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(28623) Frank said I'm a male and i couldn't disagree more with most of what you've said so why don't you just speak for yourself?
Boy, oh boy, did I hurt some feelings? I was talking about the stereotypical male, that pays little attention to inward retrospection and tetrafilotomy (if the construct carry meaning its a valid word). Now you might be one of those mythical males, in intimate touch with his feminine side and that's fine.
And of course I only speak for myself, are you new on this thing called internet? Everyone speaks for him/herself. You need a disclaimer for that? Like 'Watch Out, Coffee is Hot' at McDonalds? Geez.
So instead of your sour retort why don't explain what you mean, how feelings affect your judgement, how you're able to deconstruct your urges and how it might affect your future sexual performances, due to the habituating brain fatigue over the repeated stimulus, as described by dr. Lehmiller?
bleumune said BTW, if you ever feel like doing anything with Triss Merigold, you might think about using any of the images featuring Disharmonica in the cosplay role.
She's definetely a stunner. I'd still rather use XNALara with the ripped textures from the actual games, it allows me to model the face, to simulate better the anger or the pain.
frog said Keep on brainfarting and tetrafilotomizing.
Thanks, I'll do my very best (which is not much, I knowsmile).
lurker10 said You've contributed at least 225 items to the forum since Ralphus and Amy moved it in March 2014, including 53 rack scenes.
You've saved them all?!   28622) Navyrotor  IP loggedTuesday, 9 October 2018 12:55 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink
(28622) Oh dear God, the possibilities...   28621) frog  IP loggedTuesday, 9 October 2018 08:15 AM Permalink
(28621) "You have refused to answer me, puta! Now I have no choice but to leave you alone with 'El Loco'!" --Commander Gomez's icy tone made her look at the man holding the taser-- "Believe me, you would have preferred my methods."
28579) Online_Ratt As promised. Not totally satisfactory, but a start.   28620) Covers the Relentless  IP loggedTuesday, 9 October 2018 07:46 AM Permalink
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Das größte extremste Folter-Geschichten-Archiv mit über 3500 Geschichten/ update jede Woche!
The Biggest Most Extreme Torture Story Archive with over 3500 stories / update every week!

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28570) Covers the Relentless wrote:
JD, not only do I save your images, I have a folder just for your stuff. Arcas is the only other individual on the GIMP forum who rates a folder. I'd say that my favorites of your stuff are the ones where I can identify the characters, so Star Trek, Star Wars, and Buffy are the best. I never could get interested in Stargate.
Ditto. I do extended filenames, so my picture folder is searchable. You've contributed at least 225 items to the forum since Ralphus and Amy moved it in March 2014, including 53 rack scenes.
Oh yeah; your racks are definitely Not Safe For Children. Mechanical advantage 10:1 or better.
Thanks very much. Keep 'em coming.

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(28617) JD wrote (and displayed one of his images): "From the Witcher universe (sorry Covers), Castle Stygga where Yennefer is captured by Vilgefortz and 'neutralised' by having her half-impaled with a demeritium rod, then secured around her neck. That should keep a sorceress tranquil."
JD, that is one great image. I know there's not much happening, but the sheer threat and terror of the victim's bondage as she waits to learn her fate has to be terrifying. Great job on the skin texture and the mood lighting. BTW, if you ever feel like doing anything with Triss Merigold, you might think about using any of the images featuring Disharmonica in the cosplay role. See image for why I think she's scrumptuous.   28616) Fritz  IP loggedMonday, 8 October 2018 10:14 PM Permalink

Arcas wrote:
Alex wrote: I hope Undisclosed Location is posted as a complete series somewhere once each image has been put at the top of the forum.
I'd be open to that, if someone cared to format it for the site's comics section.

Many moons ago I put the GIMP comics section to bed, ostensibly due to lack of interest – not the least of which was my own. A call for a new proprietor went unanswered. There were some contributions and suggestions which I incorporated, and one person (Flinstone if I recall) left a few comments on the forum. But given the lack of discussion, eventually I found the project unrewarding.
It's been suggested that the complete “Undisclosed Location” series be uploaded in one place, perhaps the comics section. Several years ago Arcas kindly shared one of his stories (“Taken”) with me, as well as accompanying text written by Mishmish. I formatted the material into a comic-style presentation (not as easy as it seems) and posted what was effectively new, or at least enhanced Arcas work. The comics section also features two other Arcas series.
Not a single comment or acknowledgement appeared on the site about any of this.
In an effort to publish older, revised, or English-language material, I spent considerable time soliciting, scanning, restoring and translating a variety of what I considered rare or otherwise interesting finds. For a while this was fun, but when it became clear few GIMPers shared my enthusiasm, I ran out of steam (not to mention material). Seeing the comic section entries pop up all over the 'net with others taking the credit didn't help.
However, after receiving some more contributions and finding some worthy candidates, I decided to post an update earlier this year. To my surprise, I discovered the slide-show plug-in for Adobe Bridge has been dropped from CC, so the engine that runs the comic sequences now relies on Flash (which is neither universal, nor viable for creating new output without significant financial outlay).
I've tried many alternatives, but most slideshow programs suffer from one or more shortcomings. Many require proprietary runtime environments or play as executables or as multi-media files at preset sizes, playback speeds, etc. Almost none can be launched directly from browsers by inserting HTML code. A PDF file seemed the best option, but again it must be preset by the user and is better suited for reading text (scrolling) than very long hair drawings 2018 viewing images in sequence. PDFs cannot be launched seamlessly from all browsers, and of course they require that Acrobat be installed. My best choice so far is a tool which converts Powerpoint presentations to HTML, but this application is aimed at academia and is not cheap.
I suppose I could just post archive files and let people download and unpack the contents (already an option). But there are enough dumping grounds for this sort of stuff to be found elsewhere. As Ralphus knows well, I'm nothing if not stubborn, and I'm not about to change the comic section format because of Adobe's greed. If someone else wants to start a non-visual library, be my guest.
In the meantime, I haven't given up. I enjoy a challenge. If anyone has a suggestion that solves the problem, please let me know – and most likely I'll explain why it won't work. Please make sure you understand the criteria though. The solution should work in much the same way as the current slide show app, which requires only a switch to full-screen display.
Sorry for the long post, but since I fear some readers might suspect I've barred Arcas from the comics section – nothing could be further from the truth – here's why I can't accommodate his suggestion at the moment.

