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At 02:12, Sep 15, 2019


Hi Krzn,

Thanks for joining our community.

As you explore, you can check out our to learn more about wikiHow.

If you want to start helping right away, you might like our , which lets you find and improve articles on topics you know about.

Leave a message on my talk page if you have any questions about how wikiHow works. I’d be happy to help!

At 12:29, Sep 15, 2019


Hey there,

Really awesome job picking videos for us! Keep up the good work :)

At 20:37, Sep 15, 2019


Hey again,

Thanks so much for helping out with patrolling! I know it can be a bit tricky at first, but don't worry - it's normal to get feedback, ask questions, and skip the edits you're not positive about.

Do you have any questions so far? I'm happy to help if you do!

At 23:29, Sep 17, 2019


No prob - exploring is great! What made you decide to sign up here?

At 00:53, Sep 18, 2019


Thanks for the TU!

At 02:15, Sep 18, 2019


That's great to hear - always nice when someone gets the help they're looking for and it inspires them to help in return!

What kinds of topics are you most interested in here?

At 02:43, Sep 18, 2019


Nice - I'm big on the family life stuff myself, too, but mostly for reading/learning, rather than sharing advice. We've got an 11-month-old at home, so always more to learn about babies and milestones right now...!

Well I hope you keep enjoying editing - let me know what questions you have as you find your feet. I'd be happy to help :)

At 03:03, Sep 18, 2019


Aw thanks - every day a new adventure, with a baby who's about to walk, hahah. She keeps us on our toes but it's lots of fun, too.

Happy wikiHowing!

At 06:11, Sep 18, 2019


Great to hear that! :)

At 18:48, Sep 18, 2019


Hey again,

I wanted to give you a heads-up that you were featured in our weekly today. Big cheers for helping to improve our advice last week :)

At 21:57, Sep 18, 2019


Thank you for the TU! Have a great day!

At 00:46, Sep 19, 2019


Thanks for your help categorizing articles! That's a great task to chip in with. Your help there is really appreciated!
I did notice, though, that there might be some better possible choices for a few of the articles you categorized. One "trick" to categorizing articles properly is to search for more specific keywords. That way, you drill down to the most narrow and correct category, rather than a very broad one. You can also check out our category list to see what options there are in each area.
If you aren't sure of the best category choice, you can always skip that article. Or if you need more help, you can check out How to Categorize a wikiHow Article, or feel free to ask me or the Help Team. Thank you for all that you have done so far. I hope you keep up the great work!

At 00:45, Sep 20, 2019


Hi, I was patrolling recent changes and ended up reverting the edit you made to Stop a Friend from Copying Your Ideas. I wanted to give you the heads up on that because there's always the chance I made a mistake and you were really just trying to make the page better. So if that's the case, please reply.

At 00:51, Sep 20, 2019


It's okay, I got it switched back again. Just be cautious when patrolling, because a wrong click in Recent Changes Patrol can make things a little messy for readers. :)

At 01:12, Sep 20, 2019


Who are you?

At 16:57, Oct 02, 2019


Hey there!
Thank you for helping out with Spell Check! I really appreciate you improving the articles by taking the time to fix spelling errors!

I just wanted to let you know that the tool sometimes gets words wrong and thinks a word is misspelled when it really isn't. When you see something you are not sure is correctly spelled, please take the time to Google the word to see if it is legitimately used around the web. For brand names, such as wikiHow, look at the official website to see how it is supposed to appear. If it is apparent that the word is correct, it is important to clickNo, it's correct. That way the word will go in the wikiHow dictionary and no one will be asked about it in Spell Check again.

If you do see something that you are certain is a typo or misspelling, like "freind" instead of "friend," please clickYes, I'll fix it, then do so.

You and other volunteers have helped reduce the number of words needing to be checked and worked to create an awesomely accurate dictionary, so thanks again for helping out with spell checking! Your effort is greatly appreciated! If you have any questions, please let me know.


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