How to Determine the Glycemic Index of Food

Ever munch on a candy bar, get a sudden burst of energy, and then crash and burn? What about snacking instead on a whole-grain bagel, and having a healthy dose of energy for hours? While some foods cause intense spikes in blood sugar levels, others keep them more constant.The glycemic index (GI) indicates how carbohydrates in foods affect those levels.When carbohydrates turn to sugar, or glucose (where the gly- in “glycemic” comes from), it turns to one of the body’s main sources of energy.

The Glucose Rollercoaster — Why It Matters

glycemic index

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Foods with values below 55 are considered low-GI, while choices are considered high-GI.Most fruits and veggies are on the lower end, with values in the 30s and 40s, as are most whole grains. On the other end of the scale, potatoes rank way up in the 90s, and white bread falls in the 70s. But don’t go looking for GI values for proteins like chicken or steak: if a food doesn’t contain carbs, it won’t have a GI value. And these protein- and fat-rich items have another fun trick up their sleeves— they can actually lower the GI value of high-GI foods when eaten together when them!

Since lower-GI foods keep blood sugar levels steady and higher-GI foods cause dramatic blood sugar spikes (read: sugar rush and quick crash), low-GI foods are sometimes considered preferable.The body digests high-GI foods quickly, and that means a crash can soon follow, along with feelings of hunger and tiredness.Looks like that donut is now public enemy number one!

The Highs and Lows — The Answer/Debate

It’s unclear whether GI values have any effect on our health in general.Some studies suggest a low-GI diet can aid in weight loss by eliminating the sudden spikes and crashes associated with high-GI foodsHigh-glycemic index foods, hunger, and obesity: is there a connection? Mayer, J. USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, Tufts University, Boston, MA, USA. Nutrition Reviews, 2000 Jun; 58(6):163-9.High glycemic index foods, overeating, and obesity. Ludwig, D.S., Mazjoub, J.A., Al-Zahrani, A., et al. Division of Endocrinology, Department of Medicine, Children's Hospital Boston, Boston, MA. Pediatrics,1999 Mar; 103(3):E26.. Low-GI diets may also help reduce type-2 diabetes by keeping blood sugar levels steady, but the studies have often involved small samples, so their conclusions may not be representative of larger populationsDecreases in dietary glycemic index are related to weight loss among individuals following therapeutic diets for type 2 diabetes. Turner-McGrievy, G.M., Jenkins, D.J., Barnard, N.D., et al. Department of Nutrition, Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC. The Journal of Nutrition, 2011 Aug;141(8):1469-74.Glycemic index and glycemic load of carbohydrates in the diabetes diet. Marsh, K., Barclay, A., Colagiuri, S., et al. Northside Nutrition &Dietetics,Chatswood,NSW,Australia.CurrentDiabetesReports,2011Apr;11(2):120-7.Isglycemicindexoffoodafeasiblepredictorofappetite,hunger,andsatiety?Niwano,Y.,Adachi,T.,Kashimura,J.,etal.CarbohydrateTaskForce,InternationalLifeSciencesInstituteJapan,Tokyo.JournalofNutritionalScienceandVitaminology,2009Jun;55(3):201-7..

Ontheflipside,somestudieshaveshownnodifferenceinhunger,satiety,orenergylevelaftereatinghigh-orlow-GIfoodsTheIndividualandCombinedEffectsofGlycemicIndexandProteinonGlycemicResponse,Hunger,andEnergyIntake.Makris,A.P.,Borradaile,K.E.,Oliver,T.L.,etal.CenterforObesityResearchandEducation,TempleUniversitySchoolofMedicine,Philadelphia,PA.Obesity,2011Jun30..Onepossiblehiccupintheresearchisthewayresearcherstendtoisolatethefoodstheirsubjectsconsume.Inlifeoutsidelaboratorywalls,peopleeatfoodsincombinationsofalldifferentnutritionalvalues,sotheresultsofstudiescan’tnecessarilybereplicatedbyregularfolksCalculatingmealglycemicindexbyusingmeasuredandpublishedfoodvaluescomparedwithdirectlymeasuredmealglycemicindex.Dodd,H.,William,S.,Brown,R.,etal.DepartmentsofHumanNutritionandPreventiveandSocialMedicine,UniversityofOtago,Dunedin,NewZealand.AmericanJournalofClinicalNutrition,2011;94(4):992-996..Plus,effectsonbloodglucosedifferfrompersontoperson—everybody’sbodyisauniqueandbeautifulsnowflake,nomatterwhatIsglycemicindexoffoodafeasiblepredictorofappetite,hunger,andsatiety?Niwano,Y.,Adachi,T.,Kashimura,J.,etal.CarbohydrateTaskForce,InternationalLifeSciencesInstituteJapan,Tokyo.JournalofNutritionalScienceandVitaminology,2009Jun; 55(3):201-7..

The slam-dunk on the GI debate:The GI scale itself is a little wonkyand there is only one team consistently working on creating an . Searching for some foods can bring up many different values (a search for “banana” turns up values ranging from 30 to 62) so it’s hard to tell what’s accurate.And just because the number is low doesn’t mean it’s time to chow down.

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