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(28615) ”Choose! - A... or B...!
She cocked her head in utter disbelief as he leveled the gun at her. He couldn’t be serious... the GIMP poll was a hypothetical - just something to ponder as a fantasy...
Except it wasn’t, he explained. The horrible reality was that she had been chosen to star in the next feature release for the black market filmmaker ReelSnuff.. There was no escape for the future starlet who would dazzle fans around the world. She would either meet her demise over days of filming a storyline as a captured enemy spy... or as the victim of a crazed serial killer. Either way, she was to blaze new cinematic ground.
CHOOSE!, he barked... and she knew that A was inevitable at that moment - and in fact her trembling mouth began to form the letter...   28614) frog  IP loggedMonday, 8 October 2018 04:48 PM Permalink
(28614) There are so many possibilities with the Barbarian Queen. A possible variation, not sure how it will end yet.
@Ed Could not agree more, re the Undisclosed Location pics. Also, besides the wedge, did you notice the taser? [] I think we are in for a good show.
28581) Nia wrote: “but for all the compelling arguments for A, no one has mentioned why they in particular find that scenario arousing. I would love to hear the psychological reasons why that excites you as the reader or observer.”
There is really no one answer to this interesting petition, because a scene can be viewed from different perspectives. I will, however, try to explain the psychological reasons why a chose A even though B also has undeniable merits.
Psychologically I prefer the dispassionate interrogator for several reasons, some of which I have already stated. I start from the premise that I am a spectator or voyeur, and not the interrogator. It’s no concern of mine whether or not the victim is sexually aroused by her humiliation and pain, or for that matter if the interrogator is sexually aroused or not.
What will get me aroused, then, is the interaction between the questioner and his prisoner. Their interaction should produce psychological and physical anguish on the GIMP for me to enjoy. A professional interrogator will know how to prolong terror and pain in such a way that his victim is not quickly snuffed or injured beyond repair.
The victim, on the other hand, has little prospect of release, since her oppressor is not in the game to get his rocks off. She also has very little power in the equation. Her only power over the interrogator is what she knows, the secret he wants to get at. But that will wither soon enough. For example, political prisoners in South America during the 1970s were told by their political cronies to hold on for at least 24-48 hours. After that, they could talk without considering themselves traitors to the cause.
So my choice rests mainly on the fact that as spectator I will, most probably, be able to enjoy the show for a longer time in scenario A.
If, however, I was in the interrogators role, then we could probably talk of a power exchange between me and my prisoner. In a sense, she drives the scene; for it is her reactions to what I threaten to do, or what I do to her, that will produce my arousal. She is then a type of fatal attractor and not just a cipher in my interrogation success statistics.
Hence, there is a sort of psychological dialectic in which the master is not master without the slave and, on the other hand, the slave is not slave without the master. Then my task would be to elicit pleasure-pain from the GIMP because that is what will give me pleasure. This is more of a B type situation and the interrogation will be just a prop to aid sexual gratification and not a real interrogation.
I have probably not satisfactorily explained my psychological motives for the choice I made, but it is the best I can produce with the time at my disposal and at the risk of boring everyone.
28579) Online_Ratt Great pic! Thanks. Getting her ready for some harsh interrogation.
28571) esso wrote: “Frog: If I’d known trashed was a typo I never would have said anything, as I am sure I have made uncountable such errors myself. It is just that I have seen this mistake so many times over the years I do not even bat an eye when it appears.
Au contraire! I’m glad you pointed it out. I do not like typos in my work. Typos are mistakes, so correction is always welcome. Remember, one of my personas is an Inquisitor; and inquisitors have no tolerance for error, particularly stubborn refusal to admit error and persist in heresy.
28570) Covers the Relentless wrote: “28552) JD wrote: It's endearing that people save my brainfarts. I always assumed when I post that they take a look and move on.” I, like Covers, also have a folder just for JD’s brainfarts, as he calls them. I think he does very good work, particularly with the atmospheric light and shade.
Keep on brainfarting and tetrafilotomizing (I must disagree with Nia and say, it is indeed a word, though maybe not in the dictionary). Great neologism, made me smile.   28613) Troicha  IP loggedMonday, 8 October 2018 04:36 PM Permalink

In my opinion Cleo was definitely the most physically attractive submissive you have ever featured.
Having finally gotten to watch WOP 23 after the couple months since its release, I must say i loved her sassy and defiant attitude......VERY ENTERTAINING!!!
Considering that is the first I ever saw of her being submissive, has she indicated a yes/no as to further submissive role?
And thank you for the GIF of Amanda!

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(28612) A late addition to the recent pirate theme. The Frothy Bowsprit by Brian Tarsis is a comic about the daughter of a duke being captured by pirates. She is whipped and used by the crew before being tied to the bow. The whole story can be found at []
In anime, the Goblin Slayer adaptation has premiered it's first episode and new show Boarding School Juliet featured an attempted rape scene. Scenes that might interest people here
Both episodes currently can also be seen in full on Youtube.
On Sankaku Complex there's screenshots of both episodes.
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JD said "I don't think any man worth his salt ever pay attention to such details...For a male like us, that's the discriminating factor."
I'm a male and i couldn't disagree more with most of what you've said so why don't you just speak for yourself?

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@ lionrobe
Thanks for that pic from BAMBOO HOUSE OF DOLLS. My favorite thing about it is the sadistic lesbian Japanese version of "Ilsa", complete with a strap-on dildo! She loves her job! wink
BTW, I never voted in that poll, but I vote YES... the sadist should be sexually excited by the torture. It makes no sense to me otherwise.   28609) boccaccio  IP loggedMonday, 8 October 2018 01:29 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink
(28609) As Ed suggested the use of the word 'interrogator' in the poll question tilts the argument somewhat. Interrogation, per se, is not a significant element in most of my stories.
Usually my villains are not in search of information at all; they are in a position of power over a young woman (revenge of a slight real or imagined is often an element) and in search of sexual pleasures, the most satisfying of which involve cruelty.
Their sexual arousal - and that of their henchmen - is a keynote of the story. However unlike Ed's villains they typically do not, um, unholster themselves until just before the final assault.
I think there was a recent poll regarding whether one woman or plural women constituted the ideal victim scenario. I don't think we've done a poll regarding whether scenes with one one villain, or with more than one were preferred. I hadn't really thought about it in such terms before, but thinking back, most if not all of my 'thrill scenes' involve multiple villains (although sometimes one or more serve primarily as voyeur(s), not actors.
So, if I may be permitted to substitute 'villain' or 'tormentor' for 'interrogator, I am very strongly in the B camp. So much so that the torments my villains dish out are constrained to some extent by the fact that they do not want to permanently disfigure or injure (much less maim or kill) the victim, who they intend to preserve as a source of sexual pleasure for the foreseeable future.   28608) Ralphus  IP loggedMonday, 8 October 2018 01:19 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Latest poll results...
How do you prefer your interrogators?
A. Coldly dispassionate and professional, or 30 votes
B. Sexually aroused by their captives’ torture?
7 votes
And explain why you feel this way
This has turned into probably the most lopsided poll we've had in years, with currently 81% of voters preferring those coldly dispassionate interrogators.  Good for them, don't let an erection spoil your quality work.
But you're not gonna tell me this interrogator didn't get a bit of a stiffie in this scene.
lionrobe wrote:
28599) Danny
Love your "bamboo house of dolls"

I really like this one, too.  Very original and brutal torture technique.  Love those wacky Japanese.  Are you the one creating these "nurses" artworks, or are they from somewhere else?

  28607) lionrobe  IP loggedMonday, 8 October 2018 12:00 PM Permalink
(28607) 28599) Danny
Love your "bamboo house of dolls"   28606) Ed  IP loggedMonday, 8 October 2018 11:23 AM Permalink

Gotta say, this new Arcas is shaping up nicely. Metal frame, and genital wedge. I'm looking forward to the next few with bated breath.

  28605) Ed  IP loggedMonday, 8 October 2018 11:21 AM Permalink

Eda: Also, it is not that I do not like the B scenarios. Sometimes the fact that the captor doesn’t really care about getting information is the most terrifying. That is why, after a captive talks in the A scenario, I they often face the realization (too late) that their torture is far from over, but will continue as punishment rather than for information.
Exactly. The poll specified interrogation the wrenching of information by torment. In thaqt case, cold and calculated is likely more effective. But once the victim has broken and given up all she knows, what rationale does the captors have to let her go? She's politically dead. No, NOW is the time that she learns that all of her strength, her stubbornness in holding out isn't only futile, but hasn't spared her anything.
Now that she is no longer a source of information, she is nothing but a source of sadistic pleasure. NOW the true horror begins...
But this is my fantasy, not reality.

