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Wedding Upstyles & Updo’s for Bridal Hair

Upstyles for your wedding day is a sure way to achieve a stylish and elegant look. Braids, buns, waves, curls and the rest can all be brought into an upstyle look. A simple beaded, blinging, netted or feathery accessory can embellish your upstyle creating a look that is unique to you! Feast your eyes on our collection of 25 Wonderful Wedding Upstyles and take some pretty andhairy inspiration for your wedding day look!

Braided Bridal Upstyle Wedding Beauties

Bridal Hair Wedding Upstyles & Updos Wedding Upstyle with Braids :: Blusher Veil with Silk Flower by Hushed Commotion :: Jen Huang Photography

(Above Left) Braided upstyles are great for the hot summer months to keep you hair in place. Styled and photographed by , a new take on the floral crown, this braided crown weaved with flowers is so sweet and oh-so romantic!

(Above Right) An upstyle positioned midway, this combination of pinned braids with are perfect! (Image: | Hair:  | Dress: )

If this feature inspires you to purchase one of these beautiful hair accessories, in some cases we’ll get a small percentage of the sale for sharing them with you. Thank you so much for supporting our content!


Wedding Upstyle with Braids :: Sylvia Feather Bow by Hushed Commotion :: Jen Huang Photography Wedding Upstyle with Braids :: Imani Bobby Pins by Hushed Commotion :: Jen Huang Photography

(Above Left) From   this enchanting side braided bun upstyle with dazzling hair accessory is so magical! | (Above Right) This mix of pinned plaits and waves creates both an interesting and exquisite look that we just adore when accessorized with these! (Both Images: )

Wedding Upstyle with Braids :: Small Wedding Hair Flower by Wish Piece ::

Bridal Hair Wedding Upstyles & Updos

♥ ♥ ♥

(Above ) This quirky side plait upstyle snakes it’s way to the back of the head! Perfect for a rustic wedding look! Get the look by

♥ ♥ ♥

 (Right) This elegant 1940’s Gibson Roll upstyle is a beauty! Replicate the look by checking out the DIY tutorial from . {Photos by }

♥ ♥ ♥

Especially for outdoor weddings, upstyles are the way to go! Take a look at wedding our  for other great upstyle ideas for your hair on your wedding day.

Wedding Upstyle Bunspiration

Wedding Upstyles & Bridal Hairdos :: Bun with Crystal Halo

(Above) With your hair neatly pulled up and a bun wrapped on the top of your head topped with this gorgeous Riviera Crystal Headband ; an eclectic look that effortless.

Wedding Upstyles & Bridal Hairdos :: Bun draped in Pearl Headpiece from Powder Blue Bijoux :: Photography by

(Above) Equally well-suited to a dramatic look, this style shows hair pulled firmly curled up knot with adorning the head.
(Image: )

Wedding Upstyles & Bridal Hairdos :: Bun with Crystal and Pearl Haircomb from Powder Blue Bijoux :: Photography by

 (Above) Show off the different highlights of your hair with this incredible low bun featuring  a fabulous vintage styled bridal hair comb(Image: )

Curly and Wavy Bridal Upstyles

 Wedding Updo Bridal Hairstyle :: Sheer Silk Wedding Hair Flower from Wish Piece :: Caroline Tran photography

(Above ) With the front hair pulled back, this upstyle allows the focus to be on the, a romantic twisted hair design that makes this hairstyle! The pretty hair accessory finishes the look. (Image: )

Wedding Updo Bridal Hairstyle :: himsical gold branch and tulle hair comb by hushed commotion:: Photography by Jen Huang / Hair by StylesonB / Makeup by FaceTheDayNY

(Above) Achieve this wonderfully styled upstyle by pinning your curls to the back of your neck and adding (Photography by / Hair by / Makeup by ) 

  Wedding Updo Bridal Hairstyle :: Pearl & Crystal Bridal Hair Comb from Sibo Designs ::

(Above) A classic low chignon is tousled and styled to perfection with this    Wedding Updo Bridal Hairstyle :: Bridal Flower Comb from Noon on the Moon :: Caroline Tran photography

(Above ) Perfect to keep flying strands at bay, this classic hair roll adorned with adds instant cuteness and whimsy to any wedding look! (Accessory, photo and styling: )

Wedding Updo Bridal Hairstyle :: Flower Hair Piece from Garden of Whimsy

 (Above) Curls have never looked this striking! Expertly pinned, this textured upstyle is perfectly complimented with.

Wedding Updo Bridal Hairstyle ::


♥ ♥ ♥

(Left) This boho-vintage-inspired wedding hairstyle is breathtaking. Perfectly rustic styled, curls are pinned and pulled together to form a romantic briaded upstyle

♥ ♥ ♥

 (Below) This upstyle shows waves neatly pulled back to form a low bun with a

♥ ♥ ♥

Wedding Updo Bridal Hairstyle :: Powder Blue Bijoux ::

 Still want more? Take a look at these fab picks:

  • This messy high bun from is a perfect choice for an off the shoulder wedding dress. (Photography:  | Hair: )
  • Sexy and seductive is the reason why we are loving this high upstyle, which is dripping with dramatic flowing tendrils and a messy bun.  (Image Source: )
  • Another high upstyle, this look is perfect to combine with a headband accessory. (Image Source: )
  • Another from Style Me Pretty, this messy upstyle is created on purpose to give it a romantic effect that works well with natural curls of the hair. A neutral flower added as garnish – sweet!
  •  shares the timeless bouffant hair of French style icon, .
  • , which your can learn to do yourself by the easy-as-pie tutorial by . Get braiding and enjoy!
  • From , this style shows the effect of styled waves tied at the nape of the neck and adorned with a beautiful hair brooch.
  • Styled by the ultra talented , this incredible vintage wavy look is a hot trend right now!

Loved our stylish collection of braided and bun beauties? Fall in love even more with our collage of all of them below! Go ahead and visit our  for more braided and bun upstyle inspiration! For more bridal hairstyles that will rock your world, take a look at our !

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