much as possible, using research sources if possible.

Good luck with the editing process! If you have more questions, I'd be happy to help.

At 19:04, Oct 16, 2019


Thanks for your edits on Make South Asian Paan.

Cheers for working more on this! I did some further formatting for you, . Can you add the ingredient quantities to that section? It'll help readers to know how much they're going to need.

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