  28604) Eda  IP loggedMonday, 8 October 2018 09:49 AM Permalink

Nia, I think we actually agree much more than disagree. If I gave the impression that I thought the victim’s chance of survival in A was greater than B, I misled you. I think the chances of survival in B are greater for the reasons that you state. But I don’t think that a captive’s mind instantly accepts that there is no chance. Which is part of the psychological dynamic. I think that at first she thinks there is at least a chance for rescue or escape, and, when she realizes that there is not, vows not to betray her comrades (just as you noted). I think, however, that, as the torture increases, she begins to question why she is protecting those responsible for getting her into her horrible and hopeless situation, which leads her to start to think that betraying them might stop her pain, but, even if it does not, they deserve the same fate as she. And finally, she just prays for the end of the pain, even if it means death, and will do whatever it takes toward that aim.
I prefer scenes where the captors are strong organizations and not simply crazed individuals for precisely the reason that escape is hopeless when there is no one to run to for assistance because the authorities (or equivalent) are themselves the captors.
Also, it is not that I do not like the B scenarios. Sometimes the fact that the captor doesn’t really care about getting information is the most terrifying. That is why, after a captive talks in the A scenario, I they often face the realization (too late) that their torture is far from over, but will continue as punishment rather than for information.
I have posted too much on this topic (because I did start the poll), and will now step aside on further discussion as I think I have done my best to express my views on it.

  28603) JD  IP loggedMonday, 8 October 2018 08:53 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Nia said I am a Psychiatrist by trade, so the psychological dynamic in a power exchange is what interests me more than the physical.
I don't think any man worth his salt ever pay attention to such details. That's obviously a woman job. Unlike females, males are acutely aware about what interest them (in the bulging way) and what not. Some (less perverted) I assume can perform both ways, in normal sexual situations as well as in BDSM ones. The more fucked up require a BDSM element to get their hard-ons. For a male like us, that's the discriminating factor.

  28602) Covers the Relentless  IP loggedMonday, 8 October 2018 08:11 AM Permalink
(28602) Vartan No113 (1-29-1974)   28601) Nia  IP loggedMonday, 8 October 2018 07:56 AM Permalink

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I find it interesting that you feel that you would have more of a chance as the victim in scenario A. Usually, when I put myself into your stories, I feel that there is no hope of survival. I believe in my cause, so I will not give up my friends, because I know there is no hope whether I talk or not.
In scenario B, there's a chance of survival at least. My captor wants me alive for his sexual pleasure and is by his nature an amateur. So, all kinds of different scenarios can play out where I live through the ordeal.
I'm going to have to re-read some of your stories and hopefully see what I've been missing from your point of view.
Thank you. There is a lot to think about in there. At first glance, I see the typical power exchange reasoning, which is certainly valid.
But then you go into some details on how important the build up is. You are so right. If the characterization is done well in a story, then you do associate and feel for the characters. To me, getting me engaged in the characters lives and feelings is the most important factor, to the point of making either A or B palatable.
LOL, tetrafilotomy is not a word. But I see what you did there. Clever.
I am a Psychiatrist by trade, so the psychological dynamic in a power exchange is what interests me more than the physical. But that is just another difference between most men and women. I don't think that is splitting hairs.

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Poll question: I'm going to (boringly) join the majority, and pick A. As for why - other people have raised most of the considerations that would weigh with me. I think the simplest point, though, is realism; in most (not all) GIMP scenarios that interest me, the person inflicting the violence is in a position of power, and the sort of position of power where overt displays of sexual desire would look incongruous and implausible.
There are exceptions, especially in kidnap scenes, and I'd be happy with B for those. But my choice is still A overall - kidnap scenes etc. work well with an (apparently) cold, dispassionate kidnapper, but the other way round? Not for me.

  28599) Danny  IP loggedMonday, 8 October 2018 05:55 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink
(28599) Tip Toes Nurses   28598) JD  IP loggedMonday, 8 October 2018 03:00 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink
(28598) Covers the Relentless said JD, not only do I save your images, I have a folder just for your stuff. Arcas is the only other individual on the GIMP forum who rates a folder. I'd say that my favorites of your stuff are the ones where I can identify the characters, so Star Trek, Star Wars, and Buffy are the best. I never could get interested in Stargate. wink
Woaaa... really? Not even I would go to that length. I mean once you get accustomed with the 'message' they become boring, isn't it? Did you ever went back again through them? To me, they are like firecrackers... one use only then they are spent.
Kelderek: I like most the soft glow of your model. Oneday I'll learn to do that too. smile
From the Witcher universe (sorry Covers), Castle Stygga where Yennefer is captured by Vilgefortz and 'neutralised' by having her half-impaled with a demeritium rod, then secured around her neck. That should keep a sorceress tranquil.   28597) JD  IP loggedMonday, 8 October 2018 12:53 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

BDSM-FITNESS said You lack Asian and Ebony models.
Right! Despite the fact that Hungary has an abundance of black and asians women that fill the streets like a flooding river looking for opportunities in BDSM careers... yes, I find that actually racist and should disqualify any boss in ElitePain to ever be nominated for the Supreme Court in the future.

  28596) Jarpi  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 11:57 PM Permalink
(28596) The first suit was better.   28595) Navyrotor  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 06:32 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink
(28595) And here is said heroine, just before her capture. Nothing like the feel of a tight, neoprene wetsuit as it’s stripped from a well-endowed woman... and the promise of enhanced conductivity thanks to the salt water on her taut skin, as she’s strapped into the interrogation chair.   28594) Navyrotor  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 06:18 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink
(28594) For Those Who Are Squarely in the ‘A’ Camp...
...the lovely lieutenant stands by to strap in our heroine who has been caught behind enemy lines. Sometimes a scene is all about good furniture and costuming.   28593) lionrobe  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 06:01 PM Permalink
(28593) []
182 pics of breasthanging
Enjoy, please   28592) thx1139a  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 05:41 PM Permalink

Re the poll... my answer is... yes!
I find option A the more attractive of the two, I guess... not sure why. But option B is also of interest... the only thing I don't care for is a ranting yelling villain who is making more noise than the subject... I want to hear HER not him...

  28591) BDSM-FITNESS  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 01:16 PM Permalink

Hi Mood pictures and Elitepain
Feedback, idea and suggestions - PLEASE consider / discuss. Thank you for your time.
We have some feedback on fantasy story lines, if you are interested, however, you have a wide range and variation, the content of any story lines is an individual preference, depending on, own personal and group interests and likes.
We are of course, all different, not all will share or have the same fantasy story lines.
Video production, very good overall quality and camera angels. Add in some slow motion and shoot at 60 frames per second in ultra high definition.
You lack Asian and Ebony models
Suggestions in brief - BDSM Fitness competitions certificate and contests, which contains a full medical eyes, ears, mouth, Measurements, breast exam etc) and exercise with hair tied back up into a bun.
The 3 judges on quality performances mark the 3 model contestants.
Exercises like jumping jacks, sit-up, squat, squat thrusts, Skipping Ropes.
Pain fitness (elite level). Models. 1st round in final in is normal dressed in posing suit, high heels, tan, covered in body oil, hair tied up and back, face makeup. Introduced one at a time, the first contestant number 34 who is age, height, weight, measurements, etc).
Doing the posing routine quarter turns, (front relaxed pose, front, right, back, left, front) at each quarter turn the electric cattle prod is used, getting 100 USD for each 5 100 = 500 USD
Pain fitness rules
Dressed in posing suit, high heels, tan, covered in body oil, hair tied up and back, face makeup, for females. Dressed in posing suit, tan, covered in body oil, for males. The contestant may pass, on one or more items (if elect to pass on 2 electric cattle prod the total will be 1200 USD).
The winner is the contestant with the most money; all other contestants get half their own totals.
Fitness 2nd round is a circuit workout round for 7 mins completely naked. May Consists of rowing of 200m, 15 jumping jacks, 5 sit-ups and 5 push-ups, 5 dips and 5 chin-ups each worth 200 USD. Each completed circuit is worth 1200 USD. Can passes on one of them after a completed circuit. i.e. if the contestant passes on the 5 dips will lost 200 USD.
Fitness 3rd round is the whipping round. Naked. Various whips are used in sets of 5, after 5 strokes we go back to body comparisons posing routine quarter turns.
The winner is the contestant with the most money.
An idea for a series Elite spy school or combat school – some story lines may or will be similar and adding on variation on others story lines - spy interrogation – painful dual.
Research, experiment what about fantasy story line on body oil, the students are completely covered in body oil, research into, is the whipping more effective with the body oil than without and hooked up to a real live heart rate monitor.
We hope the feedback etc is of some interest, useful and discussion time.
Thank you for your time.
Best regards - good luck

