Wardrobe essentials for fall season

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"Wardrobe Checklist of Must-Own Clothing"

Now that we've covered the shopping guidelines - let's take a closer look at the wardrobe essentials for clothes:

Wardrobe Essentials: Tops


Basics, casual tops are a part of your closet's core foundation. You need them for layering (eg. underneath a see-through shirt or a low-neck sweater, with a cardigan or with jeans alone) for showing off your accessories!

Secure them in neutral colors with a versatile neckline such as or scoop neck.

Essential Casual Tops - Your Wardrobe Essentials

The chic fashionista Anna Villaruel says

Crew necks are tricky as they make most body figures look wider and shorter, but they're ok for layering and keeping your body warm under a sweater


In a dark and light neutral color. Essentials for your fitted sweaters and fashion tops with a low'ish neckline.

Tank tops

Go great with your cardigans and sweaters


Both short and long sleeves. Quarter sleeves look especially good on Petites or anyone with short arms!

Super-essential for any fashionista who loves the casual-chic look.

Can also be spruced up with accessories to create a party look (eg. black tank top, statement necklace, denim shorts, sheer black tights, platform sandals). So stock up on these plain!

Build on your casual tops-collection with:

Tees and tank tops in various necklines and simple styles (eg. wrap, lace trim, navy stripes, oversized, etc.),. Turbo-charge your style with and.


are a must in any chic fashionista's wardrobe! They're fabulous for dressing up a basic or casual bottom, such as a pair of cargo pants - but are mostly essential add-on to your workwear closet like pencil skirts and dress pants.

To really up your chic factor, secure them in your best light and dark basic neutrals. Black, dark navy blue, white and ivory are ideal.

Essential Dressy Tops - Your Wardrobe Essentials

For work, interviews and looking sophisticated. If your style is Trendy it looks chic with denim shorts and jeans, or unbuttoned on top of a casual dress and a skinny belt.

Super-essential for mild and warm days. Looks good with slim chinos or a pair of leggings - superb for that polished-casual look.

Basic Blouses

Whenever you need to wear something pretty and sophisticated then a neutral-colored dressy blouse will never fail you. It's easy and flexible essentials to accessorize (think pearls or colorful statement necklace!) and can be paired with just about anything.

I recommend buying them in your best dark and light neutrals so that you have something for both Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer months. Make sure the details are pretty but minimal - such as ruffles, beautiful (gold, silver metal, mother of pearl, etc.) buttons, special fabric (silk) etc. One of my fave in my own closet is a see-through chiffon blouse (along with a black camisole underneath) which I often wear to look chic and alluring :-)

Black Party Top

You need at least one in a dark neutral (black is perfect for everything!) that can be easily matched with your jeans and short skirts. Look for styles that accentuate your best assets or show more skin than normal

Stretch your style envelope with:

Various timeless dressy details such as sequins and prints. Also try blouses and shirts with a glam-factor, for example a pussy bow. You may also want to add a for a spiff of luxury and perhaps have fun with different fun necklines such as sweetheart (it boosts your bust!) - or details that play up your waist!

Wardrobe Essentials: Sweaters

Sweaters warm but are also worn for layering as well as adding texture and interest to a plain tees or dresses. Cardigans especially are excellent for camouflaging muffin tops and balancing out a prominent upper body.

Secure them in your best neutrals and in fabrics suitable for the climate you live in. If you live in the tropics (eg. South-east Asia) stick to thin cotton/polyester sweaters.

Essential Sweaters - Your Wardrobe Essentials

In dark and light neutrals - and in a lightweight fabric. A cardigans works as tone-it-down piece and a fabulous layering garment. If your style is bohemian then buying more than recommended is a must to really cover your needs.

I personally can never get enough of them - and often layer them on lazy t-shirt days. I've bought cardigan sweaters in all my best neutrals for my warm and deep coloring such as black, charcoal grey, brown, ivory and beige.

You also need a couple of cozy knit cardigans for the colder months. Same guidelines apply.

A Fall & Winter closet must. Cozy and classy :) Buy your first turtleneck sweater in a lightweight wool fabric that blends with your pants and dress shorts without the bulk. Go thicker depending your country's climate.

I would also get this in a tunic sweater style - looks super chic with tights and fashion boots :-) Another variation of the turtleneck would be cowl-neck. not a must if you live in a warm all-year-around climate

Wool or scoop-neck sweater

The chic fashionista Anna Villaruel says

If the climate where you live is hot thin cotton sweaters and cardigans will do

Preferably made of cashmere or high quality fine wool (eg. Merino). Can be worn for almost all kinds of occasions. Layer it with a pretty blouse or white dress shirt, or wear it alone with a pair of black dress pants or jeans for a casual look. If you choose the latter, make sure you add a couple of accessories to make it look interesting.

Grey Hoodie

This is more for staying in or for a sporty layering with your slim cargo pants and jeans & tee outfits - but it's an essential when you're out and about (throwing the trash, buying groceries, etc.). Mid-gray is a universal neutral that look good on all complexions.

If you want to double your outfits with a laid-back flair consider buying a grey sweatshirt instead or as an addition to your sweater-collection.

Add Bells & Whistles to your basic sweater-collection with:

(eg. denim, knit, lace, etc.) and a cozy knit sweater with your favorite print! Also add a couple of sweaters with stylish necklines and textures. Try a shawl cardigan and a

Wardrobe Essentials: Outerwear

Jackets and coats are everyday essentials and the last finishing touch on an outfit. Jackets are also great for changing the feel of your ensemble - creating an ultra-chic juxtaposition of cool and pretty!