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(28590) You have two options... You can tell me the names of your collaborators... or my colleague can flick the switch on the control box again...
Here is a new render, my contribution to the discussion on interrogators.
I think this one falls into category A (Coldly dispassionate and professional) smile   28589) JD  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 12:48 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Nia said The conversation on this topic has been fascinating, but for all the compelling arguments for A, no one has mentioned why they in particular find that scenario arousing.
Not being a woman, I'm not really good at tetrafilotomy (the art of splitting hairs in four). All I'm aware is that I get an almost painful erection witnessing scenario A and a tendency to change the channel in scenario B. I'm not sure it's a valid explanation but that's the best I can think of. I believe that's what a gay asked why he likes other men would answer as well.
The only way to make worse a B scenario (with torturer having sex with the vic) is when the vic enjoys it and is getting an orgasm.

  28588) Navyrotor  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 11:23 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink
(28588) Nia 28581:
Interesting question you pose: why do we - I - find the scenario of an interrogation scene so arousing?
I suppose the reason we don’t answer that to your satisfication, if at all, is that it is just so innate to someone like me, anyway. I recall the commercial (for what, I don’t remember) that asks: “Why ask why?” It’s simply part of my makeup... my admittedly perverse nature; which I acknowledge makes little sense, as I would NEVER consider harming a woman in real life.
But to try to answer the ‘why,’ nonetheless: it’s first and foremost the stark contrast between an achingly beautiful woman and the ugly harshness of her situation; the thought that someone so perfect can be rendered so helpless and made to suffer; the unjustness of it; the horror of it; the situation she finds herself in, is just arousing in and of itself. That’s reflective, I think, of our human nature, man or woman, in a larger sense - that we constantly battle our demons, whatever they are. That was built in to us, perhaps so we can gain the perspective about what goodness actually means. Without the contrast, without the battle, we wouldn’t be able to seek justice.
Most well-done GIMP scenes are mainstream because they seem so real - like someone we can connect to through a character that we care for and are sexually aroused by, like a Mariska Hargitay who is kidnapped and tortured. We want her to escape because we admire her beauty and her strength as a woman, and a detective. Yet our pulse quickens and we breathe quicker as she is captured, bound and the torture nears. We want that to play out, to see her try to escape, to delay the inevitable; but yet we want her to be hurt, to scream and to cry - and are immensely aroused when she does. We want to rescue her, as men, but are disappointed when the rescue happens.
The buildup is important, as I’ve said on this forum before. That she believes there can be some hope is key - because part of the arousal for the captor is knowing that he holds that power over her - not just to inflict pain on her, but to crush her spirit; to end her hope. To control beauty is important, because we want to appreciate, possess and “use” that beauty for our own selfish ends, and not let it ever get away. That moment when it’s extinguished, and the tears flow and the shaking starts, is pure magic as a result. We’ve conquered her.
By the same token however, so many say that it’s all about “power,” not sex. I’ve never thought that, though the power dynamic is central, obviously, for the reasons I stated above. The sexual nature is equally important, and in fact one can’t go without the other. The point of the entire thing is a deeply-held sense of perverse, selfish sexual gratification. That another human being is suffering for me... because of me... and I have the power to end it, or continue it, is mind blowing in an inherently sexual way.
Many, I think, like the cold, clinical approach to the torture. So do I; but I also want to be close to the victim - physically - so I can smell her breath, sense her fear, hear her whimpers, taste her tears. It really is an intimate experience in the end... and a completely unbalanced, selfish, unfair one. Perhaps, in the end, that’s what it is. We - especially men - are ego-driven, and selfish at our core, and we fight those tendencies in varying degrees our whole lives. To abandon all caution and embrace what’s so much easier and satisfying is arousing in a way that nothing else can be.
As I re-read this, it doesn’t come close to answering your excellent question. But perhaps it informs the complicated dynamics that are in the heads of people like me.   28587) LL  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 10:48 AM Permalink

Covers, do you have those Vartan fumetti, maybe in a shareable format, or have you just the... well... covers?
I have a few (more Walalla and Isabella than Vartan) and know rarely the inside quality compares to the cover, but it's always interesting to see "new" ones.
For the poll, write me up as voting A. B can be a nice appetizer or a dessert, never the main course.

  28586) Ed  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 10:31 AM Permalink

Answering A to the question also begs the question of where the prisoner is coming from. Is she a true conspirator, desperately trying to hide information from the government interrogators? Or an innocent girl with nothing to offer? How would that dichotomy play out? And do the interrogators know which she is?
My personal sadistic impulses are known here. I can make my fantasy apply either way. So I offer this supposition as nothing more than food for thought--and to further complicate a straightforward poll question.
As Bugs would say, "Ain't I a stinker?"

  28585) Flintstone  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 10:12 AM Permalink

to Imp: re Goblinslayer - where is the site for that? Thanks.

  28584) Covers the Relentless  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 09:38 AM Permalink
(28584) Vartan No077   28583) Covers the Relentless  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 09:37 AM Permalink
(28583) Vartan No077 sandro_angiolini_original_art   28582) Eda  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 09:28 AM Permalink

Nia (25851) invited those of us who voted for A to explain the psychological reasons for that view. While I think that various of my posts have touched on that, I here accept the invitation:
I find A more complicated, and therefore more personally interesting. Since I, like Nia, usually imagine (or sometimes put) myself in the captive role, if that role is limited to being a victim, then all I can do is protest my innocence and scream. I find that to be the situation more frequently (though admittedly not always) when the captor is not a professional, but someone interested primarily in his own sexual satisfaction.
But if I am guilty of something sinister (spying, betrayal, treason, drug accomplice or the line), then I have (or think I might have) some small degree of power in the situation, which is my refusal to tell my captor what I know. The scene can therefore develop beyond what I see (and that, of course, is just my own view) as a more one-dimensional scene. With an interrogation scene controlled by a professional, the captor knows how (perhaps slowly, but inevitably) to break down his captive, and his captive goes through stages of psychological thought and dilemma as she is gradually broken down. Ultimately, after she talks (and we all have our pain thresholds), she will likely face added tortures (and possibly worse) not to make her talk further, but because she is guilty of serious crimes against her captor. And she presents a less sympathetic character because she is guilty and therefore one whom the reader/observer/torturer has no compunction identifying with her captor.
Some of you have noted that the poll focuses on interrogation scenes and not just torture, and this is a fair criticism to which I plead guilty in emphasizing my own kinks, as noted above, when I suggested the poll. So, yes, to a degree my explanation “cheats” some in that you might argue that the B type captor could still conduct an interrogation scene in a style that includes a guilty captive and the added psychological aspects of the interrogation scene largely unaffected. But, given the nature of my preferred scenes, I still find the dispassionate captor more to my liking. And I remind you that, when the poll opened, and several times since, I did acknowledge that it just sought a definite overall preference, and not a denial of the unchosen option (which, as Fritz noted, I too often include in my stories).

  28581) Nia  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 08:40 AM Permalink

I vote for B.
Being a sub, I put myself in the place of the victim and derive my excitement from the sexual energy of the scene. The cold, clinical stories of interrogation and torture just fuel my hatred of authority run amok.
While I appreciate the efforts and the writing skills of so many of the authors on this site, I normally get only a part of the way through a story before coming to the realization that this is making me angry rather than aroused. Those are stories for the people that voted for A.
The lopsided voting surprised some, but not me. I often find that I have very little to share here, although I read everything daily. Every once in a while I come out of lurking mode when maybe I have something to share, like on this survey.
The conversation on this topic has been fascinating, but for all the compelling arguments for A, no one has mentioned why they in particular find that scenario arousing. I would love to hear the psychological reasons why that excites you as the reader or observer.

  28580) Imp  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 03:27 AM Permalink
Rape scene from the new Goblin Slayer anime (Not Hentai)

View post on

  28579) Online_Ratt  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 01:18 AM Permalink
(28579) Also: +1 to Navyrotor's comments (28539). Sums it up for me perfectly.   28578) Online_Ratt  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 01:08 AM Permalink
(28578) @Ralphus -- thanks for posting the Arcas series. I thought I had seen most of his work, but this is new to me.
Re. the poll: I'm going to try very hard not to hedge here, but there are situations where I could go either way. If the purpose of the woman's captivity and interrogation is to actually get information out of her (in service to the state, the drug kingpin, or whomever), then I prefer A because that feels more realistic to me: possibly a rape first as a softening-up exercise, then intense interrogation using the most effective methods, and then perhaps some final enjoyment of the woman later. But in the interrogation phase, the focus should be on the job at hand -- because to the interrogator, it matters.
But that's not actually my preferred scenario. I lean more towards a good old-fashioned "man (or men) capture a woman primarily to have her" and any interrogation they happen to perform is not serious but part of the game of humiliating her. In this scenario, it's fine for the interrogator to be sexually aroused by the torture (in fact, that's pretty much the point of it) because he doesn't have to stay focussed on the questions and answers, trying to elicit answers and discern fact from fiction. It's just part of the fun.
So I'm going to assume the interrogation is in the context of my preferred scenario and go with B.   28577) Fritz  IP loggedSunday, 7 October 2018 12:08 AM Permalink

Eda:   So my “provocative” post is responsible for your rambling? Should I be flattered?
You and I both appreciate a variety of GIMP action, and in our stories we often deviate from our personal preferences to mix things up a bit. I picked a single example from your oeuvre to prove my point, but you and I know there are many more. So I can see why you'd want to force an answer, even if it can be akin to asking a mother which of her kids she likes best.
To make it easier for fence-sitters, flip the question. Would you enjoy a GIMP scene in which the tormentor is doing his job solely to satisfy his sexual desires? Or must there be some aspect of dispassionate torture (a purpose) while he or she attempts to break the victim? Since the poll is limited to interrogations, the latter – to some degree – is virtually a given. Otherwise the abuse is no more than pure sexual assault.
Perhaps the question should have been “Do you prefer interrogation scenes in which the inquisitors indulge themselves sexually or is their carnal satisfaction not important to you?”

  28576) Lashes  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 08:26 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

I going to have to go with A!
Been so long since I indulged in that fantasy, I think it would be the only way I would survive!

  28575) yyy  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 05:46 PM Permalink

Many Thanks!!

  Saturday, 6 October 2018 04:46 PM Permalink

yyy: here you go

  28573) superCat  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 04:37 PM Permalink

Alex wrote: Maybe one day Arcas can share his complete works in one place somewhere.

  28572) yyy  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 04:38 PM Permalink
(28572) I seem to have lost my link. Can someone point me in the right direction to find the Red Ella art collection, please? TIA.   28571) esso  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 03:36 PM Permalink

Frog: If I’d known trashed was a typo I never would have said anything, as I am sure I have made uncountable such errors myself. It is just that I have seen this mistake so many times over the years I do not even bat an eye when it appears. I just find it annoying and wish I knew who started the epidemic. I would give him a good trashing. Below are a few examples…
Amethea writhed and trashed on the wooden table, choked by the collar into total lack of air.
Hasan played with the remote control and Laura trashed madly in hellish pain and agony!
Eva yelled with pain and her entire body trashed in agony. "NOOO!!!", she screamed
blonde goddess trashed and trashed and screamed like mad

  28570) Covers the Relentless  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 11:56 AM Permalink
(28570) 28552) JD wrote: It's endearing that people save my brainfarts. I always assumed when I post that they take a look and move on.
JD, not only do I save your images, I have a folder just for your stuff. Arcas is the only other individual on the GIMP forum who rates a folder. I'd say that my favorites of your stuff are the ones where I can identify the characters, so Star Trek, Star Wars, and Buffy are the best. I never could get interested in Stargate. wink   28569) Ed  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 11:39 AM Permalink

It has occurred to me that my response wasn't exactly to the question asked.
Interrogation, by torture, is a whole different animal from punishment torture. Or the now-you're-in-my-power torture.
Specifically to the question, I must change my vote to A. For the purposes of INTERROGATION, there is nothing more effective than a cold, calculated, inhuman questioning. 1984 made that clear.
My fantasy is sadism, the sexual pleasure derived from hetero-torture. Is that the most effective method of interrogation? Likely not. I'm not into even the pseudo-realism of fantasy interrogation.
And so, keeping with the specific question: There is nothing more horrifying than a cold, calculating, merciless, inquisitor.
I remember the description of Rosa Klebb in Ian Flemming's From Russia With Love. (The book, not the movie.) She would perch beside the nude, bound body of a victim. She would only say, "Number 15, now." to specify the next, new, torture.
Now that is cold, calculated torture.
My fantasy, as has been apparent from my stories and comments, is SEXUAL sadism. Male arousal while torturing.
Not the same thing as the poll question.
So, regarding interrogation, cold and dispassionate is the worst. For any other situation with a young woman in your power to abuse with authority, I must stick with my original sexually sadistic answer of B.

  28568) Covers the Relentless  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 11:31 AM Permalink
(28568) Vartan No111   28567) Navyrotor  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 10:41 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink
(28567) Lone Sicko in a Basement (or) an Institutional Setting?
JD, Eda: I’m enjoying this mini-poll within a poll. I’m the first to say give me the captured spy in an enemy’s prison - SO many possibilities there, including multiple torturers, uniforms, professional equipment, real interrogation for a purpose, etc.
BUT, there’s also nothing quite like the fear and horror that come with the lone victim taken miles from civilization, to a cabin in the woods, or deep, deep down under a building where no one will ever find them and disturb the psycho’s fun. The intimacy of the one-on-one, and the knowledge of no possible rescue, drive a lot of psychological possibilities.
In this pic, I imagine our GIMP has just been shoved into the captor’s home-made, underground torture play room (TPR, Eda?). He looks on expectantly to see her reaction. Her face slowly takes on that delicious looks of utter despair as she hears the clank of the bar securing the door and slowly takes in what he’s introduced her to in the dark, dank and wet chamber of horrors: a water wheel, racks and crosses, chains from the high, pipe and rafter-filled ceiling, hooks in the floor, humming electrical boxes, racks of rusty iron implements, cameras. Her new home. Yes, please, Mr. Realtor.   28566) Eda  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 10:14 AM Permalink

Navyrotor (28563): Do you mean that, where you live, listings of homes for sale still do not include, along with information on bedrooms (BD) and bathrooms (BR), information on rooms such as D (dungeon), BTC (basement torture chamber) and SQ (slave quarters), or extra features, along with P for pool and V for view, such as WW (water wheel), RWHC (rafter with hanging chains), WRWR (wooden rack with rollers) or ASP (added surge protection)? How difficult that must make it to find the perfect home.