It's important to secure them in neutrals - especially before you buy a bright focal coat or jacket. Neutrals look great with anything and don't cast a shadow over your stylish outfits :-)

Wardrobe essentials - Outerwear, jackets and coats

The chic fashionista Anna Villaruel says

A cardigan, denim jacket and a thin blazer are enough if you live in a all-around warm climate

Many might disagree with me on this, but it is an essential for all chic fashionistas. It gives that little edge to sugar-sweet outfits. A very casual jacket that goes with anything from to spring. not a must if you live in a warm all-year-around climate

Get this in your best dark neutral and if you want to switch it up by adding one leather jacket in a lighter neutral such as beige or tan.

Denim Jacket

A perfect companion with your sun dresses and tunic tops. Try a! Darker and brighter blue denim look best on darker hair. Light blue on blondes.


Excellent for office work - and even casual outfits. You can also wear a blazer to polish a tee and jeans outfit. Boyfriend blazer is my favorite :) I would buy one in a dark neutral (black, navy blue or charcoal grey) and another one in a lighter neutral (white, ivory, cream/beige, heather grey) for that fresh Saint Tropez look :-)

Lightweight Jacket

Safari and military jackets in a lightweight fabric such as Poplin are a must for milder days - layered over your shirts and tops. The military pocket jacket worn with your chinos or jeans is especially popular for Spring.

Trench coat

A classic must for spring and fall. Very classy-chic and lady-like. I have one in beige and another one in black with brown belt buckle and buttons. Love it. You'll always look sophisticated in a. not a must if you live in a warm all-year-around climate


You need a windbreaker or a raincoat for those wet days. If you want to look classy in the rain you can find trench coats made to be worn as rain coats :-)


A casual winter jacket for leisure time during really cold winters. I have one in black with a furry hoodie. It goes with everything! not a must if you live in a warm all-year-around climate

Wool Coat

A short wool coat is a F/W essential for daily wear and frequent uses. My fave wool coat style is the high collar and pea coat. not a must if you live in a warm all-year-around climate


A wool overcoat goes with your classy outfits or whenever you want to look like a lady.

Go beyond the basic outerwear with:

At least one focal jacket or coat in a bright color! Add outerwear in different lengths and in details that express your personal style, such as studs, ruffles, belt, boho print. Also try a different collar style :-)

Wardrobe Essentials: Jeans

Denim jeans go with everything - from pretty blouses to your most casual tops. They're quintessential to casual-chic style. Pair denim shorts with tights and a sophisticated dress shirt, or match a pair of wide leg jeans with a sleek wrap sweater.

Make sure to buy them in basic dark blue denim - it's more versatile than fades and light blue wash. And you can also wear a pair of denim trousers for casual office settings.

Essential Jeans - Your Wardrobe Essentials

Basic Jeans

Basic as in minimal fuss and in a solid, dark blue or black wash. It's flexible this way and ooze classy chic-factor. These are going to be worn a lot - so make sure the style suits your body figure and that it's something you would wear on a daily basis.

Casual Jeans

We all need pair of casual jeans we can play and wreck with! These are excellent with your casual tops but creates a chic juxtaposition with your classier garments such as a silk blouse or.

Tailored Denim Shorts

Ah gotta love the denim shorts with wedge sandal-look for summer ;-) Transition into Fall or Spring by pairing your shorts with tights and boots!

Casual Denim Shorts

Another pair of Play & Wreck denim jeans but in a short-and-casual-version. Self-conscious about your legs? Try them in walking or capri style for extra coverage.

Add sugar and spice to your jeans-collection with:

Go beyond the basic bootcut with various leg cut styles, such as wide and flare leg. Experiment with washes and details. Go rocker-chick or boyfriend-clothing-stealer with acid wash and shreds & rips. You might also want to add a pair of basic jeans in a light blue wash - looks great with your summer tops!

Wardrobe Essentials: Pants

Pants add variation to your closet with pants. They create the perfect chic juxtaposition of sophisticated and casual - just pair your blouse with chinos, or a classy dress shirt with cargo pants.

Make sure to secure them in neutrals and get them in shorter versions - for that city chic look!

Essential Pants & Shorts - Your Wardrobe Essentials

The chic fashionista Anna Villaruel says

Add a pair of wool/tweed trousers if you live in the northern hemisphere where the winters are really cold.

All-season dress pants

In both dark and light neutrals. Essential for the office gal. But a must for classy fashionistas as well.

Great for adding some sophistication to your style (eg. beige high waist dress pants with a fitted white scoop neck t-shirt and a statement necklace and pretty pumps).

If you're not a dress pants-gal or have no reason to wear them - you'll be just fine with a pair of chinos.

Good for that sporty-casual look. Wear with a pretty blouse or classy shirt and you've got an ultra-stylish outfit! Take it up a notch with heels :-) Basic neutrals such as black and beige are cost-effective, but military green is timeless as well - and it's nice for adding that unexpected if you love wearing black!


Also known as casual dress pants or "slacks" are fabulous for achieving a polished but effortless look - and an alternative to dress pants if you don't work in a semi-formal office setting. I love my slacks paired with a three-quarter sleeved navy striped top!

Dress Shorts

Express your chic style this summer with tailored shorts. They add variation and look amazing with your blouses and even casual tops - and you can layer them over your tights.

Take your style up a notch with:

Like mentioned in the jeans essentials-section - go beyond the basic bootcut with various leg cut styles, such as wide and flare leg. Try a modern twist of the pants with ankle zippers or high waist. Also - style it differently by adding a pair of foxy shoes!

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