  28565) The Bodyguard  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 10:16 AM Permalink
(28565) It's Saturday and what better way to cast off those blues of your Alma Mater's loss to that despised opponent than with a Classic Western from The GOODBODY COLLECTION of Fine Films.
Comes with features on why the producers used rope instead of cloth, and how the triple digit heat caused the cameras to only film for a few minutes at a time while the leading lady dutifully stood by in her costume for the entire four week shooting schedule.   28564) Arcas  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 10:11 AM Permalink
(28564) Alex wrote: I hope Undisclosed Location is posted as a complete series somewhere once each image has been put at the top of the forum.
I'd be open to that, if someone cared to format it for the site's comics section.
Alex wrote: Maybe one day Arcas can share his complete works in one place somewhere.
Hm. Well.... gives me something to think about. Hmmmmm...
As to the poll, I suppose I don't need to answer since my volume of work probably makes my response fairly clear razz (stick out tongue)   28563) Navyrotor  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 09:33 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink
(28563) A favorite method:
The position itself is brutal. She is stretched nicely for our viewing pleasure, and for excellent application of tools on her tits. The wide, leather straps are perfect restraints. The water is, of course, very COLD. Every wrong answer brings her face closer to the water. There will of course be an underwater camera, so we don’t miss a thing. Every home should have one.   28562) JD  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 08:51 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Eda @ Political and religious captives are held by powerful organizations from which rescue, release or escape is generally not a real possibility, as their capture has the imprimatur of “legitimacy,” which further adds to the terror.
Which seem to be the crux of the issue. In your fantasies, do you prefer an institution (church, secret police, king's torturer) to do the dirty work or you prefer the lone wolf, the crazied hillbilly, the psycho with women in his basement?
I'm strongly for the first case.

  28561) Eda  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 06:08 AM Permalink

In response to Frog’s question (28544) as to what type of interrogation I, as an Assistant D.A., would “want to be subjected.” I don’t think that would ever be a choice offered to me, so certainly I would have no say in the decision. Which, of course, tremendously magnifies the terror (and is not meant to suggest that being told in advance what is going to happen is not also terrifying.] Particularly when the captors are cold-blooded members of the mob that the captive has been trying to destroy.
Regarding Fritz’s quotation (28554) from a portion of one of my stories, where do I say that either of these two men was anything but totally professional in sticking their pricks down their helpless captive’s throat? In fact, one was so professional that he withdrew before his own climax to add to the stickiness of her situation. [OK. My real response there is that variety is the spice and sometimes B does seem appropriate. But admit that forcing an A or B response in the poll has been more informative than getting a bunch of ‘it depends,” “maybe” and “I like them both” responses”?
And Lionrobe (28557) provides another strong reason for my A response. Political and religious captives are held by powerful organizations from which rescue, release or escape is generally not a real possibility, as their capture has the imprimatur of “legitimacy,” which further adds to the terror. These types of captors are most likely more professional than the maniacs or home invaders who capture for their own pleasure, but provide a situation where the captive at least has a hope (whether or not realistic, perception matters) of survival or help from authorities. But when the captors are the authorities (or powerful enough to control the authorities - like a drug cartel), that hope vanishes, which affects the captive’s psyche and response to her situation, her only hope often being, without any assurance, that her torture will stop after she talks, but knowing that, whether or not it does, she is not likely to find any pleasure in any of the likely conclusions to her situation (continued torture; a quick or gruesome death; continued sexual abuse; sale into slavery), perhaps preceded by being forced to watch the comrades she betrayed captured and tortured as they damn her for that betrayal.
More rambling than I intended, but I confess to no blame — Frog, Fritz and Lionrobe bear full responsibilityfor it by their provocative posts.

  28560) JLive99  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 05:32 AM Permalink

Poll Response:
Short answer: A
I loved @Navyrotator's discussion of professionalism. It essentially captures my feelings about the demeanor of the interrogator. The interrogator is professional and feels that he or she is righteous. Their view of the victim is someone who has done something wrong and the punishments and torments to be inflicted are justified in order to bring about truth or justice. The interrogator can use fondling followed by torment of the genitals as a technique to increase anxiety of the victim. The interrogator can enjoy their work but their emotions should be subdued. They do not want to allow their emotions to impede their ability to carry out their job.

  28559) lionrobe  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 04:54 AM Permalink
(28559) 3rd   28558) lionrobe  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 04:51 AM Permalink
(28558) 2nd   28557) lionrobe  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 04:49 AM Permalink
(28557) Poll.
So difficult with my terrible english.
It depends...ok, there will be a final choice -:)
Stories : A! I prefer fanatic torturers for some political, religious and so on reasons.
Pics : B there is a cartoonesque dimension sometimes, and sexual desire can add something
Finally,because I'm not on rape, because I love and respect the (my) victims, I prefer extreme tortures without sexual dimension.
I vote A   28556) SteveM  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 02:37 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Big Fan of Elitepain and PD :)

  Saturday, 6 October 2018 01:14 AM Permalink
(28555) She is catched in the forest. He leads her on a lash to his house. A nightmare starts.
No Escape For Her
Terrific domination and hardcore movie incl. blowjob and facial cumshot.
Get the movie here:
[]   28554) Fritz  IP loggedSaturday, 6 October 2018 12:39 AM Permalink

Poll: As is so often the case with these things, the two choices are not mutually exclusive. Then again, they don't have to be – we are asked only which of the two we prefer. Yet it leaves open the possibility of both options simultaneously being enjoyed in equal measure.
For instance, can't an interrogator seem coldly dispassionate and professional on the outside while being sexually aroused on the inside? A steely-eyed grand inquisitor may covertly be getting turned on while delegating the heavy lifting to his minions.
Apologies to Eda, but I think it does depend. Interrogators can be deadly serious one minute, then suddenly put pleasure before business the next. Which is preferable may vary depending on all sorts of factors.
Still, I understand and respect Eda's preference for A. And personally I agree with her, but I have to acknowledge many exceptions. Just a quick scan of her own work reveals our favorite writer is quite inclined to play ambidextrously:
In her story two pros are electro-torturing a spread-eagled female captive, dispassionately questioning her with apparently no salacious intent, when suddenly…
“…John unzipped his pants and had his penis in his hand even before he reached the top of the table. He removed the clamp from her tongue and with a single thrust pushed himself deep inside the woman's mouth before she could take a breath. As he pumped inside her mouth and throat, her face started to turn blue from lack of oxygen, but John continued to thrust himself deep into her throat as her entire body spasmed.
When Daniel climbed onto the table and moved his body on top of the woman's, pressing down on her lungs, John finally realized that he needed to allow her to breathe. He watched her shudder for a few seconds in what appeared to be a giant edge play orgasm before he pulled himself out of her mouth and ejaculated on her face.”

I think for many of us, we may hold a candle for A, but depending on the scene, often B lurks in the shadows.
That said, for the simple purpose of cold-hearted credibility, I favor the former.

  28553) yyy  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 10:21 PM Permalink

re 28552) JD. Oh hell yeah. I especially like your Deanna Troi, Salma Hayek and Leia images. Very nice!

  28552) JD  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 08:49 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Spike @ (28548) Barbarian Queen II fake image.
It's endearing that people save my brainfarts. I always assumed when I post that they take a look and move on.

  28551) Fritz  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 08:27 PM Permalink
_blu:   I don't see how using a notifier app “wouldn't b fair 2 the other gimp players”. The technology is available to everyone, for free even. Also, Ralphus has not stated anything like this is against the rules (if even there are any).
Portable devices (not yet ubiquitous) give an advantage to players on the move, but certainly the use of PDAs would not be considered unfair. And what about consulting resources like IMDB, Google image search, or asking more knowledgeable friends (using a WWTBAM lifeline)? We really have no idea what anyone is using for assistnce (if anything) – only that nothing seems to be disallowed, perhaps short of bribing the moderator, and even that hasn't been spelled out. Has anyone checked Ralphus's bank account lately?
I do applaud your willingness to risk a carpal tunnel attack to put yourself on the same plain as those who may not know about change notification, but jeez louise… since you're a tech guru who must be aware of these widgets, avoiding them seems almost masochistic.
💡 Oh, right – I almost forgot smile.
I have no idea how many folks play GIMP trivia each week. Maybe it's only a half dozen or so, and all this discussion is moot as a boot. But esso did ask about those incredibly fast response times, so I offered one explanation in case not everyone was aware of this option. Having tried it once myself (unsuccessfully), I certainly didn't consider it unfair. In fact, now that everyone knows, you (and others) can use notifiers with a clear conscience.
AFAIC, what would better level the playing field (wrt buzzer operation that is) requires that Ralphus post the question at the same time each week, like he did when he first started the contest. Of course back then, the time happened to be convenient for those on the NA west coast and virtually no one else. After some prodding, he moved the game to a more tenable slot, but dropped the predictable post. Personally, I would vote for either a precise update time (like for the daily pics), or keep it completely random throughout the day.
Better still, move it to Thursday nights so I can play. Of course, that would be unfair to football fans.   28550) yyy  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 07:36 PM Permalink
(28550) re 28547) Spike, Nice!

Here's a faked collage without tan lines. BQ 1 still floats my boat!

  28549) frog  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 05:12 PM Permalink
(28549) @Navyrotor Great image! She looks exhausted (one of my favorites). Looks like the lab has been going on for some time. [] I also enjoyed the text.
Here is one for you. A double whammy as it were: jaw clenching and nipple pulling.
@yyy If you notice, the typo was explained and corrected in the last post. Hate to leave mistakes behind. Thanks for noticing, though.   28548) Spike  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 04:59 PM Permalink
(28548) Barbarian Queen II fake image.   28547) Spike  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 04:49 PM Permalink
(28547) Barbarian Queen I fake image.   Friday, 5 October 2018 04:29 PM Permalink

Alex asked: Any chance we will see Linda from Wheel of Pain 12 (and her casting) again?
Unfortunately no chance. She was a 1 film cutie, which means she passed the casting interview, she came to make a full movie, but then it turned out that it is not what she is really into. Those girls whom you see only in one movie which were made years ago, in most cases - will never return because if they would return they would have already returned...

  28545) yyy  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 04:12 PM Permalink
re 28544) frog, "... thrashed, not trashed..."

Same goes for choking, not chocking. Not picking on frog, have just noticed this error in a few written pieces. Two very different meanings.

  28544) frog  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 03:08 PM Permalink
(28544) I failed to explain my reason for voting A when I voted, so I am doing so now. A professional and cool-headed interrogator, in whatever time period and scenario, should produce more terror and anguish than a creep that is just into sexual gratification; the reason being that the GIMP cannot expect release from pain and terror once the questioner is sexually satiated. No, this man (woman) is in it for the long haul, he (she) will not stop until all answers are given. Sexual abuse is just one more tool in the arsenal of humiliation and pain that can go on for weeks, months, or even longer.
On the other hand, hence my dissatisfaction with either/or polls, there are times when B provides excellent material for GIMP as in []
28522) esso wrote: “The word for someone violently writhing in pain is thrashed, not trashed. I really wouldn't mention it except I have seen this misuse of the synonym for garbage for years in GIMP writing and I wish to do my part to end it. Other than that minor flaw, great job. Thanks for your work.” Thanks for the clarification. This just goes to show that one should not proof read one’s own text. The brain and eyes already know what should be in the text, so they do not necessarily notice the errors and, as it were, just fill in the blanks. The spell checker does not help either, because “She trashed” and “She thrashed” both make sense, although they have different meanings. Sorry for the unnoticed typo. Since I am a stickler for detail, I have amended the fake cover and also corrected another glitch that I did not notice. I am glad you like what I do.
28505) Eda I almost missed your post. I truly appreciate your comment, coming from a writer and stalwart to this form such as you. I am also glad for giving you reasons to delve into the majesty of the law. If and when you become an Assistant DA, which method of interrogation would you want to be subjected to? Remember, law school is always open to new students. Thanks again.
@osouk thanks. I found time to visit your tumblr page. Great stuff, as usual. I even copied some images I might work on in future.
@Ralphus, thanks for the Arcas pics. He is truly a master. Today’s is my favorite of the three you have already posted.
Also, regardless of anything, Blu is a veritable encyclopedia of GIMP films as I written you before. As you more or less said: in her relatively short lifetime, she has seen more films or clips than I have in my old age. What’s more, she seems to remember every single title, which is something I left behind long ago.   28543) electrotorture  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 01:32 PM Permalink
(28543) Talking about Barbarian Queen, well this movie is the movie that easily became my favourite in my early GIMP-loving days.. The torture scene is one of my favourite, and the torture rack is my favourite of all. I even put the torture rack and torture position of Lana Clarkson as my favourite fantasy everytime I'm fantasizing any girl to shot my load back then, because man, the torture scenes are just amazing. Seeing the late Lana Clarkson with her long-legs and nice breasts resisting "cruel torture" over the best torture rack while squirming her body is an unexplained delightful and amusing feeling.   Friday, 5 October 2018 01:31 PM Permalink

@blu-I respect your rainman-esque trivia skills ;> Check my unrelated fetlife message when you get a chance though

  28541) Akhenaton  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 11:48 AM Permalink

@ otto (28540):
those clips are from an old movie on the net: "Collaborators' caning" by "Nemesis Productions" (but I suspect that the title sequence was added later)...
Anyway, my clip is dated feb. 2006.

  28540) otto  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 10:58 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

I found this little movie. It has a lot of hits, so seems to be not an unknown picture
Does anyone know the actress and the movie?

  28539) Navyrotor  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 10:55 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink
(28539) Professionalism...
He prided himself on it. Every career had to have its standards, and he had made himself the example for others to follow. His introductory class to the interrogators in the secret prison was based on a simple curriculum of set principles that he explained carefully, as the young woman was brought in and secured behind him (she would be used for the lab portion of the class following his lecture).
First, he began, the build up is critical. It has to be lengthy - hours, even days at times. The girl needs to believe that there is hope at each stage; hope that finally, after the previous thing he had done to her, he would have some mercy. Because ultimately the crushing of that hope, a little bit at a time, is the psychological torture that equals the physical pain and sometimes exceeds it; and ideally combines them to multiply the terror. This means moving to increasingly difficult bondage... tied to a chair, then moved to a standing position, arms-overhead, then tied upside down, for example. And each successive torture has to be worse, in intensity and area inflicted, so that she believes it can always get worse. This, in turn, reinforces the psychological damage being done.
Second, he insisted, the torture has to be business-like and clinical. Emotion in its application, has to be put in check. The victim needs to believe that she can’t use her beauty or any other asset to escape the horror that is coming. She has to believe that he is unmoved by her suffering. This forces her to use reason and logic to match his... but this becomes increasingly hard for her as her world becomes emotional by definition. And the cold, clinical nature of what is transpiring should be reinforced by calm intention in voice and demeanor. If any hint of emotion is shown, it should be one thing - sadistic pleasure, best expressed by subtle signals of content from the torturer: a faint smile, a sigh of satisfaction, a cock that is rigid just because of the situation.
Third, to further explain the last mention in the 2nd principle, the sexual gratification of the torturer is assumed, but has to be used carefully. They were recruited for their sadism, and it would be foolish to think that sexual pleasure was not part of the profession. She should see his arousal, as that increases her humiliation; but she should also see his professional ability to keep his own pleasure in check - to meter his lust and only gratify himself as a way to further denigrate her. A corollory to this principle is to use rape against an adult loved one of the victim... a sister, a daughter, a friend, rather than on the victim herself; or to combine them in an innvotave way.
Finally, the master would explain to the class, the torturer should introduce innovation, where possible; and to do so in a way that directly affects the known psyche of the victim at hand. What are her greatest fears? If they can be known - electricity, drowning, suffocation - they should be used in a unique way that makes her aghast that such a torture could be dreamed up, much less put into practice against a human being. This further reinforces the professional nature of what she is to endure, knowing that significant thought and resources have been brought to bear for her... just for her.
As he wrapped up his lecture, he introduced the lab portion of the lecture and turned to the girl behind him, naked except for bra and panties, wired tightly to the steel bedspring behind him. He stroked her cheek, wiping away a tear with deliberate tendernesss, and began to reinforce his principles: ”Good morning, my dear, sweet Kelly... are you comfortable?   28538) Gabrieleknight  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 10:54 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink
(28538) SLAVE PUBLICLY TORTURED TO DEATH FOR KILLING A GUARD   28537) Alex  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 10:48 AM Permalink
(28537) Pedro,
Any chance we will see Linda from Wheel of Pain 12 (and her casting) again? Has she done any other work elsewhere My choice for the cutest model you've had on your sites.
I think Arcas is the greatest of all time, especially his series. I hope Undisclosed Location is posted as a complete series somewhere once each image has been put at the top of the forum.
Maybe one day Arcas can share his complete works in one place somewhere   28536) Covers the Relentless  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 09:40 AM Permalink
(28536) Vartan No097   28535) Klingsor  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 04:12 AM Permalink
(28535) 28524) Spike:
what about a little BQI manip...   Friday, 5 October 2018 04:03 AM Permalink

28513) Jake

Also here.. she starts dressed but soon even the panties come of.. followed by some whipping..
clip ( season 2)
  28533) Matt  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 03:19 AM Permalink

Re: Poll Question: I'll take Option (A). An interrogator The interrogator is charged by his or her superiors with obtaining information, a "confession" (real or false-usually for propaganda purposes), propaganda statements, information on any prisoner resistance-which prisoners are leaders, for example, and so on.
Now, if the interrogator has assistants who do get their kicks-sexual or otherwise-out of the process-that's up to them. The interrogator, on the other hand, must be a professional at all times.

  28532) Osouk  IP loggedFriday, 5 October 2018 01:45 AM Permalink

esso - The word for someone violently writhing in pain is thrashed, not trashed.
I'd also noticed trashed in Frog's picture but assumed it was just a typo - I haven't noticed it in any wider use before.

  Thursday, 4 October 2018 09:49 PM Permalink
ED Thanks for the info about the artist. I checked the site, and now I can recall that I also loved some of his earlier works. For example this:

Now I think I am gonna be a collector of his pictures   28530) JD  IP loggedThursday, 4 October 2018 09:06 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink
_blu said i don't use automatic notification, desktop alert...
or back entrance...

You say it like it's a bad thing or something. I'm following quite a few public agoras and I find it convenient (especially by a RSS feed) to be notified automatically rather than hitting F5 until I end up with arthritis.
On a different note, I was reading yesterday that when someone exceed in some psychological trait they usually push the needle in a few other traits. An odd persons doesn't have only one oddity while a bland person is generally speaking bland in everything. Since our proclivities are clearly off the chart with statistically normal ones, that affect us in more than one aspect. For example, as weird as might sound, I found the creeps hanging out here are a lot more articulated and educated than the average bland people in other communities. Kind of odd, huh? smile
We are talking statistics here. Of course we have our moron, our blowhard and our innocent to the edge of autism but overall...   28529) Simon  IP loggedThursday, 4 October 2018 08:49 PM Permalink

Hi, Margot: do you know when will the new movie: Maleficarum Monxa Mala be released? Can't wait to see it!

  28528) mothbrad  IP loggedThursday, 4 October 2018 06:36 PM Permalink

Ed 28514 - that would almost be the perfect series of pictures for me, if she had hair. As it is, I can barely look at them.

  28527) Ed  IP loggedThursday, 4 October 2018 06:01 PM Permalink
(28527) Here's one other from him, a personal favorite--with hair and the larger breasts I prefer.
Lately he has put up a couple of a savage frontal flaying, and before that a couple of a public stage with one victim being broken on the wheel while another is attacked by red hot breast rippers. The guy is excellent if you like this sort of thing.
Defloration, btw, was just put up yesterday.   Thursday, 4 October 2018 05:58 PM Permalink

@ jd, fritz, esso & ed
no 'jd',
i don't use automatic notification, desktop alert...
or back entrance...
'fritz', wtf?
...or whatever. ;P
that wouldn't b fair 2 the other gimp players...
'paul', just 4 example.
and that's why i (often) missed the trivia...
by the way, sometimes i k̲̲n̲̲o̲̲w̲ the 'scene'
(because i've seen a short video/clip, somewhere & someday...)
but n̲̲o̲̲t̲ the title or name of the movie/film.
as 'ralphus' already said:
'we r friends'...
and a friend don't lie.
well, i'm sometimes a lil bit crazy...
but no fucking t̶̶r̶̶u̶̶m̶̶p̶ asshole.
don't behave like paranoid conspiracy theorists... 'head shake'
it's just a damn game.
last but not least:
there may b a ordinary explanation 4 the ǝƃuɐɹʇs time display...
i was in 'europe' @ exactly the same time...
2 b exact in 'vienna' (austria).
it was just a simple time shift... glitch(?).
and no more.
as 'fritz' & 'esso' already suspected, btw.
and thx 'ed'...
you're completely/absolutely right with your guess. :)
'ralphus' can confirm that personally...
because i once wrote him a private [email protected] about my talent(!).
both r not big secrets...
u can read everything about it in my blog.

  28525) Ed  IP loggedThursday, 4 October 2018 05:41 PM Permalink
(28525) Pedro: I like the model you posted. Though generally I am not into bald girls, but her look is full of fear, and her figure is just perfect when she's hanging over the fire. Even if burning is totally out of my interest. Are there more pictures with her, or from the same artist?
I'm not very fond of the bald look myself, Pedro, however historically accurate it might be. My one major bitch with so much of Agan Medon's otherwise excellent work.
The artist's name is Jucundus and he posts to the Visions of Darkness site. A couple of his images have been seen here in the past. He is brutal, cruel, and primarily (but not exclusively) medieval. Which means I love his work.
The one I posted is titled Martyr II, and was only put up last Friday. (I likely wouldn't have even put it up today but to contrast it with Gabrieleknight's speckled version.) There is, however one more with her I am posting now, called Defloration.   28524) Spike  IP loggedThursday, 4 October 2018 05:32 PM Permalink
(28524) Hofrax: Ha, agree about the black bikini in Barbarian Queen I not being medieval period specific, but it was a low budget film.
Keen observations about the torture scenes in Barbarian Queen II. Quite plausible. I've searched several times for some "director's cut" scenes, but without success. There are some for BBI, but they're not too exciting.
Attached, are a couple of modified images of what many wished the scenes should have been like.
Don't we wish there were directors and film makers around today like Héctor Olivera, Jess Franco, Blakemore, Roger Corman.  

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